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  1. hello, I couldn't post in the veterans forum for some reason so this forum seems as close as it gets: i'm 3 years post op and the last 2 years my weight is optimal and steady. the last few months though I took a few pounds by eating junk in front of the TV......this 10 pounds I like too loose now......but how? I already eat about 200 grams per meal, 3 times a day. that is exactly the same amount since I got sleeved, it just doesn't work as it did. (back then,my doctor told me this would happen) should I eat even less??? it seems too extreme. what is a acceptable "veteran" diet to loose a few pound?
  2. great post mike! never thought of that. I'll try this approach.
  3. I tried cutting out "the small changes" but it didn't help much (if at all)...... more needs to be done. may try the liquid phase again.....or try to eat 1/4-1/3 less per meal. although this would mean a calorie intake of way less than the post op diet. afaik too less is not good either. the body goes into "economy-mode" and won't loose this way either. ?? my doc told me this would happen eventually, but who listened.....
  4. i'm curious of how much food can you eat after 9 months or a year. i'm on my 7th month and i can eat just a couple of bites more than the last few months,which was around 6oz (160-180grams) depending it's density. but it is usual 31/2 oz meat or fish and the rest 2-21/2oz vegetables. how much can you eat?
  5. interesting on the protein thing..... thanks guys i will definiteley talk to my doctor.
  6. before surgery my only 2 problems were some lower back pain (the common one on the waist area) and my left knee would hurt a bit after a longer walk or when i was standing for a while. sitting or lying down for 5 minutes and all pain went away. 6-8 weeks out and 30lb thinner i had forgot all my pains..... until now,4 months out and 55lb lighter, i "got" a different type of back pain that i never had before. even sitting on the couch watching TV hurts now after 20 minutes.... it is approx. 10" higher than the old pain,and it hurts almost all day long. it puzzles me,cause i lost so much weight and got a worse new pain. i guess it has something to do with my back muscles beeing some kind of weak or so but that is just a guess. i will definiteley talk to my doc next week. has anyone had this or similar?
  7. i'm on my 4th month post op,and my doc cut me off acid reducer last wednesday... so far i have no issues, no reflux or anything, only a little more hunger, or should i say head-hunger,but it is only a little and manageable. is there anything else i should expect?
  8. i'm on my 9th week post op and i have lost 34lb so far ,so i think i'm on the right track.... there are days i can't meet my calorie intake......i never thought that this would be possible before surgery.....,and other days when everything goes down very easy. one problem i have is that my full feeling comes too late, so i "over eat" or i'm close to that most days. it hurts but i can tolerate it....but i'm also afraid i will stretch my sleeve too early. one thing i'm thankful is i never had to throw up,and i never got the slimes. i need to work on that one ,hopefully i will find a way to stop eating the right time. one tiny bite more makes all the difference and be in pain. sometimes it is just too fast,(not too much) but the feeling (pain) is the same,so i wonder later if it was too fast or too much.... drinking plain Water got better,it doesn't feel heavy anymore,as long as i don't drink too fast. i don't have real hunger yet. just a feeling in my sleeve that reminds me it needs food. i'm still on 15mg acid reducers one per day for another month,my doc want me to stop taking them by then.
  9. ...that there is a higher risk factor for adenocarcinoma (cancer) in the stomach,if part of your stomach is removed for any reason? i just read this and it scared me. Stomach (Gastric) Cancer | Health | Patient UK go to (What causes.....) btw. it seems this information is well known, (google) why isn't this written in every pro vs con list? ------------------------------ still pre-op
  10. i know we shouldn't drink after a meal, but i would like to know why that is,and what would happen if we do so. i read that a liquid will wash everything down,but with the side effect of getting hungry again sooner. is that all? or is there more to it? i'm on my 5th week and i get that uncomfortable feeling sometimes. then i take a few sips Water and it seem to help ,or i just think it helps ,i don't know...i'm still experimenting. should i continue this "experiment",or is there a change of getting much more uncomfortable or even vomit?
  11. that's maybe a strange question,but can you feel the swelling? when i wake up the last few days i can feel my stomach just sitting there.... if i take a big breath and hold it, the feeling goes a bit further and it almost feels uncomfortable. i don't have any other "sleeve related problems" like a leak or something, cause i had a bad pain in my lower left back the day before yesterday and my doc did a series of tests to exclude anything sleeve related. so i'm just thinking, could this feeling be swelling related?
  12. i have that too,not only after the meal but during the meal too. it takes out all the joy when eating. i hope it goes away soon.....
  13. i'm 4 weeks out,and i havn't had a day yet where eating a meal had a tiny bit of pleasure.... i don't know how to exlpain this but in each meal after my second bite (with a very tiny fork),i start to feel uncomfortable, no matter how good i chew or how small the bite of my already mushy food is. it is not a full signal either because i get that a few forkesfull later. (1-11/2oz or so) no slimes or vomit signs. sometimes it feels like i had swollowed a large amount of air together with the food,but i didn't,although i can hear my stomach gurgle.... other times it hurts a bit,but not too bad and the pain goes away 10-15 seconds later. the uncomfortable feeling stays though. cause of this i put my fork down after almost every bite and wait to feel a bit better to continue. i hope i explained it enough. did anyone had something like this?
  14. good to hear i'm normal and that it will go away eventually....thanks.
  15. i'm on my 2nd week (full liquids) and i still don't know how much should i eat. i usually eat a cup of Soup, but i think i can do more. i'm just afraid to do so, to actually feel the full feeling,because i don't want to throw up if a spoonful more is already too much, so i stop there without a reason/feeling. is it even possible to get full on liquids? what if i overdo it? is the "throw up feeling" as if i had eaten something bad or does it feel different?
  16. johan22

    My first "bad" experience

    why does this happen? is it because air is trapped under the water and can't get out or is it realy much more water than the stomach can hold?? i'm on my 4th week and i havn't felt that......(yet)
  17. i'm on week 3 and i'm feeling weak and depressed most of the time. i do all my Proteins Vitamins liquids and food....even get some head hunger when my family eat and i smell the food,but it is controllable,and i don't feel real hunger (yet). my problem these days is the lack of interest to do anything.....except my daily 20 minute walk. i also can't go to work yet because my job needs some heavy lifting. so i'm basically home all day surfing the net or watching tv.....i got tired of it but i also don't have the desire to do anything else...... my wife said it's post-op depression/weakness,but even if it is how will this go away?
  18. thank you, i may try a few things.
  19. thank you all, i may force myself to go out more.
  20. i'm on mushies and havn't tried anything solid yet, but i have read a couple of threads where chicken or an omelette can make some people very uncomfortable. are there more "problem foods" except omelette and chicken?
  21. there is a risk of salmonella poisoning with raw eggs. you don't want that after surgery, it involves countless vomitting and diarrea for days. think of the staple line.....
  22. johan22

    Is this normal?

    i had that painful gurgling too, so i think it's normal. it does get better after a few days. simply walking around the house would also help and speed things up. i can't tell you anything about your blurry vision though...
  23. johan22

    time off from work??

    my doc said Heavy stuff lifting after 6-8 weeks.
  24. johan22

    Energy levels

    i think my doctor is against takin suppliments in advance. when i asked him he told me to only take them after the blood test and only if there is something low or missing.