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  1. Kate rules

    The Psychology Of Size

    I can totally relate to this topic. I've had issues with body image since I was in my early teens. In retrospect, I was not fat at all but I let some mean people bully me into believing I was not pretty or healthy. Today, at 31 years old, I still struggle with this. I just gave away all of my size 12, 14, 16 and 18 pants and suits. Even after 72 pounds of weight loss I cannot picture myself as thin or pretty or desireable. I actually have worked on this in therapy. I can accept that the scale will reflect a lower number and that my pants (when I get the courage, time and money to go shopping) will be MUCH smaller, but when I look in the mirror I still all my flaws standing out before I can admire the body I've worked so hard to get healthy. A pretty interesting example of this is when a good friend of mine bought me a dress (she does these things) in a size 6. I looked at her as if she had three heads and told her that there is no way I will ever fit into a size 6. She told me to put in on. It zipped up and actually looked really good! I never would have grabbed a size 6 off of the rack because I don't believe I am that small. And yes, people at work have told me to stop losing weight and I tell them that in my eyes, I am still overweight and have more to lose.
  2. Kate rules

    BMI right on the border-34.5

    Drink Water, wear heavy clothing and shoes and take Imodium two days before. You will be uncomfortable but will make weight. I, unfortunately, did not have to do any of these things to be a BMI of 36. But that was then!
  3. Kate rules

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Congrats and welcome to bandland.
  4. Kate rules

    Any Virginian Banders??

    Hey daddyof4! Dr. Moazzez was great. No support groups for me but I have a band buddy I chat with every day for support, accountability and encouragement during the slow losing times. You know how the DC metro area is - getting to fair oaks is a pain! Feel free to PM me. As far as all the stuff with marriages, relationships goes, my comment is that I do get a lot of looks and offers from men now. But as I did before, I politely refuse and thank them for their interest. My hubby, after supporting me through the past years (especially the last one), is more attractive to me than anyone else. Losing 66 pounds hasn't changed who I am but it has changed how people see me.
  5. Kate rules

    Strange Question...

    Took me 2-3 weeks. I still have port pain sometimes so I sleep with a pillow to support my side.
  6. Kate rules

    Help, I Can't Win The Food Fight Mentallly.

    I can only speak for myself on this issue. I really can't have any of that stuff. For me, junk food is the slippery slope. Once I'm on it I find it so hard to escape. The time to do better is NOW. Each day, hour and food choice is your opportunity to make better choices. If you have chips with lunch, have half a salad at dinner. Stop buying bad foods. Stop eating at restaurants where you slip up. I say this as someone who lost only 12 pounds in first 6 months of being banded. And I just started losing again after a 5 week bout with bad food choices. I gave away my last box of Cookies, asked my mom not to make brownies for my kids when I come over and I stopped driving past the plaza with the frozen yogurt. I'm struggling but I've lost 2 pounds this week. Another thing: try to see why you are eating. You don't need to respond, but have you considered seeing a therapist to help with any anxiety or depression issues that trigger a need to eat or to eat certain foods. All of this is just from my mixed experiences with the band over the past year, for better and for worse!
  7. Kate rules

    What To Do :(

    I really didn't start losing weight until my 3 or 4th fill. I lost 12 pounds between July. 5 A
  8. Kate rules

    Stuck At 22 Pounds...

    I didn't really start losing until 3rd fill. My fitness pal helped too. I was allowed 1200 calories per day. Now in a kind of self imposed maintenance mode ( because I have less than 7 pounds to goal) I am between 1500 and 1800 per day. But I'm not losing at that level. I would do the 1400 per day and focus on protein intake. I never denied myself a food I wanted but I was sure to get my protein in every day.
  9. I wouldn't do sleeve. I considered it. I had 65 pounds to lose. I have lost all but a pound and a half of that in one year. With the band only. My doc said that over a 5 year period weight loss surgeries tend to have the same outcomes. Sleeve or GB will yield faster loss but eventually it levels off. Band weight loss tends to be slower. I liked that the band can be removed and that the complications that are a bit more common seem to have less capacity to be life threatening. I have two little crumb snatchers who depend on me and a hubby who wants me around for a while. Had to do something about weight but figured this was a good compromised. Good luck in your decision making process.
  10. My gastroenterologist found I had fatty liver during abdominal US while in process of diagnosing cause of my severe acid reflux (per-band). I had a liver biopsy done with negative results. My fatty liver has resolved and my hiatus hernia (cause of reflux) was fixed during banding. Actually wasn't going to do band until I found out I had to be put under anyway. Two for one!! Actually three for one if you count biopsy. Which sucks if you have done while awake.
  11. Kate rules

    Fees Fees And More Fees!!!!

