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  1. wannasleeve

    What's Your Empty/full Signal?

    I start feeling a tightness and then I start sweating. When I am hungry I get an empty feeling, like mentioned above and the shakes.
  2. wannasleeve

    Carb Sensitive

    Wow! This could be my reason for losing only 14 lbs, since surgery. I am insulin resistance which translate to "carbs hate me", but so many professional are dead set that the good carbs don't hurt, but I am finding they do. I have been eating carbs and I haven't been losing weight as quickly as I thought I would. I just thought cutting back (since we can't eat that much) would do the trick, but it's not working. I guess I really need to consider take the carbs out. At least until I get to my goal. Thanks for the information!
  3. wannasleeve

    One bite too much=nausea?

    I am also kind of like you, but ugh today I felt "dumping" at it's worst. Sweating, naseaus, and I realized JUST TODAY that just because I can take big bites and swallow no problem, that I still need to eat slow and chew. I for some reason didn't clue into this earlier. what a mess!
  4. wannasleeve

    Scared to be SKINNY

    Girl I have always heard you can't please them all, so at least be happy yourself and who you are. Don't let that stuff scare you people who hate other ppl for no reason or that are jealous will be that way no matter what. I think you will be happy to be rid of some of that extra weight and feel good about yourself, so do what makes you happy and don't worry about that other stuff. That seems like it could be over whelming, just be a nice and decent person to others and if they don't accept you move on. Good luck! Laura
  5. NO, sorry I am sleepy this am. I started working out in the morning last week and I am still getting use to getting up early. I meant I had an easy surgery on 09/02 and have only lost 13lbs. My friend she has a lot more to lose than I did and she had a little more difficulty, but she is also older than me as well. I had no issues at all, felt back to myself the same day. Laura
  6. You really have to do what you think is right for you. I know my weight issues started in my early 20's, when I got married and stop being active and that roller coaster ride with the weight is awful. I am "slightly older" than you :-), but serioulsy I felt the same way just so drained from my weight being a constant issue on my mind every single day. I did this too be healthy now, wish they would have had it when I was younger because I missed a lot of years just living, because of my weight. In your heart and head you know what is going to make you happy. It is a risk, life is full of them. I pray and leave it God's hands, but I wanted off the roller coaster of weight gain. Good luck I hope everything works out. My BMI was 34 and it was way lower post baby, but I gained the weight back and didn't want to start that all over again.
  7. My friend and I had surgery with Dr. Kelly on 09/02. NO issues, felt safe and my recovery well I felt like I didn't even have surgery. I had little to almost no pain or discomfort, but I got up and walked around as soon as they would let me. NO ISSUES WHAT SO EVER. But to me I seem to be a slow loser, because I have only lost 13lbs since surgery. BUT I have always had a hard time take the weight off due to diabetes. Great experience glad I did, scale going down not up. So that is always a good thing. Laura
  8. wannasleeve

    First time I'm sharing pics

  9. wannasleeve

    Am I eating too much?????

    Hey Angel, I don't know if you are eating too much, but I am about 6 weeks out and I can eat what i think is a lot too. For example I could probably eat two boiled eggs and then feel full, but 2-3 hours later I feel hungry again. My friend who had surgery the same day I did can barely eat a bite or two and she stops because it hurts. I really don't know the answer, but just letting you know you are not alone. Laura
  10. wannasleeve

    The stress of Dating

    Bring on the HOT guys! LOL :-) Go for it girl!
  11. wannasleeve

    OMG!! I hate some people!!!

    Good for you Italianlady! Laura
  12. wannasleeve

    Today is THE day

    I have seen nothing but great post about the dr you are using. I am sure you will be fine, but we will pray for you that all goes well. God Bless Girl! Laura
  13. wannasleeve

    Me after sleeve

    OMG! YOU DON'T EVEN look like the same person! What a motivation for us other sleevers! WAY TO GO!!!
  14. wannasleeve

    It is what it is

    They are not, the Dr I went (kelly), it was a hospital so there were 2 nurses and a Dr on call. If you pushed the button they were there and I had surgery on a Friday. My dr came on Saturday and Sunday. The dr on call came to introduce himself and if we had complaints he came right away. Even to adjust the air. Laura
  15. wannasleeve

    It is what it is

    Wow! Sorry for your bad experience. I had surgery in Mexico on 09/02 with Dr. Kelly. I had my surgery on a Friday and dr kelly checked in on us both saturday and sunday. Not to mention the hospital had nurses and a Dr on call which was there 24 hours. The on call dr came to introduce himself and help with anything we needed. So any future sleevers don't think all Mexico place or the same. Thanks for you experience and Take care! Laura
  16. wannasleeve

    Workouts for apple shaped bodies

    I was sleeved with dr kelly on 09/02 and like you I carry most all my weight in my stomach. My legs and arms are small, and my butt if you could call it that (lol) not really much there at all. I remember when I wanted to tone up and lose weight I worked on the stair master and elipictical those were so good for toning. Plus I use to love to run on the treadmill and my belly fat seem to melt away. I am just now trying to get back to the gym every other day, because I am in no way ready for running. I will have to work at that, but I have never seen the weight fall of so fast as I did when I got up to running. Each day I would run for as long as I could and then rest and before I knew it I could run for an entire hour. Talk about over all toning that made everything tight. At a year of working on the treadmill I was up to running at 7speed for an hour, wow that felt good. Then I became pg, had my son and haven't been back to the gym consistently in 4 years. Also, gym people tell me to add 15 minutes of weights everyday from the beginning, but for some reason I just couldn't get into weights. All though they really do the body good. I just found it boring. but seriously running will melt your belly. Let me know how it goes... Good luck! Laura
  17. wannasleeve


    WOW! You don't even look like the same person. You look like you got younger! Great job! Can't wait to report a big loss myself.
  18. What a blessing and so exciting! My son is 3 years old and I just started back to work 6mos. ago and I can't wait to burn rubber to get to him after work. So precious! And on the another note, you look so tiny everwhere else. Laura
  19. wannasleeve

    Today it REALLY hit me

    Awww! Well good luck to you. I know I think everyone is really nervous, but in all honesty to me anyway it wasn't bad at all. Just get up and walk as soon as you can and you will be fine. Keep us updated! Laura
  20. wannasleeve

    Self pay FL vs Mexico

    I had surgery with dr Kelly on 09/02 and mine was $5560.00 + 382.00 for airfare and about $100.00 spending money. They even had to get my diabetes under control and cut out some scar tissue from a lap band I had years ago and didn't charge me a dime more. Laura
  21. wannasleeve

    Tomorrow is it!!!

    Glad you made it threw surgery ok. God Bless and keep us updated! Laura
  22. I was just curious. I had surgery on 09/02 and since day 1, I was able to swallow and drink just fine. I actually drank 20oz of gatorade 2 days after surgery and it didn't hurt or anything. I have been so hungry that I went on to my mushies on day 7, like the dr advised, but I can eat fish, eggs, well pretty much everything I have no pain just a fullness when I eat several bites. Any other sleevers have this experience? Laura
  23. wannasleeve


    Congratulations! This surgery is amazing! Laura
  24. wannasleeve

    Looking for Suz

    Hello twice shy, you should be able to go to the top right corner and in the search area type in SUZ and then click the down arrow and choose members. It will bring up all the suz and hopefully you will recognize her. Good Luck!

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