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    I really think you will find that you can add more food. Usually you start out with 1/2 cup then add a little gradually. Go to 3/4 cup and see how that does, then if needed, go to a cup. That's how it has been told to me, even by the nutritionist. But the key is, getting your proteins in. I don't see how anyone can stay at 1/2 cup for going on 2 weeks. It's normal that you are needing more. May you have a great journey with your band.
  2. sassyfrass

    2 yrs since lap band need help

    I agree that Zumba is fun and it's an added bonus that it's exercise! I like Dannon (Oikos) Greek yogurt. LOVE the Key Lime Pie flavor. The yogurt has 11 g protein, so that's a good way to start the day. I don't eat it until I have been at work for an hour or so. I just don't eat breakfast as soon as I get up, but I often have an Atkin's protein drink on my drive to work. (Cafe' Caramel) is my fave. I don't drink coffee but It's like my coffee in the morning, on my way to work. (actually made with coffee) and it's giving me 15g protein right there. I sometimes boil eggs earlier in the week so that I have several days worth, to take for breakfast. I usually make it into an egg salad. Easier to eat that way. Sometimes scrambled with a little bacon bits and low fat/fat free cheese. sometimes i put in minced celery to add a few veggies early on.
  3. wow, so sorry you had to go through that. She had no right to treat you that way. Any provider that refuses you a fill is doing you an injustice, in my opinion. That just defeats the purpose of why you got the band, if they won't fill it to help get you to the green zone. You should never be compared to others as everyone is different for many different reasons. My doctor even talked me into getting .5 cc fill once when I was on the fence about whether I wanted one or not. He said something that your provider needs to think about. He said "let's give you a fill so that the band is doing its job and it's not just you working hard. We have to get the band doing what it's supposed to be doing".
  4. sassyfrass

    2 days since my fill and.....

    You definitely NEED to call your doc if you can't get liquids down. I got a fill once and felt fine with the water I drank while at the office ( I was standing) however, once I left and was sitting at work, I couldn't even keep water down. It was not going well at all. I had to go back to have some fill taken out. You don't want to wait too long. You could get dehydrated. I mentioned the standing because I have found that I can get things down better when I stand.
  5. sassyfrass

    scared to eat

    My doctor says liquids and soft type foods (mashed potatoes, tuna salad, soups....) for rest of day. I usually try to do it 24 hours. I usually add protein shakes in with mushies.
  6. sassyfrass

    Frustrations with band

    I understand your frustration, but I pretty much expected it to be this way for me, for a while. I really did a LOT of reading before I was banded, so that I did not go into this with unrealistic expectations. I'm glad I did, because I sure have not reached my green zone and it has been almost a year! BUT....don't let that discourage you. I just was getting there, I think, after my 4th fill, but then I started having problems, off and on, not being able to eat much of anything without that dreaded shoulder pain and having to puke to feel better....just to finally find out that my band had slipped. So...I was totally emptied out and had to wait 6 weeks, then my fills started again. Then there was a month or two I could not get back in to be seen for a fill. My last fill, in November, proved to be too much so I had to go back and get some taken out. He chose not give me a fill in December since I had lost a little, and it seems I'm sensitive to the amount given. I go this month for one. I have noticed that I can eat way more than I should be eating. And even though I am trying to eat healthy, it's still more than you would think a banded person could eat. But on the other hand, I have to say that I sure can't eat as much as I once could. If I eat too much, I get an achy feeling where my port is. Hang in there. It will get better.
  7. sassyfrass

    Healthy Sweet?

    IF there is something I really want, I have some of it. I usually give myself one day a week to really go out and eat those type foods that I try to stay away from most days. I have found, though, that the Atkins bars are very tasty. My faves are the dark chocolate coconut almond (yummy) and the coconut (almost like Mounds bar). I like many of the flavors. Chocolate/caramel is good and the creamy peanut butter is good....etc.... Very tasty. I am perfectly satisfied having one of those bars versus a candy bar. But if you want just a little something, the Russell Stovers sugar free chocolates are good too. and the Weight Watchers ones. I like that they are individually wrapped. I'm usually good about controlling my urge to eat more than one (sometimes 2) since they are wrapped that way. I agree with the above poster about the dulce de leche sf pudding. very good. I also like the sf Creme Brulee.
  8. sassyfrass