    My insurance covered just about all of my expenses. But my surgeons office requires you to do nutritional counseling and of course they require up front payment and insurance did not reimburse. Think total out of pocket was around 400. Yeah it is crap.
  12. Kate rules

    Pant Sizes

    At consult 205 size 20 low rise pants. Would have been higher if regular rise. Currently rocking a size 6 at 142 pounds. Again, low rise because I have a big waist.
  13. Kate rules

    Always Constipated/never Poop!

    I've started having this issue as well. I'm trying to cut back on red meat and increase intake of fiber rich food. It is uncomfortable especially by day 3 when intestines start to move mass. I just started chewable benefiber as well because it is unpleasant. Never had this problem before but beats being overweight.
  14. Try out Bluepoint surgical group. Offices in Reston and Woodbridge.
  15. No. But if you are anything like me at times, you are probably hanging by a bare thread. I've had my band for 9 months. 6 of those months were spent in a state of chronic and often acute stress due to worn. This didn't help my weight loss efforts. In fact, it slowed me down becaus I was still stress eating. I started to see a counselor and had a 4 month stint on anti anxiety meds. I finally was able to sort out the true source of most of my stress, reduce the stress level and managed to lose 22 pounds. FYI that during periods of acute stress I did experience cheat pain and heartburn. Good luck in sorting all of this out.
  16. I would check with insurance company on what their "allowed amount" is for the surgery and fees. They have contract rates with hospital. They will pay 80 percent of the allowed amount and that leaves you 20 percent of the allowed amount. My doc and hospital charged 36k for the procedure and 23 hour hospital stay. I think the ins co paid out all of 13k. Calls ins co with the CPT codes for the procedure, talk to a supervisor, and ask what is allowed amount for procedure. It varies by region. Keep in mind that if you go to an out of network provider you are responsible for balance because there is no contract rate.
  17. I considered the sleeve. I liked it because it was a nice compromise between band and gastric bypass. Liked sleeve because I would have faster weight loss. I ultimately chose the band because it is reversible, adjustable and seemed less risky. Although I have had slower weight loss with the band I can say that 61 pounds in less than a year is good by any standard. Any of these surgeries have their own set of potential complications and benefits. I imagine your physician has an opinion about which of these would be the right balance of risk and reward.
  18. Kate rules

    Your Full Signal?

    Hiccups burping chest pain. Kinda like how I used to feel after thanksgiving dinner minus 1500 calories. LOL
  19. Kate rules

    4Th Fill...too Tight??

    I am always tight in the morning. What kind of protein are you having problems with? I stopped being able to eat sirloin steak after 3rd fill. The bile feeling is possibly reflux. Two schools of thought on that. You could have fluid taken out or take an anti-acid medication until your band loosens. Your band will loosen as you lose weight. So you kind of have to decide what you can live with. I had doctor give me anti-acid rx for two weeks and I got better. Now time for another fill, and probably will have similar issues for a week or two. Then fat around stomach will shrink more, band will loosen and reflux will subside.
  20. Kate rules


    Wow! That is awesome! Good job!
  21. Kate rules

    Under The Gown Jitters!

    Nothing but the gown. But they were really cool and professional. Ask for an extra blanket so you be a bit more modest for your wheel into the OR. Yeah, I've given birth twice so it's all been seen. I have no sense of modesty left now. LOL. But seriously, ask for a second gown to help keep the ladies under wraps and a blanket for your nether regions for when they lift the gown. I brought a cami with shelf bra for post op so it would be easier for them to lift and keep the girls supported and concealed.
  22. Kate rules

    Port Area

    I was sore for a few weeks. I am just getting over having irritated my port. I forget sometimes that I need to be careful with that area.
  23. Kate rules

    Freaking Out - Slipped Band?

    I slept in recliner with heating pad on stomach and I'm doing a bit better. I did mushies and liquids only today. I am not sure what happened but I still plan to follow up with doctor tomorrow. Pain seems to centered around port. Think I irritated port but still going to err on side of caution. Thanks for the support.
  24. Kate rules

    Extreme Bloat

    Heating pad, walking and time. I had a tough post op too.
  25. Kate rules

    My First Nsv!

    That's awesome.

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