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    Help!! Can't Swallow Vitamins!

    Have you tried the Centrum chewables. My team said not to take the centrum silver because it doesn't have Iron in it. The chewables are orange flavored. They aren't awful, though. I am going to try the ca citrate petites today and see how that goes. If ok, I am going to save the chewables for after fills. I bought the cinnamon ca citrate from Bariatric Advantage that was a big mistake but they will eventually get used. I really like the chewable caramels that they have but they are ridiculously expensive for a ten day supply. That said, I will probably buy another bag as my Merry Christmas to me gift, lol. All the best to you on your journey to good health. Merry Christmas, Melinda
  2. Hi, and congratulations on your band. I am one week out today. The only thing I can suggest is that it is really important to breathe deep. Use a pillow over your chest. I thought I was over the gas pain but, oh man, has it hurt today. I know that the recovery on a hernia repair takes longer so pace yourself, hon. All the best on your journey to good health. Take good care. Melinda
  3. I am barely five days post op so I am probably not the one to be giving advice, but from what I have been reading the above post is correct. I just wanted to cheer you on. That is a fabulous weight loss. Keep in communication with your MD and his staff is all I can tell you. All the best to you, hon, Melinda
  4. My Md yesterday said that I will be on foods by four weeks. The only difference is that it will have to be cut up in very, very small bites and I will take 30-45 minutes to eat with heavy chewing. You should do fine on chicken and turkey as your source of Protein. Lots of good luck. Feel free to message me if I can be of any help. Melinda
  5. Cheri, I know you say you have been stuck like this before.....but I really would call your MD office if not unstuck by 8 am. I am not trying to give advice just very concerned about you. I am getting banded next Friday and the office said today that we are to call the office 24/7 and to proceed to the ER on the weekends....Know my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight. Please keep us posted...Don't put yourself on a guilt trip over this.... Melinda
  6. Hi, I meant to say that my pre-op is today, I will be happy to expound in a later post answer your questions about the pros and cons but I am jammed for time currently. hoping that others will chime in Melinda
  7. Hi, and welcome, You are well on your way. You need to be eating high Protein and low carbs. Drink lots and lots of Water. At least try to get a short walk in everyday or get a gym membership. I know, your days are crammed and perhaps you already do. It is usually about a three to six month process depending on your insurance and surgeon requirements. Use a center of excellence if at all possible. I wish you well. I have my preop. Feel free to message me if I can help you further. All the best to you, Melinda
  8. Hi all, I was approved by BCBS (I didn't even realize it my case had been submitted) the first week of November. I lost to my goal weight and my surgery is scheduled for Dec 2nd. I had one pre-op class last Monday and have the final one tomorrow night. I am able to eat thanksgiving dinner but will have a small one. On Friday I start the pre surgery diet for six days and one the seventh it is Clear liquids only. Friday the second I have to be at the hospital at 5am. I appreciate the wealth of information and support that I have received from this board. I am excited yet anxious as there are always risks with anesthesia. Hopefully they will repair the hiatal hernia that I was diagnosed with several years ago. I am so ready to get rid of the huffing and puffing syndrome as well as all the other reasons that got me to this place. I hope I can at least cut my med list in half. Melinda
  9. MelindaH

    sad and frustrated

    jennifer, congratulate yourself on the weight you have lost. Ad the fact that you hit the gym four days a week is favulous. For thanksgiving, use a salad plate and fill it up with protein and vegies and fruits. Eat the protein first. Are you taking your vitamins? You can do this, hon. It is a marathon, not a race. Pace yourself, drink lots of water, and count your blessings. Dec 5th will be here before you know it! All the best to you, Melinda
  10. MelindaH

    Need serious advice!

    Michele, You have received some very good advice and I agree with Glove. Hon, you are so young and have so much life ahead of you. See what you can do on your own. Have you tried Weight Watchers? Keep increasing your activity level, stay focused on losing weight and educate yourself on proper eating technigues and nutrition. I bet you can do it. Drink at least 64 ounces of Water a day. Do drop in often and keep us inflormed on your progress and ask us all the questions you want. All the best to you, Melinda
  11. MelindaH

