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  1. Glad to see this posting. I am just 12 days post op and am feeling some restriction, but not as much as earlier last week. Still on thick liquids and go on mushies on Thursday. I guess NOT feeling as much restriciton means my body is healing and the majority of swelling has gone down. Good things all around. Think I need to get some of the non flavored protein powder to supplement my protein intake. Not much protein in soups!
  2. Mama Lisa


    HELLO!!!! We are lap band buddies because I had my Surger on June 23rd, too. My doctor requires 64 ounces of Water PLUS the Protein shakes. You might be craving water because the meds they give you in the hospital can dehydrate you. If you can't stand water, mix it half and half with juice like apple juice. Also, check to make sure your Protein Shakes have LOTS of protein in them. You might need to switch brands to help you continue to feel full. One thing I've learned on this board is that every doctor is different in how they help you manage your lap band. If your doctor can schedule it, take a Post Op Banding nutircian class. HUGS... TO MY LAP BAND BUDDY! Mama Lisa
  3. Mama Lisa

    Mental hunger

    Thanks for the encouraging words. 12 cups???? What was funny about going to see my friend is that she was cooking allll sorts of wonderful things and I was OK until I walked into the refirdgerator and saw the Pasta salad marination. OOOOOOOOOO And STEAK is one of my favorite things, too. But once I can tolerate it, I plan to order a filet mignon, small baked potatoe and salad AND a TO GO BOX. When the meal arrives I will put 1/2 of EVERYTHING in the to go box, close it and put it by my purse. Then I'll proceed to eat Protein then some potatoe then some salad if I have enough room. This will probably be about 4 weeks before even trying this. BUT I HAVE A PLAN!!!! OH, and for those of you who CAN have pasta here is my friends receipe.... Summer Pasta Salad 3 color cork screw Pasta Grape or Cherry tomatoes cut in half Cucumbers chopped Italian Dressing Add pasta to boiling Water and cook until just done. Don't over cook. Rinse and set aside in bowl. Mix in all other ingredients together and chill at least a few hours or over night.. Add the ingredients to make as much as you want. For about 4 cups of cooked pasta, add about 1 cup tomatoes and 1 cup cucumbers and enough dressing to coat everything. Enjoy when your Banded self is allowed. My grandbaby loves this too.
  4. Mama Lisa

    How the Lap-Band actually works, fills and refills

    Good Grief!!!! Is $300 per fill a standard cost? is it covered by most insurance? Haven't heard this before...
  5. I did this last night and you should have HEARD all the popping going on! ... mainly in my right shoulder area. Didn't hurt and actually felt good. Walking seems to bring the most relief.
  6. Banded on Thursday. On Clear liquids only and sticking to it. (broth, Water, apple juice, grape juice, sugar free Jello and popcycles.) Not hungry. Doing my walking, too. Have a few questions: Having something like a gas bubble right at the back of my throat or top of throat. Back of throat feels swollen. I can still swallow liquids just fine. Just feels like a pill is stuck back there. The post surgery diarrhea started Sunday. Not a lot of cramping, but I am feeling rather week. Is BLACK the normal color for this diarrhea? I’ve always been told that BLACK STOOL = BLOOD. Should I be worried? I don’t want to be a worry wart to my doctor’s office staff. Thank you for any advice.
  7. :thumbs_up: Hello everyone! Lap Band surgery was on June 23, 2011. Still recovering and on clear liquids. Start the thicker liquids on Thursday. Post Op appt is on July 11th. Can't wait to see how I am doing as far as weight. Hope to be an active member of this board. Just found it tonight. We have a great support group that meets once a month, but sometime you just need to talk to someone who KNOWS what you are going through. Looking forward to meeting everyone. HUGS.... Mama Lisa :hurray:

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