    Protein Shakes

    For powder form protein I like Body Fortress (in Walmart and other places) in chocolate and also the chocolate/peanut butter is very delicious. If I drink one already made, I am IN LOVE with Atkins Cafe' caramel. Very yummy. I am not a coffee drinker, however these are made with coffee, but they are so yummy-more like a cappucino to me ( i like cappucinos) The Mocha Latte is good too. I usually have one of these mornings on my way to work. It's my on "coffee".
  9. sassyfrass

    First fill, now shoulder pain...

    not a problem. It could also be gas. I get those gas pains there from time to time and it usually is felt when I breath in deeply too. I have never had it from a fill, but I suppose it could be coming from that, but not sure why.
  10. I love sweets! They are my weakness! Peanut butter, I like, but it's not my fave. I use it sometimes, in a protein shake, but more often, I use the PB2 powder since it's less calories to use up. There is also a chocolate PB2 powder also. I am not much of a fan of it, by itself (after mixing it with water), but if definitely gives you that peanut butter fix when mixed it anything, like shakes, ice cream, cool whip, etc.....
  11. sassyfrass

    First fill, now shoulder pain...

    I get that shoulder pain when I am eating too much (it's a sign to stop) or when I'm stuck, or I have not chewed food enough and it is having problems going down. It sometimes passes through and I instantly feel the shoulder pain go away. Make sure you are chewing small bites, and that you are chewing them enough. I have found that I do better with that if I am standing up. Hope if gets better for you.
  12. sassyfrass

    Restriction, Finally!!!

    Hookieluv, I have to agree with 2muchfun. My surgeon has even told me that I need a fill, when I was on the fence about one, because he said "if you are losing just from sheer will, then the band isn't doing its job". He is right. If we could have done this and kept it off on our own, we wouldn't have needed a band. I hope you will start getting fills to help you along.
  13. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    Vicotryg, I hope things start getting better for you. I am not giving up. I mainly got this band to keep me from bingeing like I would do from time to time. And I have to say that it does help me with that. Although, right now, I can eat more than I should be able to, I still can't eat as much as I used to be able to eat. THAT is a huge help to me. My sweet tooth is my worst enemy. LOL! It's really hard to tame. But I try to eat better, adding veggies, and fruits sometimes. I have found when I really want something sweet, that the Atkins bars are quite tasty for me, and low net carbs.
  14. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    Well, it has certainlly been quite a while since I posted so I thought I would do so now. In reading the great results of some of the above posts, I'm left feeling both hopeful and somewhat discouraged. However....I'm trying not to feel discouraged. I am so happy for all you that have lost quite a bit of weight. That's awesome. My losses were because my sheer will to follow my good eating plan for weight loss, but I never really did get to my "sweet spot" green zone. I guess I must be one that would have finally reached that after my 6th fill or after, maybe. ? There were a couple of months that I had to miss going to the Doc altogether, but then I was having issues of throwing up and bad shoulder pain when I ate. It got worse. Finally I had another fill, only to return to have a little taken out, just to find later that day that it still wasn't working since I could not even drink water without that "shoulder pain" I get. And, yes.....trying to throw up just to get the pain to go away. Same day, back to the doc to be told I may have a slipped band. Sure enough, xray revealed a slipped band. So.....I got stuck with that needle a 3rd time (all in one day) to remove all of the fill. I had to go 6 weeks with no fill. It was then, that I got too brave, and started eating bread again. I wish I had not done that, because I was good about mostly staying away from it in the beginning. Anyway....finally I got my first fill (after waiting it out for 6 weeks). I wasn't able to get to Doc in Nov, but in Dec, he didn't want to give me a fill. I had lost like 4 lbs., so he was taking it easy with me since I had to have some fill removed another time, as well. Obviously, I am gonna be one that can only have a little fill each time. Anyhow...I am only down 35 lbs. Seems like such a small number to others, but I am trying to be positive that now that I am going back in the right direction, that I will finally get there. Until then, I am just trying to follow my weight watchers plan. I will be so happy, at this point, to just make it to onederland. I am still 25 lbs away from that. I just need to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize. :0) CONTRATS to all of you.
  15. sassyfrass

