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  1. I am almost 2 years out and still occasionally see the scale move. Ive been below (way below) goal for over a year now. I've had my fair share of stalls and what makes the sleeve soo awesome is that before.. I could talk myself into the whole "ugh this isn't working, I give up " business and eat a cake. Well now I can't do that.. my sleeve wont let me. I must keep going.. I no longer have the option to give up. If this was me presleave.. I would have given up 100 times. I am now a success story and soon you will be too. The best advice I can give you is to TRY to stay positive. Some days will be better than others but the new you will be worth the wait. You must work out.. consider it a part of your new life and body. You must make good choices. Your sleeve will help you with portion control but ultimately you are responsible for what you choose to eat. I have no doubt that you will also be a sleeve success story.. if I could do it, anyone can
  2. Yes, I had issues with how much food I could eat at a time and I was always reallly scared of pushing it. I NEVER threw up... it was something that I was affraid of too. I could get maybe 3 tiny spoon fulls of food and that was it, I was done. Now, I can eat more like a normal person so, now it's up to me to make good choices about what I eat exactly. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either when my size 3's starting getting so loose, I was constantly picking them up (not attractive, ha ha!). I'm also pretty short too. Only 5' 2", so as small as I've gotten, I still don't look like a stick figure
  3. Hello fellow sleevers.. don't think I'm an over achiever but thought I'd chime in: Breakfast: coffee, vitamines & 1 egg Snack: fage 100 calorie non fat greek yogurt Lunch: either a salad or cottage cheese with berries Snack: protein bar 200 cals or less Dinner: usually chicken 3 oz and veggies & usually a few bites of starch (rice, pasta, corn) Snack: usually pumpkin seeds or skinny popcorn I started out having about: 0-3 mos. = 100-200 Cals 3-6 mos. = 200-300 Cals 6-12 mos. = 300-600 Cals Now (the past year) I try to stay between 600-900 calories per day I ocassionally cheat. Have skinny cow ice cream or half a chocolate bar (usually when I'm pmsing ) I went from a size 14 or 16 in womens, & large or xl tops. Now I'm wearing a size 1 or 3 in juniors and small or xs tops. Never thought this was possible but here I am. The smallest I thought I would ever get was a size 6.. way past that! Yay! The end
  4. Well fellow August sleevers.. I a Also an August sleever but from 2011! Just to give you a little something to look forward to... Since I was where you guys are now a year ago.. This year has been nothing short of amazing. I went from a size 14/16 to in between a size 1 to sometimes 3.. I run.. Which is something I have never been able to do.. Even at my thinnest in high school.. I am in the best shape of my life.. I eat healthy and look forward to my work outs... Your journey is only just beginning but before you know it your life will be so changed and you will be happier than you ever thought possible... Many blessings to all you newbies and may you all have a speedy recovery and a kick a$$ bod in a few short months.. I was at goal in 5 months and have had to change it several times to accommodate all the extra I lost that I never imagined would...
  5. MimiMermaid

    9 Month Update With Pics

    Soo awesome! I'm at my 9 month mark also
  6. MimiMermaid


    Omg! Congrats sleeve sister! that is sooooooo awesome! You should be sooo proud! We have the same sleeve birthday sooo give me a day in the life of sara tell us what your daily diet and exercise is like, so we know what success is like
  7. MimiMermaid

    I Had My Surgery But

    Cattracks, you're doing great! Keep it up
  8. MimiMermaid

    I Had My Surgery But

    I dont understand why some people feel the need to chastise others because they dont have the same beleifs or behaviors... Its simple, someone asked a.question. She asked the question not to get a lecture but to get a variety of opinions, views and.to see what worked for some.and what didnt.. Some people need to just accept that we are all different and it doesnt make any of us wrong... Just different. Stop being jerks just because you dont like or do the same things that clearly work for them. If they dont work for you.. Then just say they dont but you cant say that just because they dont for you, they cant for anyone else.. Stop being hostile. We are supposed to support and advise eachother and if we are afraid.to answer a simple question because we are afraid of being ridiculed, then it simply is not possible.
  9. You would think they were magical..lol! But with all that butter and sugar and chocolate.. Maybe they shock our systems after not having them for sooo long ;D
  10. For the first time in 7 months, I had a cupcake (4 days ago), the scale dropped 2 lbs the following monring .. yesterday I had another cupcake and the scale gave me another 1 lb loss this morning!?!?! wth is going on?? I'm being rewarded for being naughty.. a girl can get used to this
  11. MimiMermaid

