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  1. Kate rules

    The Psychology Of Size

    I can totally relate to this topic. I've had issues with body image since I was in my early teens. In retrospect, I was not fat at all but I let some mean people bully me into believing I was not pretty or healthy. Today, at 31 years old, I still struggle with this. I just gave away all of my size 12, 14, 16 and 18 pants and suits. Even after 72 pounds of weight loss I cannot picture myself as thin or pretty or desireable. I actually have worked on this in therapy. I can accept that the scale will reflect a lower number and that my pants (when I get the courage, time and money to go shopping) will be MUCH smaller, but when I look in the mirror I still all my flaws standing out before I can admire the body I've worked so hard to get healthy. A pretty interesting example of this is when a good friend of mine bought me a dress (she does these things) in a size 6. I looked at her as if she had three heads and told her that there is no way I will ever fit into a size 6. She told me to put in on. It zipped up and actually looked really good! I never would have grabbed a size 6 off of the rack because I don't believe I am that small. And yes, people at work have told me to stop losing weight and I tell them that in my eyes, I am still overweight and have more to lose.
  2. Kate rules

    What Do I Do About Work??

    I took off a week after I initially planned only 5 days off. I did limited duty for 6 weeks because I have a physically demanding job.
  3. Kate rules

    Lapband And Diabetes?

    I had diabetes (type 2) and it has completely resolved. Last hemoglobin A1C was 5.0 at one year post op. my triglycerides were cut by 2/3 and overall cholesterol normal for first time in years. I saw improvement after 30 pounds and stopped glucophage soon after surgery.
  4. Kate rules

    Help Im A Failure At Lap Band

    I had trouble too. I used the "shotgun" approach so I cannot be sure what worked for me. I started seeing a shrink, went on Prozac, started using my fitness pal, reduced stress and got a band buddy to keep me accountable. I also saw my doctor and continued to get fills. I was eating too much. I was continuing to use food as a bandaid for my stress and anxiety. So I hope something in this post helps you.
  5. Kate rules

    Size Goal Instead Off Weight.

    I have a weight goal but if I get to the size/shape I want then I will stop. At 135 I am a size 8, sometimes a 6 depending on brand or fit. I think a small 6 is my goal. I'm keeping an open mind though.
  6. I got stuck on Water one week after surgery. Think stoma got irritated. I get stuck if I eat a piece of meat that is too tough (sirloin) or if I eat pretty much anything before 11 am. Bread is tough too. My advice is to chew carefully and select tender cuts of meat. Otherwise you may puke up stuff and that can lead to slipped band.
  7. Kate rules

    Not Drinking With Meals?

    I drink up until meal arrives but nothing after that for at least 30 minutes or I will puke. Kind of like a shock collar. If you do it a few times you figure out it just is not pleasant. At least that is how it works for me.
  8. Kate rules

    When Were You Ready?

    I was 30, had type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease and doctor wanted to start me on heart medicine as a precaution. It was only 70 pounds but it has made all the difference in my health.
  9. Kate rules

    Is This True?

    I shed like you would not believe. It is insane how much hair I lose every day. I'm lucky to have a ton of hair so I have a lot to spare. I have noticed that I lose more hair when I am restrictin calories more. Since I'm down to last few pounds to go I am hoping that once I switch into maintenance phase at 1700-1800 calories per day it will stop altogether.
  10. Kate rules

    Bariatric Buffet Pricing

    I will go anywhere but it does get old paying for food you won't eat. I generally avoid buffets now but I would go for a family function. My strategy is tell waiter you had stomach surgery and can eat less than a cup of food. If he isn't ok with discounting the meal to a kids price then just enjoy what you eat and don't go back there. Or take some home to feed you for a few days. Mostly, I handle this well by sharing meal with my daughter who eats about the same amount I do. Saves money and just ask for second plate.
  11. Kate rules


