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  1. BigSexxy

    Gallbladder Surgery

    I was sleeved Aug 1 GB removed in early December. It has not slowed my weight loss.
  2. Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? Time is moving fast, 8/15 is 2 weeks, i can't believe how quick it has come and the difference. I am down 20 lbs, this is just so exciting to me. I have not been under 300lbs for some years now and I am 6 lbs away! I am ready to be off the full liquid, I still have my need to chew! I am having a hard time getting in more than 13oz of Protein a day. I can drink crystal light, ice tea or Water all day but i have little desire to take in the allowed items. My follow up is on 8/16 maybe they can give me some pointers on the protein. So that's all with me, whats going on with the rest of the all stars!?
  3. BigSexxy

    All Star Nurses!

    hey, how are you!? quote name='Gaylebco' timestamp='1313238297' post='193557'] I am also an RN..and like TLC's VSG I'm in the IS department helping create the electronic medical record for my hospital. Love doing this job!! YEAH NURSES!
  4. BigSexxy

    All Star Nurses!

    Good to see us coming out the wood work. How is everyone doing? I was sleeved on 8/1. No complicatons, 1st two days were hard for me, uncomfortable but nothing like a c section (i didn't have any issues w that either). I'm doing well down 19lbs, I haven't been under 300lbs in so long, its getting close 7more lbs! I look forward to updates
  5. BigSexxy

    The need to chew

    Thanks for the pointer!
  6. BigSexxy

    Surgery on 9 Aug! Yikes!!!

    I was sleeved on 8/1/11 so i have just started on my journey and I had the same concerns as you. I feel better already, i am not achy when walking, my blood pressure is comming down ( this i know because when i take my meds my pressure drops) and I have more energy. I am praying that the skin isn't too bad. I have thick hair so i can take a bit of loss cause I know it will grow back. I am also lactose intolerant, I drink sugar free carnation instant Breakfast for Protein, i have some of the pre made ones when im on the go and the powder i mix with silk milk (its a soy milk and I truly like the taste)
  7. BigSexxy


    Thank you! Im so excited i can't wait to see results!
  8. BigSexxy

    Made it home

    hey friends! Quick update. I arrived early to the hospital and to my surprise my surgery started early. I was in my room to see 1/2 of the noon news. I slept most of the day monday, I woke up every 3-4 hrs and would req pain meds then drift back off. I get this pressure like discomfort under my breast area that makes it hard to get comfortable. I was able to do i chips and sips of Water by late evening. This morning I woke up at 430 and was unable to go back to sleep until 6ish. I slept on and off most of the morning. I was discharged around 130 this afternoon. I took a nap once I got here, when I woke up i was on my stomach and in pain, i then threw up. Now I have these hiccups that are annoying and uncomfortable. I will admit that i am a bit cranky. Today i have eaten some vanilla pudding, crystal light, strained cream of chicken Soup, decaf unsweetened ice tea and some peach Jello no more than 3 oz of each thing and they have been spaced out. sucking on ice chips and sipping water to try and stay hydrated..........that's all for now my friends!
  9. BigSexxy

    MONDAY!!! I'm so ready

    This weekend has been longer than anyone I have ever known. What time are you sched for? I have to be @ the hosp 830 surg time 1055.
  10. BigSexxy

    100 + pounds

    I will be sleeved on 8/1 also here in cincinnati ohio. I wish you the best and look forward to your progress!
  11. BigSexxy


    I hope I'm a good usher!
  12. BigSexxy


    yes or maybe just Sexxy!
  13. BigSexxy

    Anyone Else in August?

    waiting on the insurance sucks
  14. I have been a member for a few weeks and have been doing a lot of reading but no posting. It has taken me 2 almost 3 yrs to decide to have the procedure done. I have hbp, pre diabetic, elevated cholesterol and I have to take ibuprofen and muscle relaxers for my lower body joint pain. I will be 35 this fall and I am ready to reclaim my life, I can't keep up with my 4 yr old and I often opt to stay home because I feel uncomfortable with all the weight I have put on. I am 5'10 and 340lbs. Although I have been plus sized most of my life I was smaller at 200lbs. Since the birth of my child I have yet to get under 300lbs. I found out Friday (6/25/11) that I have gotten approval for surgery after a month of waiting. In a week I go in for pre surgery counseling. I am hoping that I can get a date for late July early August. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am worried about excess skin, I know some people who have had the procedure and they have not had issue with it and i am hoping that if i do have any that it will be minimal. I have been considering doing boot campy pre surgery, would this be of any help?

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