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    I had bad reflux before surgery, requiring 1 omeprazole 20 per day. Afer sugery this was not enough. So now I take two a day and I am just fine. This is slight overkill, but if I forget, the punishment is coughing up acid in the middle of the night - really, REALLY unpleasant. I make sure that I keep a few in the car. Just an interesting fact: it has been determined that at least ONE Egyptian Pharaoh lived and died with excoriating reflux problems; aren't we lucky today?
  2. Yes, of course it is bad for you, healing and otherwise. We are human, though, and can't always do the right thing at the right time. I smoked for twenty-seven years, sometimes getting so sick that my lungs made me hack like an old man, and I had to sleep sitting up. We, my wife and I, both quit when we had our first child. We just couldn't stand the idea of submitting our newborn to the awful smell that would permeate the house, car and clothes. It was tough, though, maybe the hardest thing that I have ever done. I do hope that you will be able to lick it though; they say that nicotine is even more addictive than heroin, so it ain’t no cakewalk believe me. Your face will become so beautiful, though, if you do, trust me.
  3. smkeller

    Dr. Morris Washington

    Dr. Morris seems like a very experienced and qualified doctor to do this procedure. The aftercare complication insurance makes it extremely attractive. The hospital also seems to be an excellent facility. With a price of 8,000 dollars, this deal seems too good to be true, so is it? Well, hard to tell. The $8,000 price had an asterik by it, but I couldn't find the note that it referred to. The main drawback, at least in my view, and one that is NOT stated openly in the advertsment, is that it is an OUTPATIENT procedure, with no hospital stay time. This in my opinion is a no no. Some people have, however, had successful WLS as an outpatient, but this is MAJOR surgery with real risks, and for me at least, two nights in a REAL hospital (not a Jerulsalem CLINIC) is an absolute must.Hope this helps.
  4. smkeller

    My Turn My Turn!

    Good luck Tenna, somehow, seeing that picture, I think that you will manage to make it work.
  5. smkeller

    3 months.. somewhat slow

    I am three months and one week out. Have lost about 65 pounds since first doctor's visit. I am 6' 1 '' tall and started at 277, so I imagine that I burn more calories during a normal day. I also take an antidepressant (Wellbuton) and a stimulant for focusing. I think that both of these curb my appetite and thus my food intake. I don't exercise at all really and eat when I feel the need, I just don't eat meals. I also drink whiskey and wine and partake of chocolate and cookies.I am probably a perfect example of what NOT to do, but still the thing works!
  6. smkeller

    Kelly, Aceves or Alvarez

    Aceves and Alvarez are, I think great choices. I cut Dr. Kelly a break, despite horror stories about him, because I heard that he upgraded to a better facility, a real hospital. However, since that post (see above) I have talked to a member here in this topic who suffered a botched surgery where he burned an ulcer in her stomach, lied and said she already had it, and then botched a repair. He sent her home only for her to have to go an ER for emergency surgery here in the states. This, in case you are in the dark, IS a horror story. So Dr. Kelly goes back down to the level of Dr. Almanza.
  7. smkeller

    Kelly, Aceves or Alvarez

    I have upgraded my opinion of Dr. Kelly for the following reason:he (though I can not verified this) apparently got fed up with the sub-par practices - sterile practices, at the facility that he was at and moved to a better one, a full hospital. If this is true, then that alone deserves my respect. Can't say that about other TJ physicians unfortunately. faciti
  8. smkeller

    Post-Op Support

    prednect, I certainly support whatever decision you make. I just felt honor-bound to give you that warning. I got depressed as Hell after my surgery, and I don't think I had it quite as bad as you do. Just be on the lookout for it after your surgery if that is your decision. It is quite an adventure with good news at the end.
  9. smkeller

    Post-Op Support

    I am advising that you err on the side of caution here. You can ALWAYS schedule surgery. There are a ton of doctors waiting to add you to their lists. But the truth is that no one knows but you what the loss of your wife means and how it will affect you. Same with your adviser. To push on with a fairly major surgery and life change that can and does have complications and which will affect every aspect of your life, relationships, eating habits, etc. might be an invitation for a crushing sense of depression and isolation to descend upon you. Depression without support systems in place is very, very dangerous. I advise that you postpone your surgery and address these important issues by getting a good therapist to help you to sort it all out. Get some more solid support in your life THEN engage on this life changing journey.
  10. smkeller

    Please Help me!!!!

    Read midwesterngirl's blog. She was the main source of pertinent information for me. She has listed all the things that you should be concerned about with your surgery.
  11. smkeller

    Dr. Kelly Nov 7th! Questions...

    Another member just posted that he had a death. Do you know what happened?
  12. I guess that you are talking about a patient of his that died? What is the story on that?
  13. The lightheadedness and the pain are most likely two different issues. If you are not getting enough liquids in, then that could cause low blood pressure which would cause lighheadedness. The skin pain sounds like nerve issues. Some people get 'extreme skin sensitivity' after surgeries. The nerves get turned on even away from the surgery site. Anti-inflammatory meds would help, but I don't know if you should be taking them yet. Ask your surgeon. This nerve pain can be bad and may be slow to calm down. Good luck. Do contact your doctor, but don't expect too much. some people are just much more sensitive than others when their nerves are cut.
  14. WHAT DO YOU THINK?...what do you think?..
  15. Sorry, if I offended, Newday. I'm sure that Dr. Aceves is Catholic, but I didn't ask him.
  16. smkeller

    Sleeve and Bipolar Meds

    That is sad and scary. I am on anti-depressives too, and I wonder how the absorption rate has changed. I doubt very much that there is ANY research on this. Unbelievably sad that he was on track with his weight loss, but his doctors seemingly didn't realize the danger of the process on his psyche.
  17. My PCP thought that if I was going to get surgery then the band was cutting edge, and he had a patient that was having no problems. I think that even really good doctors - such as mine is, can't keep up with every aspect that is being developed for countering health problems. I will be his learning source on the sleeve, and I don't mind.
  18. smkeller


    I tried to find another way to say that, but that's what came out...sigh.
  19. smkeller

    getting off of the PPIs

    I was told by a knowledgeable person (nurse, 2 time WLS) that taking a PPI right at bedtime is not good; I forget the reason why. She said to take it at a least a couple of hours BEFORE bedtime.
  20. smkeller

    getting off of the PPIs

    I can't eat enough volume in food to get enough calcium through food sources alone, so I do take the calcium citrate in the middle of the morning, but it's negated when I take my Prilosec. I'm hopeful this will work out... My understanding is that calcium citrate absorption isn't affected by PPI's like the other forms of calcium supplements. Have you heard differently?
  21. It's a function of BMI's. If you have a BMI over 40, 45, 50, most doctors require you to do it for safety reasons. Apparently it makes the liver less slimy and easier to handle. Plus, of course, you are lighter, which is better for the heart. Just do the best you can if your BMI is high. Most people cheat a little, because they just can't stand it after a while. Every little bit helps your surgeon, which helps you.
  22. smkeller

    I'm post op

    Congratulations, you sound real good. I would avoid the grapefruit though; it interferes with a lot of medicines and is very acidic.
  23. Sounds pretty normal to me, but remember to walk, walk, walk.
  24. smkeller

    sleeved on 8/16

    Congratulations, you are on your way.
  25. smkeller

    Missing eating

    You can chew anything you want, but just don't swallow it. I did miss eating too, especially in the evening hours. I also was hungry the first couple of weeks, but now in week four a lot of the need to eat has abated. I find having a good dose of protein first thing in the morning helps with that. This surgery is restrictive, so a couple of big bites changes your attitude pretty fast about a large amount of food. Good luck.

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