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  1. Elixaveth

    Les Mills Bodypump

    Hi there, I've done Les Mills Pump at home, send me you number or email and I'll send you my before and after pics. Gotta love it!
  2. Elixaveth

    My Insanity! Journey... Shaun T Would Be So Proud. ;)

    AWESOME!!! We start today, this evening that is. Today is Day 1 of 60 of Insanity. Member I told you on facebook that it's my husband and I against my sister and bro in law? Well now it's a total of 4 couples, we are doing big loser style calculating percentages etc and the winner couple goes to the beach all expenses paid by all who join the challenge. This will be fun!!! and HARD!!!
  3. Elixaveth

    The Basics Boot Camp

    Thanks for the info. I consume about 800-900 calories per day. Dont know why I'm not loosing. I lost 20 lbs week 1 post op and then went about 4 wks with hardly any protein since the shake wasnt agreing with my sleeve and I was scared to eat other things. I think I choked my body really bad! In total if lost about 35 lbs in 2 months so not to bad I guess but it feels horrible to be newly sleeved and have a 2 week stall ...I will give this a try and let you know how it goes.
  4. Elixaveth

    The Basics Boot Camp

    Do you count calories when doing the five days? I'm almost 2 months out and am in a stall. Would love to try you five day program but need to know amounts or calories to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I haven't been to my nutritionist post op so have no idea how many calories I should be consuming. Thanks in advance and wow, what an ispiration you are to many of us!!!
  5. I am 3 weeks post op and get nauseas with shakes, not sure why. I found a 3oz protein shot at GNC. It's called New Whey protein shot that comes in different flavors with no carbs or fat, 42 grams of protein and 180 calories. When I paid the lady at the register said "you do know you can only absorb so much protein at a time right? The rest just goes right through your liver" I said thanks and left. The whole evening I've been thinking about this. I guess I can take half the shot and the other half later. Then complete my 60 grams of daily protein with food. But I can't stop wondering about what she said. I'm googling and I get different amounts 25 gr, 30 gr.. . .does anyone know more about this?
  6. You guys are awesome! thanks for all the info. I take half of it and the other half hours later, hope this works.
  7. Elixaveth

    50 lbs GONE!!

    Would you mind sharing what you do? What you eat, exercise etc. I'm 3 weeks post op. Lost 25 lbs in 2 weeks and this week lost NONE! I know it's still good but I want to follow in the steps of thos who lose good!
  8. WOW I hope I have amazing results like you. I'm 11 days out, but on my 1 week post op visit I had already lost 20 lbs in one week!!! i was super happy, I just hope I keep losing REAL good.. . :-) Would you mind sharing some tips, do you follow diet to the T, do you focus on protein only? What type of exercise do you do? Please tell your secrete
  9. Elixaveth

    Stupidity spreads like herpes

    Yes, you do make sence. . .and I also understand where the other comments are coming from. The main thing is, you must remember we are all different, and some of us are blessed with the gift of "common sence" and most people sorry to say are not! That's how I am with most everything except my body of course, this is where I fail. We all have something we need to work on. . .Understand that your level of commitment might not be everyone elses, and is sad indeed. The people who fail might even be contributing to other people's failures by giving them these "cheat tips" which in the end affects the stats and the opinion of the general public. The media tends to focus on the failures and never the accomplishments . . .I'm currently dealing with my family. Because of all the media my mother thinks I will regain, I'm having surgery on 10/20/11. But afte going with me to a support group her and my husband were amazed to see how many succesful people are out there and that this is possible. My surgeon's coordinator alone los 210 lbs I mean, that is the weight of an obese person. . .the have a different opinion now. You are right to be dissapointed, you are right in saying that the affect others and you were better off not speaking your mind there because they will eat you alive!
  10. So I've already been approved by my insurance but my last step is the surgeon required sleep eval, in which the doc sent me for a sleep study that revealed I have mild sleep apnea (obstructive). So all this time I'm thinking I'm having surgery in August, then Sept, then maybe October, well now I would not be surprised if its not til December because they want to do a 14 download of how I do with the CPAP with a pressure of 8 and if the download has the info the doc needs she will release me if not she wants more days, etc. Then I still have to set a date for surgery and start the 2 week pre-op diet. I'm so mad because I feel this is all keeping me from having my VSG. I kknow it's stupid to think like that, and I know this is for my own good, but I can't help to be bothered by the fact that this is taking sooooo long!!! If they know I have apnea, cant they just give me the machine and let the surgeon know? I am really tempted to go to another surgeon who does not require a sleep eval release. . .
  11. Ok everyone, first fo all thanks for all your comments. . .just to clarify, the whole wls has taken months but the sleep study and stuff just a couple of weeks. I was lucky they did like a 2 in 1 on the study because they already knew to put me on a pressure of 8 when I picked up my machine over 2 wks ago. So I went to the doctor yesterday with the 14 day download she required. The nurse had told me that rarely people get released in the first 14 day attempt because they dont use cpap correctly or at all bla bla bla. So I get there and the nurse tells me my info looks great, then the doc comes in and tells me I'm an ideal candidate and that she is soooo amazed at my results. Of course she releases me so I should get a call with surgery date anytime now. If always been a very compliant patient so I knew I would try my best but was very frustrated since she was telling me more than likely it would take longer. Not the case, I totally got an A+ on the 14 day download. Went from 14 episodes per hr to 2.8 and she said to keep using it and come see her after I reach goal. So as all you can imagine I'm so so so happy that I stuck to this and didn't wind up at another surgeons office. So thanks for your support and comments. One question though, more than one of you mentions elevating head, etc. I was never told that. Can any of you explain i what position does the head have to rest, etc. I want to make sure my kids and hubby are sleeping in the best position possible.
  12. Elixaveth

