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    How Is Everyone So Happy?

    I am in counseling and on antidepressants. They do nothing for me. I am not married and don't have kids. I feel so unhealthy from the abuse I put my body through, so I don't see myself having kids in the future. I am so ugly and depressed so no one will want to marry me either. I had this done because I was so afraid of getting sick after my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. I wanted to get healthier as I pursued law school, well neither of those goals worked out. I am certain I shortened my lifespan. I made a huge mistake with this surgery. I wish it made me happy like it did for all of the people I heard about and my aunt who had it done (who now gained back half the weight she lost). A stomach transplant would be amazing even if I end up a fat cow again. Fyi... I have nothing against this surgery for those whose lives were transformed by it. I think it can be a life saving surgery for many.
  2. minniekitty


    Lol, I need to find a sugar daddy to pay for plastics. jk, my bf loves me the way I am but.... I would love to fix some of my saggy skin. My boobs were immune to the weight loss for awhile but even they are shrinking and going south a bit as I get smaller. I look at my past posts on this thread and just shake my head
  3. I'm not an expert on the subject, but my ex used to put baby powder on his junk to help with chaffing after he lost 100+ lbs. Maybe that can help if the problem returns.
  4. I like this NSV and can totally relate to it!!! I also hoped to run into an exbf of mine who sometimes gave me a hard time about my weight and how much I ate (which is odd because he had gastric bypass surgery done when he weighed almost 300 lbs). Never did, but he did see pics of me on facebook and said I looked good and congratulated me on my weight loss. Maybe someday I'll run into him and rub it in his face some more. Mwahahaahaha
  5. minniekitty

    Im 26 And Im Rocking My Sleeve

    Congrats!!! That is quite the loss! A full body massage and trip to six flags sounds like an awesome reward for reaching Onederland. I'm 23 and also love rocking my sleeve My goal now is to tone up!
  6. minniekitty

    5 Lb Loss, 2 Weeks In A Row!

    How exciting You must be very happy with your rapid weight loss! Good job. My doctor said 600-800 calories per day was optimal while in the losing stage. I went up to 900-1100 as I got closer to goal though. As for Protein, 60-80g per day should be your goal. Best of luck to you.
  7. minniekitty

    Success But Whose Really?

    I couldn't say it better myself. You made the decision to change your life, june13sleever. The sleeve does make weight loss easier but it wasn't a free ride either to thindom. Don't sell yourself short!
  8. minniekitty

    Hello, Onederland!....

    Congrats and welcome to Onederland!
  9. minniekitty

    Some People Just Don't Get It

    I guess I've been lucky. I haven't faced many sabotage attempts (yet?). For the most part people I know have been very supportive and don't push food on me when I say no thank you to junk food. My mom calls me skinny but not in a "OMG YOU ARE TOO THIN YOU NEED TO EAT" type way that I hear people here often get.
  10. minniekitty

    Can I Chew Gum?

    I chew gum all the time. Swallowing gum can cause some problems with the sleeve I imagine, so don't do that
  11. minniekitty

    So...my Sister And I Are Aleeved

    Oh, I understand. The monotony of flavors can drive you nuts!!! Can you at the very least incorporate some "full liquids" like Protein shakes, milk, etc. in addition to broth and crystal light now?
  12. minniekitty

    Starting Preop Diet Early

    I started my pre-op diet early (a few days) too because I had gained some weight beforehand . It probably didn't make a huge difference but I did feel better about myself and regained some self-control. Good for you! And good luck on quitting smoking.
  13. minniekitty

    Its Done

  14. minniekitty

    So...my Sister And I Are Aleeved

    Congrats on your new sleeve! I hope your sister feels better. VSG was my first surgery too so I also felt a lot of discomfort post-op. The gas pain lasted the longest. When can you start eating mushy foods? I remember I was so excited to eat yogurt and eggs after having nothing but liquids for a few weeks. I wouldn't recommend sneaking in food until you're ready, but you already know that. You don't want to risk getting sick (vomiting!) or hurting your new sleeve!
  15. minniekitty

    No "pre-Diet" For Me!

