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    <BR><BR><BR>That's a good one , me too!!!!!
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    Wow.. I love your list! So many things on there are on mine! Do yoga correctly, cross my legs, stop shopping at Lane Bryant because the clothes aren't very good quality and I've been mad at them since they changed their jean sizing to" 1 2 3 triangle" or whatever! I wear a swimsuit but it's really humiliating right now. Wrapping a normal size towel would be great instead of hunting down a "bath sheet". One thing I would add to my list is to ride a horse! I used to do that some as a kid and I haven't been able to as an adult for pity of the animal that would have to carry me. Riding a horse in the wine country.. now that sounds like fun!
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to CAMMYD in My "list"   
    Wow you have such a great list and Ihave many of the same things on mine , here are some of mine:
    1. Buy an item of clothing that is not double digit size 8 instead of 18
    2. Be comfortable in my clothes
    3. Wear a swimsuit withougt a ton of clothes over it
    4. Not feel self conscious having to bend over in public to pick something up
    5. Never have to wear a girdle regularly
    6. Look down and see my feet
    7. Be able to sit in and get out of a seat with grace
    8. Be able to cross my legs while seated
    9. Be able to shop in anystore and not over pay for clothes all the time
    10. Not have people automatically assume I need the 2X t-shirt
    11. Stop running my shoes over
    12. Wear cute panty/bra ensembles
    13. Feel Sexy
    14 Wear heels and not feel like a cyclop
    15. Borrow my sisters cute clothes and have something she actually desires/can wear
    16. Dance and not feel like entertainment
    17. Jog and not have an inferno raging in my chest
    18. Participate in sporting events and not be in my own way
    19. Eat in front of others without feeling subconscious or judged
    20. Be in the photo and not always the one taking the photo.
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to chef neil in My "list"   
    I have not made a list- on paper or on the computer...
    My wife has- and in 6 months has done a few...
    in my head...
    more cycling-longer-FASTER- MORE.
    walking- Jogging...
    day hiking.
    taking my shirt off in public.
    hit the stats that give me an extra 10% discount at work...
    clothes that I like to wear- not just clothes that fit...
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    ~winecountrygirl~ reacted to Jewel Hickman in My "list"   
    Wow you all have encouraged me to start a list.

    These are a list of things that I want to be able to do.

    1. To be able to take pictures/full body
    2. Wear medium size clothes
    3. Shop in regular size store instead of Lane Bryant or Avenue
    4. Walk with out breathing so hard
    5. Sleep without using a cpap
    6. Be off blood pressure meds
    7. Be able to wear single digit size clothing
    8. Wear my original wedding ring
    9. Being able to leave food on my plate and still be full
    10. Exercise without knees or back going out
    Thank you for sharing this post and for helping me think on all of the wonderful blessings of getting the sleeve.

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