    I Had My Surgery But

    I may sound a little crazy, but I weigh at least 2-3 times a day. It helps me know my body better and then in turn I feel better about weight flucuation because I know why it's happening and I'm okay with that. My body isnt a cash register and I've learned that it will naturally fluctuate, even in 24 hours. Once you learn what your body is going through and familiarize yourself with it, then it's not so bad. I actually think that weighing myself this much has helped me and I'm not at all scared of the scale anymore. As the weight begins to drop, and believe me, it will - you wont be affaid of it either and the scale will be your BFF again I think it is also helping me with maintenance because, i think we all know when we havent been on our best behavior and who better to put that in our face, than the scale It keeps me in check and has helped me get back on track. If we arent monitoring then how will we know. That's just my opinion.. but it's worked for me
  12. Going through the exact same thing.. Everyone is telling me I look too thin and to stop.. Number one, even if I wanted to I probably couldnt and two, I still feel super duper fat even though my pants say size 6. I think my brain hasnt caught up with my body.. But its only been 7 months..
  13. MimiMermaid

    Feeling Crappy

    I was so weak for the first two weeks and all I could drink was really warm liquid. Everything youre feeling, I went through.. 6 months later, im at goal.. Normal bmi, size 4 or 6, eating like a normal thin person, and running 5 miles a day, 5 days a week. Eventually everything you are going through will all be soooo worth it. One day at a time, everyday it gets better and better. Knowing that is what kept me going
  14. Well, it has been a very short journey that's seemed soo long. I'm very proud of myself! Running about 4 miles a day, 5-6 days a week. I never thought that would happen. I'm wearing size 8's, goal is to be in a 6 :) This board has seen me through some rough patches and kept me believing that this would happen for me and my life would change. The sleeve is only a tool, yes. The rest is up to us. This tool, i must say though, is amazing and i would not have been able to achi...

  15. Just take it one day at a time. You will feel better every day.
  16. well, I'm a pretty big sissy pants and I would have to say that it was a full two weeks before I began to feel human again. I had nausea, pain and could keep almost nothing down. Things really turned around at the 30 day mark and I would say that at that point, I didn't regret it anymore. I felt great, got a burst of energy, started moving more and eating and drinking a little and I didn't feel that gross feeling anymore you can't argue with the results... and how quickly you get them, so that makes it easier too Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery.
  17. MimiMermaid

    Planning advice

    I totally recommend having a candle warmer to keep your soup or tea or whatever it is you need to keep warm. I found that warm liquids went down much easier and i recommend having your dr. prescribe the esophogus relaxer stuff and also some anti anxiety meds.. they help with when your too scared to swallow. Its going to be a tough first couple of weeks, don't kid yourselves, but the rewards to having this surgery are amazing and i don't regret it for a second. Just a few things to make the transition to a tiny tummy easier as my surgeon told me this past week "i didnt make your tummy tiny so you could eat.. i made it tiny so that you wouldnt eat".. ha ha! nice! he is awesome and i love him.. he has given me a new life and i'll like to congratulate you on the new beginning of yours
  18. MimiMermaid

    September 10th check in/weigh in

    Greetings Fellow All Stars, I'm down 23lbs so far and I've been dealing with a stall for about 5 days now I agree, very frustrating.. since I barely eat. I can't meet my Water goal yet. The most I've been able to get down is 46 oz. I try to beat it a little everyday but its difficult.. my sleeve is very very small.. I hope to soon have a body to match my tiny sleeve
  19. Hello August Sleevers! Glad to see everyone doing so well. I have to admit - the first two weeks for me were hell. No its not so bad by I am still nauseous and I feel as if i'll pass out most of the time. That doesnt feel too good weight loss has been decent though, so that helps with how tired and sleepy I feel all day long. My BP is naturally low and I think its a lot lower now with the low calorie intake. I think the devil himself must have created protien shakes... I can't stand looking at them. I've decided to try the NEWWHEY protein shots. 42 grams for 3.8 oz, 0 fat, 2 Carbs, 0 sugar. If I can choke those down in a few drinks then it will be worth it to get the protein down. I appreciate all the support I get on this site and I've become a walking encyclopedia for sleeve surgey
  20. Yeah! I can't beleive i'm looking forward to eating eggs :P but i am :)

  21. Hi Sonny, according to my doctor, any kinds of juices are off the menu. any liquids that you are taking in need to be high protein and low calories and carbs and all those juices are the opposite, high calorie, very high carb and no protein. I would get off of any juice and what i've started doing is mixing the Isopure with very little water that way i don't feel like i'm drinking this crap all day and i can instead get it down in 20-30 minutes. Well, just my two cents
  22. MimiMermaid

    2 weeks post op!

    Wow!!! that is amazing! you look beautiful! :bounce: So, how much have you lost since the surgery?
  23. Hmm.. could there be a bun in the oven??
  24. i don't think i got those.. i got some kind of glue. It's only been a week and 2 have already fallen off. My incisions look tiny and all healed up already