    Thank you I am very happy to have the sleeve. It was hard the first few months, but now I've become adjusted to my new eating habits. I feel like a normal thin person who just eats like a bird. I used to be the worst volume and comfort eater before I started this journey. I can't really think of any questions I wish I asked. My aunt who's a Nurse Practitioner and also had VSG accompanied me for my surgery, so she had all the questions and answers down lol. I was lucky to have her with me. Good luck to you
  16. Hmm... I may try this. My stomach is very saggy after losing 80+ lbs (my butt, thighs, arms and chest aren't much better), and I want to avoid surgery if possible. TBH, I'm not sure if I want to have kids ever in my life, but if I change my mind I wouldn't want to go through a tummy tuck only to have my stomach stretch out again! I hoped that having "younger" skin would prevent the sag (I'm 23), but I guess I wasn't exempt from the dreaded saggy skin lol I started toning more seriously and if this works too then yay . I know my skin will never snap back as though I never carried the extra weight, but if I can minimize it then I'll be satisfied. I don't want to be able to pull my stomach skin out as far as I can anymore. I had quite the belly at 225 lbs!
  17. minniekitty

    No "pre-Diet" For Me!

    I didn't have a strict pre-op diet like many other people here. I did do a low carb "liver shrinking" diet for a few weeks (30 g or less of carbs). My doc complimented me on how tiny my liver was when I woke up after surgery lol The pre-op diet was difficult the first few days (craving carbs), but I didn't have to limit my calories or anything. I can imagine it was a million times easier than the liquid diets I read others have to go through pre-op. It must be torture to do that with a normal size stomach, my heart goes out to you guys who have to do it I bet you are super stoked for your surgery! I know I was. It's a long journey, but so worth it!!!
  18. minniekitty

    75% Of My Stomach Gone!

    I think 75% is within the range normally removed for VSG (it varies from surgeon to surgeon). I had 85% of mine taken out. My boyfriend calls it my baby stomach because I eat like a baby (or maybe a toddler?) now
  19. Wow! What an impressive loss in 2 months! WTG!!!
  20. Thanks for posting these tips, I am working on toning now. My stomach, butt, thighs, and upper arms look pretty sad and droopy after losing all my excess weight. I guess that's what happens when I've been obese since I was 8 It sucks because I'm almost as tiny as my little sister (who's always been skinny and fit), but now I have a droopy stomach that hangs out lol. She wears a size 4-6, and I wear a size 6-8. Hopefully working out will be sufficient because I don't want to go through more surgery... I went into this knowing I won't come out looking like a supermodel, but at the very least I want to look normal!
  21. minniekitty

    I Love You All!

    I love this place too. I'm not on here as often anymore, but I really do love the sense of community here. It's rare for internet forums to be this friendly and nonjudgmental.
  22. Even now at 9 months post-op I have to be careful about mixing foods. I can do it, but I really have to pace myself or else I will vomit. I have a sensitive sleeve though. It might have just been too much for your sleeve to handle at 3 months post-op. The raw vegetables in the salad mixed with the cod and rice probably upset your sleeve. And like other posters said, you might have eaten too much (or too quickly). You should be OK
  23. minniekitty

    I Want A Salad

    That seems really soon to be eating salads. At 3 weeks post-op, I was just eating mushy and soft foods. The first time I ate a salad must have been at the 1 or 2 month post-op point, and I vomited it all up. I thought I could eat some of my favorite Chopped chicken Cobb salad from Panera, WOW I was wrong. I haven't eaten a salad since out of fear. I probably could now at 9 months post-op. If I were you, I'd wait another 1-2 months. That's just me speaking from personal experience, though. Your sleeve might not be as sensitive as mine.
  24. minniekitty

    *gas* Omg 9 Days Out

    Gas-X was a miracle cure for me post-op.

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