    Had hernia repair as well. Hated life for a few days after surgery. Combination of gas pain and all the other stuff. Got some kind of hydrocodone with acetemetaphin (sp?). Had to have it bumper up to a higher dosage that pharmacy had to order because sublingual tablet not avail in stock.
  12. I didn't have any problems when I flew 5 months post op. probably had 5.5 in band at the time. I may have felt a little tighter in the air but once on the ground I was fine. Was grateful for band on cruise! Hubby gained 4 pounds and I lost weight!
  13. 33.17% and still shrinking, sorry forgot the percentage sign! Congrats everyone!
  14. Kate rules

    Marriage & Lap Band Results

    My husband and I have never been happier. He loved me when I was obese but when it comes to curves, I have more shape now than I did 65 pounds ago! I have a waist. It is true that my breasts are smaller now but a 34DD is respectable and not out of proportion with my body. He was, at first, apprehensive about the surgery but was supportive and went to all of my appointments. If you anticipate problems my suggestion is to take yourself to counseling to work on any issues you may be having. I was intensely insecure about myself and therapy really helped me through that. Hubby can come along if you want sometimes. I believe, and this is just IMHO, that the lapband is just as much a psychological change as it is a physiological alteration. There is an expectation that things will change. Best wishes to you. BTW - my photo is from our 12th anniversary dinner. :-)
  15. Kate rules

    BMI right on the border-34.5

    Drink Water, wear heavy clothing and shoes and take Imodium two days before. You will be uncomfortable but will make weight. I, unfortunately, did not have to do any of these things to be a BMI of 36. But that was then!
  16. When you get a fill it will work great for awhile, until you lose more of the fat around your actual stomach and the band is not as tight. You should be going for fills every month. And you may only have ye great restriction for a week or two and then you lose more fat around the stomach, and the cycle repeats itself. That's why they say that the most successful band patients are those who are seen more frequently at surgeons office for follow up appointments. Are you doing the Protein shakes? Are you focusing on protein?
  17. Kate rules

    Period During Surgery?

    Doc told me I had to stop BC month before surgery. Luckily no period during surgery but they are medical professionals and this is just another part of our anatomy.
  18. Kate rules

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Good luck. Be kind to yourself and remember first couple of months is about healing. Then get out jogging stroller and take little man for a run!
  19. I stopped giving a hoot what people think a long time ago. People had a good time treating me like a second class citizen when I was obese and I certainly was not/am not going to allow these same fools to stop me from becoming a healthier and happier person. I opened up about my surgery to only a few people at first and then over time I shared more about it. I found it easier to do over my blog, which was anonymous. My family and friends were very supportive because they knew the struggle with my weight over the years. I had a few people ask if I really needed surgery because I wasn't that fat. Well, they didn't live with my fatty liver, high cholesterol, diabetes and constant issues with self-esteem. People can say I cheated. I don't think so after a year of being banded. I have had days where I could eat just as much and as bad as I did before and the band can't change what you put into your body. I still don't advertise I got banded. But I am conspicuous in my use of my fitness pal. And people I've directed to the app have lost weight using the app. So most people who ask me how I did it get the canned response of "I ate less and got off my butt more". And then I show them my fitness pal and three months worth of data. that usually satisfies their curiosity.
  20. Kate rules

    Time Off Work

    I was off completely for one week. Limited duty 6 weeks. Post op follow up 10 days. Have a physically demanding job so limited duty necessary. If I had more vacation time I would have taken whole time off because I had to take heating pad with me to office.
  21. Kate rules

    Would You Do It Again?

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Only regret is that I waited so long to explore this option.
  22. Kate rules

    What Is He Thinking? Don't Read If You're Uptight!

    Next time he texts wait a few days to respond. "sorry had a lot going on. How u doing?" If he's interested he will be intrigued as to what had you so occupied that you couldn't respond. If he's not, or is just into the game, he will take his time responding to you again.
  23. Kate rules

    Breastfeeding in public:

    I can only speak from my experience breast feeding two babies so take this for what it is worth: I breastfed my babies at the mall, but I chose to use a blanket for my comfort and modesty, not to make others comfortable. I did the same at home when we had visitors. I don't care if anyone breast feeds in public. I don't look at it. Much the same as I don't give a hoot if you are sipping a soda, I don't care if your kid is having a snack.
  24. Kate rules

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Congrats and welcome to bandland.

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