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  1. You you so beautiful my sleeve sister! Can you believe we did it!!!! Can't wait to see you!
  2. divajksn


    Definitely see the difference...great job!
  3. divajksn

    Labor Day - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    I am definitely with this challange... SN...............Start Weight..................Current Weight...................Goal..............LBS To Goal Divajksn............239...........................182.8....................................165..................17.8
  4. divajksn


    Hey sleeve sister, sorry for your lost. You are in my thoughts. Love your blog!
  5. divajksn

    African American Sleevers

    Hello, Awesome to see this forum as it is needed. I am 5wks post op from VSG with Dr. Ramos Kelly in Mexico. I have had zero complications to date (knock on wood) and have lost 20lbs. My scars have almost disappeared. I am on mushies/soft food and that is going very well. I have natural (sisterlocked) hair and I too was interested to see how the hair loss would effect black women especially those with permed hair so I am glad that we can connect here. I also live in Atlanta, GA so anyone who lives anywhere in Atlanta that wants to connect feel free to contact me (divajksn@yahoo.com). Peace & Blessings to all. Davida
  6. You are in great hands with Dr. Kelly. He is a wonderful surgeon and human being. I had my surgery on 1-6-11 and had an awesome experience. His coordinator Trish is an angel. You will love him. No worries. All the best and keep us posted. Davida
  7. divajksn

    Goal Number One Met

    Wow...how exciting..smaller than a Marine Congratulations and all the best in reaching your goal.
  8. divajksn


    Wow...how cool is that. Thank you for all the encourgagement you have given me. You truely are a role model... Davida
  9. I did not have any pain going back home from Mexico. No dizziness either. You will be fine. To me airplan seats are uncomfortable anyway, but it was no more uncomfortable after surgery than before. Were loose sweats or pants and you should do great. All the best. Davida
  10. Hi...I am definitely no expert as I am only 11 days post op. But, do you think maybe you moved to solids to quickly? I know every Dr. seems to vary slightly but I haven't heard of advancing to solids at only two weeks out. I am on full liquids until day 29 and then it's mushies/pureeded foods and then on to solids. Just a thought...again I am new also, but just thought I would add that maybe it's to soon for solids. All the best to you. Davida
  11. Hello, Sleeve sisters and brothers. Well it is finally my turn, I have been lurking the boards gaining encourgement and cheering on all those that have gone before me. I am literally sitting here in Tijauna, Mexico at florence Hospital. Dr Ramos Kelly is my surgeon and so far everything is wonderful and the people are so nice. The facility is a nice and clean. Some of the nurses speak english some don't but there is always one that speaks with the one's that don't. My sleeve sister Kim Lemke is getting her surgery as we speak and I am next. I am strangly calm and I think it is because I have gone through every emotion in the book and as I sit here with the IV in my arm, what else can I do. I have to do it now. Pray for Kim and me as we journey to the winners side. We are all in this together. See you guys soon. I will update as soon as I can. Peace & Blessings, Davida
  12. divajksn

    My date is fast approaching

    Congratulations on your date..I am a true newbie, so I cannot give a real opinion yet. I can say that the first/second night out of surgery was rough for me. I threw up blood and it scared me. But I am feeling good today at three days post op. I will keep you posted on my progress and please do the same! Davida
  13. Thoughts and prayers with you...we are all in this together trying to better the quality of our lives. You are going to be fine, keep us posted. Peace & Blessings, Davida
  14. divajksn

    3 month post-op

    Simply awesome...keep it up, you should be so proud. All the best in 2011!
  15. Best of luck and a speedy recovery. I am right behind you on Thursday. See you on the loser's bench!
  16. You can definitely tell...you are looking good. Can't wait to join you all! Keep up the great work! Davida
  17. divajksn

    5 Weeks out~Down 30lbs!

    Congratulations...I will join you in just 4 days and hope I am as sucessful. All the best is yet to come. Keep on keeping on! Davida
  18. divajksn

    Im a new sleeve

    All the best to you and glad to hear you are doing well. I will be sleeved in excatly one week and I can't wait to start this positive journey. Take care. Davida
  19. divajksn

    One Week from today!

    All the best to you! Congratulations...Kim and I have one week also! We are all blessed to be able to take this journey!

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