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    I also did not tell them at Weight Watchers. Too many people think this is the easy way out but as we all know (us bandsters) we still have to eat the right things to lose weight. I did not go into this thinking the band alone would make me lose weight. I knew it was just another tool to my eating right also. I don't want the negative comments or looks from other people either so I choose not to say a word to any of them about it. I don't feel as if it is being deceptive because we are doing the very same thing the other Weight Watchers members are doing. We are trying to eat healthier and follow a better eating plan. Unfortunately my dear mother has told a few people in our church, and it has spread like wildfire so I have had to clear it up with some of them that I am also following Weight Watchers. It's not the band that is making me lose weight alone. I still struggle with eating the right things at times which is why I will always follow Weight Watchers as I have years before the band. It's just a lifestyle now so I know it is what works for me. I wish you well on your weight Watchers journey. It is a very good plan to follow as it really pushes you towards a healthier eating lifestyle, but also allows you to have those not so good for you things you really want as long as you have them in moderation. For me going to the weight Watchers meeting is a good accountability tool. I need to know I have to weigh in weekly because it helps me mostly. There are times I just know I am not eating all the right things during the week So I don't weigh in expecting to lose that week. But it usually gets me back on track when I don't have a good week or two.
  16. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    I do drink before, during and even after meals. It does not mske me eat any more than my portion. I hzve to be able to sip on something at least. Otherwise I feel like I'm so dry. Some have problems with it, but it works for me.
  17. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    Sorry for all my above typos. The letters on my cell phone are too close together so I wind up hitting the wrong letters.
  18. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    I had those same symptoms after a fill on Tues and by that night it was hard to get a shake down. Wednesday I couldn' t even drink watervwithout condtant burping. I threw up most of the day. Went to Dr. Where they removed 1/2 of the fillvgiven to me on Tues. I drank water okay, however not even an 45 minutes or so later, I was throwing up anything I tried to drink. Back to the Dr. Within that same hour. Rest of Tuesdays fill removed. Was abke to drink some water but was already feeling the shoulder pain I get from being "stuck". They then did an xray to find: my band had slipped! So......for the 3rd time that day I was stuck with a needle to remove ALL of my fill to empty my band. I have to stay empty for 6 weeks. They will recheck with another xray in 2 weeks. I am to stick to 5 or 6 small meals ( avoud big meals) and take motrin twice a day...to reduce inflammation. Wow! I was surprised that my band had slipped. Guess thatsvwhy all the puking. I hope your band hasn't slipped but it may be too tight, for sure.
  19. Oh yes! I don't have it happen every meal BUT.... it does happen a lot. My problem is forgetting to slow down between bites. Old habits. It is no fun eating your food cold, but if I don't want to get stuck....or have issues, you must slow down. I get really bad left shoulder pain ( sometimes, excruciating) when I am careless. I can tell I have gotten too hasty because I start belching a lot...and can tell something isn't going down well. Last week I had a rough episode and wasn't willing to finish my meal so I just had a protein drink instead. This is with only one fill since surgery on Feb 29.
  20. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    Well...I have not posted lately so thought I would today. I am like some of you, in that, I have not lost much since surgery either. I am down only 13 lbs since surgery on Feb 29. I don't know the reason for that because I follow my weight watchers program. I also exercise at my gym. Maybe it is just taking my body some time to adjust to this new object inside. :0) Anyway...I did eat too much chocolate and jelly Beans one week so I know why no loss that week. I am tracking my foods and Water and Protein. I always get in all my protein plus some. I can tell in my clothes so I know that something is working. I am hanging in there. It looks like the scale has moved down this morning so that's even more of a loss to add to the 13 but I am not officially counting it until after I weigh in tonight at my meeting. I finally had my 1st fill of 1.5 ccs. I can tell a bit of difference in how I have to drink liquids slower so once I am eating solid foods again, ( tomorrow) I must be very conscious to take small bites and chew good.
  21. sassyfrass

    February Bandsters?

    I agree about carbs. I was better about them after the low carb pre surgery diet but I sure did go too crazy with jelly beans and chocolate. Now I sure am forever craving them.
  22. sassyfrass

    Shoulder Pain... Is It The Band?

    I get that shoulder pain when I eat too fast or when I need to stop eating. It sure makes me stop or slow because sometimes it is bad!!
  23. sassyfrass

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    You can use them any way you want. All at once or broken up for each day. They expire at end of your week but you get 49 more for your new week. Awesome! This helps me a lot during the week. Good luck to you.
  24. sassyfrass

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Soexcited, dont beat yourself up. Remember...you have 49 weekly points to use. :0)

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