    First appt with surgeon - not good

    I have no interest in the RNY or sleeve. I do not want to risk malabsorption issues. My insurance until recently would not cover the sleeve. I also have less than 100 pounds to lose. . My doctor, staff and I feel that the lap band is the right choice for me. The surgeon is a lap band patient and has done really well. I am almost to my goal weight before my case can be sent for approval. That part makes me really nervous but the clinic feels that it is a no brainer because of the co-morbidities. Once it is approved, I am hopeful that I can be squeezed in by the end of the year. I start my preop clesses on the 14th and the final one is the following week. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, Melinda
  12. Hi and welcome to our forum I am on a high Protein, low carb diet. They want me to get in at least 75 grams of protein a day. Your servings should be done on a 6" plate. Half should be protein and the rest 1/4 vegies and fruits and 1/4 starch. I had to lose 5% of my weight before it will even be sent to my ins for approval. It is generally about four to six months between your initial consultation and surgery. Mine is going to be about seven. I gained weight the first month so was one step behind. I have learned a lot in that time that I feel will be useful in the future. Hope you are able to go to a Center of Excellence. The quality of care has been just what it says, excellent.. I am very impressed with the way the clinic is run. All the best to you, Melinda
  13. MelindaH


    you will get separate billing from the surgery center or hospital and anesthesia. I do not know of anyone where you are as I am in Oregon. I just want to wish you well as you journey to good health again. Melinda
  14. Hi all, I found out at the bariatric cneter today that BCBS Fed now covers the gastric sleeve. Apparently this happened in JUly of this year but nobody told anybody on the inside! Sounds like the gov't to me but that is another long post. Just thought I would spread the news. Melinda
  15. MelindaH

    new in Portland, Oregon!

    Hi, welcome to our forum. I am Melinda and I live down the road in Eugene. I am hopeful that I will have surgery in Dec. I am losing weight very slowly, partially due to medication that I am on. I have been unable to exercise for the last six weeks due to two herniated iscs with nerve impingement. I had two ESI's on Friday and hopefully that will do the trick. One of my goals of getting my weight off is simply take the weight off of my joints and my lumbar spine and maybe I would not have as much pain. There is more i could expound on but my eyes are seeing double. I just mainly wanted to welcome you and wish you all the best in your surgery and journey to good health. I hope you have a strong, local support system, too. Please drop in often and keep us abreast of your progress. Melinda
  16. MelindaH

    Federal BCBS and Fills

    Thanks, I would be interested in what they say. Having billed insurance recently, this bothers me. We billed everybody, ins or no, the same charge. The reimbursement and co-pay is the patient's responsibility. I reported a pharmacy scam this summer on new drug I was prescribed. It was all together in one box and was being distributed as a new brand, just for the packaging, and I was charged over $100 for my copay alone. I realized that every drug that was a part of this was generic and could be bought separtately at a much cheaper price. They thanked me and said I was correct and appreciated my honesty. Melinda
  17. MelindaH

    Out of network surgeon BCBS?

    Hi, welcome to the forum. I would urge you to call bcbs yourself and see. I would not take the insurance co-ordinator's word on your insurance. They deal with a lot of insurances day in and day out and you can get benefit structures easily mixed up. I used to verify insurance for a living. Also talk to their business office yourself. I wish you all the best in your journey to good health. Please keep us posted on your progress. Melinda
  18. MelindaH

    BCBS Fed

    Oh, wow, would your primary care order it.......or a new gi? Anyone in his or her practice that will do them? Thinking of you, Keep your chin up....
  19. Yea =,you for being so persistent. Let us know when you are scheduled. I am married to a federal employee and very grateful for the coverage we have. For the life of me, I do not understand why our military families can not be under the same coverage. End of rant.... I wish you all the best in your journey to good health. Melinda
  20. Grider, I had to havae this test before I could go any further in my workup for the lap band. I have had it done twice in my lifetime. This time it was not nearly as hard as the one before. Keep us posted. Melinda
  21. MelindaH

    Where are you from?

    I will message you later today!
  22. MelindaH

    shoulder pain after removal

    I am still preop so don't hold me to this. But I have heard that the shoulder pain is from the gas that they fill up your belly with to do the surgery. From what I have been reading, the only real cure for it is to walk and walk some more. I have had several orthopedic and eye surgeries. I have often wondered if the some of the pain you have post op is from being lifted carelessly from guerny to guerny when you are asleep. I know things have improved greatly over the years. Overall, I have received very good care from the medical profession. Just a thought and maybe the nurses on the forum would know better than I. At any rate,I hope you feel better real soon. Take good care of yourself. Melinda
  23. MelindaH

    My Situation-Opinions please

    Hi, welcome to the forum. It is a good place to be. I am still preop. I started June 1st and it will probably be December before I am banded. I have several co-morbidities that I have had to be worked up for. Your insurance has requirements and so does the surgeon. The surgeon doesn't do your workup based on insurance. He has to be absolutely sure that you are ready for surgery. He also has a very full schedule and we all have to get in line. I have received a lot of good information in the past four months, much of which I would have hated to have missed. Be patient, your day will come, and it will be worth the weight. For now, work on research and changing old habits. All the best, Melinda
  24. MelindaH

    Emotional & goodbyes

    Thank you for all that you shared, hon. You are quite an inspiration to me. All the best on your journey to good health. Please keep us posted on your progress! Melinda

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