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  1. LB4Me

    Cream Of Wheat

    If you cannot follow your doctor's instructions 2 days after surgery, you are going to have a hard time with the band. Even though diffferent surgeons have different rules, there are rules for a reason. The first being proper healing.
  2. LB4Me

    Withdrawl?? Did You?

    I too am a huge foodie. I have every cooking gadget and fancy pot. I collect cookbooks and watch the Food channel religiously. My husband is in the restaurant business. I thought I would miss food. And that is what took me so long to finally have the surgery. The fact is, I enjoy cooking and eating even more. First, it is no longer a chore to stand in the kitchen prepping a meal. I love adapting recipes to suit my new way of eating. And my husband loves the results. Eating out is an adventure now. Instead of eating at the fat laden standbys, we look for new places that offer interesting cuisine and small plates that we can share. I won't lie. I do occassionally miss the fast food burger and fries, but now I know can live without them.
  3. LB4Me

    Eating Out With The Band?

    I usually order something like a caprese salad to start and eat 1/2 of it. Then i will get an appetizer. Like an appetizer portion of meatballs. Sometimes i can eat a single taco. Usually part of it comes home with me. But my husband loves leftovers. I haven't had any issues with steak out. But i order a petite filet with sauteed spinach and cut and chew very carefully.
  4. LB4Me

    Mushie Food.... ??

    Try low fat refried beans with some pureed salsa mixed in to make them looser. You can add a bit of low fat sour cream as well. I also made a mock lasagna by microwaving jarred pasta sauce with some low fat riccota cheese and some mozzerella. Very good. You can eat yogurt as long as it is smooth, no fruit chunks. Cook cauliflower florets in chicken broth until very soft. Mash with a little low fat sour cream and parm.
  5. Feels good doesn't it. My favorite NSVs are at the doctor's office too.
  6. LB4Me

    Restaurant Choices?

    I can always eat a burger, no bun. Sometimes I will add mushrooms and onions to help it go down. Most places will substitute salad for fries. I usually do not even eat the salad, but at least the fries are not tempting me. My fav breakfast out is poached eggs with crispy bacon. Hold the potatoes and toast.
  7. LB4Me

    Be My Valentine Challenge

    I ended at 272. - Joyce
  8. LB4Me

    4 Years Banded Today

    Congratulations Denise! Thanks for continuing to support those of us still on our journey.
  9. LB4Me

    Oysters And Calms?? Oh My???

    I had a last supper of oysters as well. But on vacation in FL, I decided to try one. They were very, very, fresh. We shucked them ourselves and I had no problems. Had a fill since then and had one off my husbands plate the other night. And again, no issue. I always look for the smallest, juiciest however. Never a big clam fan. But I can eat mussels. And crab is great. I stay away from shrimp and lobster cause I have heard too many stuck horror stories involving shrimp. Everyone is different when it comes to the band. You have to experiment with what you can and can't eat. And that will change over time as well.
  10. LB4Me

    First Supper

    Funny. I don't remember mine either. I do remember my first mushie was scrambled eggs. I remember that I wanted meatloaf as my first meal. But do not think I had it.
  11. LB4Me

    How Did You Reward Yourself?

    I award myself with Pandora charms. When I had the surgery, my husband bought me the bracelet. And my mom bought me the first charm. Now I add a charm whenever I lose 20 lbs. When i wear it, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
  12. LB4Me

    I Want To Eat Cereal!!!

    I eat cereal with yogurt all the time. Just watch the sugar content and your portion sizes.
  13. I just got back from vacation in FL. 2 1/2 months after surgery and a week after my second fill. No issue flying. My doctor suggested liquids only on the day you fly. But since I did not experience any issues, I did eat dinner. And on the way home, I sorta forgot the suggestion. The best thing was I had so much more energy this time. No Disney this time, but I was able to keep up with my husband and do everything I wanted to do. Have fun.
  14. LB4Me

    So I Guess I Failed Already ......

    First, who says you need to be "full"? How about just satisfied. You need to start separating the head hunger from the real hunger. It is not easy to do. But whenever you feel you need to eat something, ask yourself, is my tummy grumbly hungry or is it my head trying to trick me? If it is your head, drink a bottle of Water and then see if you still are hungry. Works for me "most" times. Not always. And for gosh sake, throw out the junk food.
  15. About a cup. But I am learning to stop eating when I feel the least bit full. I once overate the refried beans right after I started mushies cause they just tasted so good to me. I still was not going regularly. I had such a tummy ache for days that I could not eliminate. I never did it again.
  16. My hair is thin to begin with. A friend recommended Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. I started using it right before the surgery. My hair so far seems to be getting thicker. The only issue, it is expensive. I also quit putting my hair in ponytails and I wash it less often.
  17. LB4Me

    Imaginary Lap Band :-)

    I think it is a terrific idea. It will also give you a chance to wean off the bad things like sugar and soda. Let us know how we can help you. And good luck on your "surgery" tomorrow.
  18. LB4Me

    Sore Around Lap Band Port Site

    The port is usually stitched to a muscle and you are forming some scar tissue around it. It will be the last to heal. I've been banded over 2 months and if I lay on it too long, it is still a bit sore. Just something you get used to.
  19. What a great feeling! Congratulations!
  20. LB4Me

    A Christmas Nsv

    That is terrific! Enjoy.
  21. My port is actually a bit higher.
  22. LB4Me

    My Emotional Meltdown

    The emotional breakdown is not unusual. I had one myself just this week. And you're right, I think it has a lot to do with sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the changes taking place in your body. I've been doing very well for 2 months now. But my trigger was very similar to yours. I was hungry. My husband was napping and I went to look for something to make myself for dinner (he is usually in charge of dinner). There was nothing in the fridge or the pantry that I thought I could eat and I was too hungry to start cooking. I just started crying. And I could not stop. My husband woke up and was at total loss at why I was so upset. Then he made me eggs and all was good. I learned 2 things from this. Always make sure there is plenty of cottage cheese and yogurt in the fridge. And my husband is on my side. Have a very healthy holiday. And don't be too hard on yourself.
  23. LB4Me

    Feeling Out Of Control

    We're all going through it. I had more than one piece of holiday candy today. Don't beat yourself up over it.

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