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  1. Well I have finally made the decision that I know is going to change my life for the better. I had my first visit with my surgeon (Dr. Steeley at Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, TN) yesterday. To be honest, I was scared of the visit. I had heard that my surgeon really pushed the full gastric bypass over the band, and I was nervous that he would think I was stupid for not having the bypass. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Steeley was about as nice of a guy as I could have hoped for. He did question why I thought the band was a better choice for me, but after telling him that at my age (29), I know I am young enough and active enough to make the band work. I have never had problems losing weight. I have lost 30, 40, even 60+ pounds before. My problem is that I have always gained it back. I have been obese since I was six years old. I remember the days that the school nurse came and took our height and weight during school were always the days I dreaded most. We got to go to the front of the room in front of the entire class and stand on the scale. I was 185 lbs in 4th grade, 240 in 6th, and 350 lbs from 9th grade on. I weighed in yesterday at 384 lbs. Depressing is not even the word. I felt sick seeing that number, but I am determined to not see it again. I have my gall bladder ultrasound scheduled for this Saturday, and I have my stomach scope, sleep study, and nutritionalist visits all scheduled for this month. I also have already gotten my doctor to prescribe me Phentermine, and I am taking that with a low carb, high Protein diet to lose the 10% of my initial body weight that I am required to lose for my insurance approval. Hopefully, this will only take a couple of months. My goal is to have the surgery before the end of this year. In the meantime, I am going to continue this low carb diet, and I plan on joining the YMCA on September 1 (my company has discounted membership but you have to join at the beginning of a month). I also have my beautiful wife who will be undergoing this journey with me. She plans on being banded in January 2012. Our plan is to work together and keep each other motivated and also keep each other honest in order to truly change our lives. Our main motivating factor in undergoing this lifestyle change is our 17 month old daughter, Claire. We do not want her to follow in our footsteps. We want to set good examples of healthy lifestyles for her. Anyways, that was a quick introduction to who I am and why I am doing this. I will be sure and post further updates as the process continues.

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