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  1. Hello Fellow VSG'rs ok its been a while since I was on here , but I am happy to say I am currently down to 178lbs , thats 75 lbs from where I began this journey !!!!!! As a result of losing what I consider to be a whole child off of my 5'2" frame , I can do so many more activities including running!!! Running has been an activity I absolutely hated unless it was moving me away from immediate and immenant danger, but to do so created an inferno in my chest and made me sweat like a race horse!!!! My new NSV is that I am now running because I actually like it ..... what ????? did I just say that ??? Oh yes I did , it allows me thinking time to myself it kicks up my endorphins and makes me burn way past the run , and I am preparing to run a half marathon in September. Now for me thats major because I used to profess being allergic to running!!!!!! My legs are building all king of muscle tone , although I still have the loose skin and thighs that wont just dissapear already!!!! But all and all I feel fabulous and I wouldnt change a thing about my journey and progress :-) Hope everyone is fairing well!!!!! My enemy sugar just wont give up and go away , I am fighting hard to lose that relationship. OH one more thing, I use the Fitbit to track my activity , I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fitbit. It motivates me to outdo my own scores daily as well as those of my sister. My mind is set on oh I walked 5.85 miles well I can make that 6, I keep moving and look again and its 6.95 and I'm like well now I have to make it 7 and so on !!!! That little thing has had me pushing myself beyond my limits trying to do better , I LOVE IT !!!!!! Be sucessful!!! Two Fingers , One Love!! CAMMYD*:-)


    The Fitbit is my motivation to walk no less than 5 miles a day and climb 10 flights of stairs. Some say I am a fanatic, I am addicted to improving my health!


    Cant seem to lose the chub around the waste, grrrrrrr! Lipo???

    11 MONS SIDE

    Down from 18/20 to size 12's , look out 10's here I come!!!!


    Posting pics to show my Metamorphasis as it happens !
  6. From the album: CAMMYD



    From the album: CAMMYD


    Sugar Is Not My Friend Anymore !

    Why after 6 months am I having this insatiable desire for sweet stuff? I have so many conversations with myself about this nasty desire for Chocolate!!!!! GRRRRR I am working out hard , I am losing inches , and the scales arent budging. I've just given myself a new challenge to say goodbye to 10lbs by the end of February , so when you read this post , please send me a message and ask me what I am doing to reach that short term goal, I need to be accountable , challenge me my fellow VSG'rs . I am going to post new front , side and back views this weekend , I have been remiss with the holidays so time to get back on track!!!!!! I know I can, I know I can .... I can!!!! Side note: I tried Hot Yoga , I loved it!!!! However next time I go I can't do my Jazzercise and then back to back this class , my blood sugar dropped and I almost fainted !!!! It was 95 degrees in that room ! I'll be back to update you , much success this week to everyone!!!!! Two fingers, One Love!!!! CAMMYD*:-)

    6mo Side

    From the album: CAMMYD

    the pants are new, the old ones from the begining of this pic. journal fall right off now, gotta keep the pics G-Rated :-)
  10. CAMMYD

    6mo back

    From the album: CAMMYD

    39 more lbs , go away love handles
  11. CAMMYD

    6mo Frnt

    From the album: CAMMYD

    Down 4 sizes Yahooooo!!!!!!
  12. CAMMYD


    From the album: CAMMYD

    Jan 2012 , starting the year off right !!!! Made the "Jazzercise 150 Fit Club" for 2012 !!!! Goal was to attend 150 classes in the year , Exceeded my goal by 15 classes , 2012 I plan to exceed by at least 50!!!!!!!
  13. CAMMYD

    6mo. Update

    Thank you Favoredone, hope all is well with you !
  14. CAMMYD

    6mo. Update

    Hello my Fellow VSG'rs , its been a while since I posted on here !!!! I have been good and working my plan !!!! Yesterday I got on the scales and found myself down to 186lbs , YEAHHHHHH!!!!! I started out 6 months ago at 251 so I am really thankful!!!!! My workouts are the best , Jazzercise is awesome !!!!! Even on Thanksgiving day we had a special Jazzercise class to earn our Thanksgiving Dinner, it was deemed the "Huff and Puff before you Stuff Class" Honestly I can not stuff anymore, my stomach tells me your done in non negotiable ways everytime I sit down to eat! I have made up in my mind its ok not to taste or have everything served, its not like food is going to cease to exist , so I get in the protein and have a taste of whatever it is I desire and I am done. I will make sure to post new pics and update you guys a little more when I have some time off for the holidays . Hope everyone is doing well and don't let the holidays get you off track work your plan !!!!!! Work your sleeve!!!! Two fingers, One Love !!! CAMMYD:-)
  15. CAMMYD

    6mo. Update

    Hi BrownDoesAll, Sorry it has been so long since I signed on, my success is very dependant on EXERCISE!!!!!!! I know that to lose you have to burn, the diet is necessary , but the exercise is tantamount!!! For one I find it is keeping muscle tone so as the body shrinks its not as bad to look at. I have some sagging skin , but I know that when my weight loss tappers off, the resiliance of the muscles and the memory of the skin will work in my favor as it has so far due to exercise. Plus you just feel better after releasing all of those endophins!!!!!
  16. CAMMYD

    Back 4 mons.

    From the album: CAMMYD

    So when is that chub leavin?
  17. CAMMYD

    Front 4 mons.

    From the album: CAMMYD

    Finally in Onederland things are going really really slow seems like though!
  18. CAMMYD

    6 weeks after surgery - A reflection

    Such great post! I thoroughly believe in you and I pray that you realize your goals youve set for yourself, be encouraged and you go girl !!!!!! Two fingers, One Love! CAMMYD*:-)
  19. CAMMYD

    Thank you to my one and only

    Unconditional Love is so beautiful!!!!!!! He has what he wants and thats your heart! I am so happy for you !!!!! You are his queen and as such you deserve to have true love!!!! Best wishes in your journey!!!!!!! Two fingers, One Love!!!!!! CAMMYD:-)
  20. CAMMYD

    Biggest Loser Wake up call...Being fat is NOT funny!

    I had the can't fit on the rollercoaster experience summer before last and trust me it was humlitiating to have to get off in front of countless people I didnt even know , but most importantly in front of my friends I was at the park with , I wanted to vaporize or dissapear. I played it off saying I really didnt want to get on anyway and that I dont like rollercoasters that much, but deep down inside I was so embarrased I wanted to put my head on my mom's shoulder and get my cry out !!!!!! . My co-morbidities had me taking medicaitions and experiencing all kinds of pains , so no its no joking matter to be obese. VSG is saving my life , thank God for this blessing !!!!! Two fingers, One Love CAMMYD*:-)

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