    Anyone from Alabama?

    Wow Ashley, you are doing great. And yes, she did request that I have the sleep study. I was dissapointed but at the same time I want to know if I do have any type of apnea. I had my 4 yr old daughter with me and she said "you have little ones and we have to protect them as well" that's what gave me peace about waiting for the sleep study. if I have any kind of sleep apnea, I want to know and I want it treated. So how far did you go with Dr Scmitt? I don't see how going to a totaly new doctor and starting all over would be faster than waiting a month. . .just curious :-)
  13. Elixaveth

    Anyone from Alabama?

    LOL!!! Ladies I had comented on this post before but never came back to see who posted. I too live in Calera, very close to I-65 and Walmart exit. So how are all you doing? I'm approved but still need sleep eval before I get a surgery date. I have my sleep eval today, hope the dont want to do a study, dont think I need it. Im having surgery with Dr Schmitt, do any of you attend his monthly group meetings? Maybe we can get together sometime. . .
  14. Elixaveth

    Anyone from Alabama?

    Ashley, why did you change your mind about Dr. Schmitt? We exchanged a couple of emails and we had both chosen Dr Schmitt. . .are you going with same dr's office? Please share your experience so far. I'm in Shelby County by the way. Had lapband at Shelby Baptist in 2008 and had it removed due to slipage in before the year ended. Obviously regained all the 50 lbs I had lost.
  15. Elixaveth


    I'm currently in a 3 month process of dr's appts for insurance approval and I am too having all these questions. I went to see the nutritionist on Friday and when telling her all the diets I've done she asked me about one of them, the HCG diet. She said clients mention it but she doesn't know what it is. After leaving the office I was like -this works, I just have to actualy do all the phases, I lost 30 in 6 weeks why not do it again?- so all weekend long I was thinking, if I change my mind how do I tell me hubby and will he think I'm crazy if like, Wednsday I'm back on the VSG wagon? My family would be happy that I'm not going under the knife again. . .yet, I had lap-band surgery 2 yrs ago and had it removed in less than a yr due to slippage and I did lose over 50 lbs which I have not regained completely. . .then this morning I'm like -oh what the heck, being real Elizabeth, you know you can't do these diets to completion. . .and that later you will gain it back. . .and that you want to renue your vowels with hubby and look and feel AWESOME (almost 10 yrs married) and that you want to have more kids but are afraid of going into early labor again (daughter was born right at 6 mos weighing 2 lbs. She is perfetctly fine :-D) so stop with all these doubts and be grateful that you have insurance that covers this 100%. . . Do any or all of you ever feel like this, is this common? I guess with the lapband I knew it was revirsable so it was not that scary but this is for real, life altering, in a good way I know. . .Im afraid of regaining, that is my major fear!!!
  16. Elixaveth

    Do you have BCBS Insurance?

    FYI: I have BCBS of Alabama "Federal" and they do cover all WLS, only thing that changed since 01/2011 is they now require 3 month diet. I'm not saying the previous info is wrong cause I've only had the federal plan, but I would call and ask. . .they even gave me the correct code my doc should use in order to get approval.

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