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  1. I have wanted to post before and after pics for ages, but wouldn't take the time to read the instructions. Finally did it tonight and changed my profile pic! Someone please look LOL Thanks! Cathi
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    day after surgery

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    morning of surgery

  4. CCinINdiana

    Southern Indiana?

    Hi There, I am in Sellersburg about 10 minutes north of Louisville. Have you had your surgery yet? I had mine July 2011 and am at my goal weight. Love it, only wish I had been able to have it 20 years ago! The little pic is my before pic, not sure how to change it, but need to. I also have a friend that lives in Jeffersonville that had the sleeve 10 months ago. She is doing great too and is almost at goal. Cathi
  5. CCinINdiana

    My Mexicalli Experience!

    Another happy Dr. Aceves patient here!! Reading your post made me miss them. It was a wonderful experience (for a surgery LOL) . I brought my partner with me, she brought her x-box and both Docs hung out in our room and played with her LOL They have this process down to a T. The only apprehension I had was after the 2 hour drive there. When I walked in and they handed me the cup to pee in I burst out in tears. Thinking what the hell am I doing in a 3rd world country, having surgery. Fortunately met with the anastesiologist right after that and he put me at total ease. He spent 2 hours talking to us, explaining every single thing. Then met with Dr. Aceves. Very very nice and then I knew 100% I was in not only good hands, but great hands! I am at goal, and haven't had any problems what so ever. I need to update my profile picture to show "my after". I am ready to make a second trip down there to get the girls fixed up. I had heard from someone on here that Dr. Aceves was working with a plastic surgeon? Any one have any information?
  6. CCinINdiana

    Looking For Input

    Hi There, I used Dr. Aceves July 2011- while in the hospital I initially got IV pain medication, shots and then liguid tylenol. I was up walking 3 hours after surgery and really had minimal pain (compared to my c-section). I crushed all my pills the first couple of weeks in liquid..it was so gross, After that I swallowed them just fine. I think I could have earlier, but was afraid. I am at goal now having lost over 100lbs. I am truly a food addict, so for me the head hunger has been the hardest. Wanting to eat when I am bored, happy, sad whenever! Using the sleeve correctly really prevents you from over eating, however as I am sure you've read and heard about--if you get in the bad habit of eating slider food then I can see where me or anyone could easily gain the weight back. Good luck with your decision. It has been one of the very best decision of my life!! Cathi
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    Protein Shakes

    I was just going back and reading some of my old posts....I did have some trouble telling if I was full and stuff and I lost 30 lbs the first 6 weeks. I was also complaining about those nexium mups lol miss you at work.
  8. CCinINdiana

    Protein Shakes

    wow look at my profile pic this was taken the morning of my surgery, I can't believe how different I look now.
  9. CCinINdiana

    Protein Shakes

    I told you, you were doing awesome!!!!!! So proud of you : )
  10. Hi, I haven't had a chance to update in awhile. I am doing great. Will hit my 3 month mark October 12, lost almost 50 lbs and feel awesome. I have spent the last week in the hospital with my partner who had a by-pass 2 years ago September. Last Wednesday she started throwing up blood, tons of it. Was put in ICU, they did a scope and said she had a marginal ulcer where her lower intestine connected to her pouch. Was in ICU until Monday, got 8 pints of blood and had a by-pass revision and ulcer removal on Tuesday. Now she has a blockage in her esophagus. Can't even swollow her spit. Doc thinks it is related to swelling. It has been a rough week. Makes me so grateful for my sleeve and no complications.
  11. CCinINdiana

    Eating in Mexicali

    I was sleeved by Dr. Aceves July 12. The hotel we stayed at Crown Royal, OMG had the best rib eye tacos and quacamole!! Also there is a train resturant right across the street and down a little on the right that also has really good food. Nina or someone on Dr. Aceves' team will tell you exactly where it is safe to walk and where they have good food!
  12. Hi, Tomorrow I progress to full liquids. It will be day 10 post-op. Here is my question- when eating creamy Soups how much do you eat? My doctor says to only eat 2 ounces every 15 minutes. So do I drink a bowl of Soup all day every 15 minutes? Or is 2 ounces of soup considered a meal and you stop. One of the things he warned against was using the sensation of fullness as a gauge. To stop before you are full. I am sooo confused. Cathi
  13. CCinINdiana

    Ok admit it...

    Oh you forgot Sergio!!!!! He was a doll. I really liked him alot. When he wheeled me into the OR room he asked how much Spanosh do you know. I told him just what I learned from Dora and Diego..he said well I am Diego and this (a female nurse) is Dora. Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. So he was Diego the rest of the week. LOL I was thinking about our earlier post...wonder if we miss them cause it is like your in your own little world those 5 days on that unit. Even though I walked up and down the street in my hospital gowns!! Ooops I just re-rad your post...you didn't forget Sergio!!! Cathi
  14. CCinINdiana

    How did you do it?

    It was weird I had no hunger the first 10 days, had to remind myself to constantly sip sip sip LOL I ate a zillion sugar free popscyles that seemed to help I could bite them. Cathi
  15. I am almost 6 weeks out and have been careful to under eat my sleeve, although I frequently have tummy aches after i eat. I have read lots of posts from people on measuring stuff. How much should I be measuring. An example for today breakfast I ate 2 oz sugar free pudding, lunch i had 4 slices of very very thin deli ham with cream cheese in the middle. Couldn't eat it all. Dinner I had 2 oz of salmon patty, very dense and couldn't eat it all. Tummy hurt. Am I eating to much? My weight loss has been good. 30 lbs in 5 weeks. How much are others eating at this point? Thanks for your help. Cathi
  16. CCinINdiana

    How much should I be eating?

    Hi Purple Lady, I drink the sugar free instant breakfast. I just can't stand the taste of the real protein drinks. I am trying to get most of my protein from food. They have 12 grams of protein plus the milk. I have never been a breakfast eater so thought this would be better then nothing. Cathi
  17. CCinINdiana

    Caffeine? Husband?

    Hi, Congratulations on your decision, you won't regret it. Dr. Aceves sleeved me July 12th! It was a wonderful experience. If you read under the Mexico forum, I was just sure all these people on here were paid off to say nice things about Mexico doctors. But they weren't. Everything I read was true. You will be in great hands. I felt very safe the entire time. So far I have lost 31 pounds and feel great. I was a diet coke junky, couldn't imagine life without it. But i figured if I was going to spend over 9000.00 to get healthy I would follow all doctor's orders. I gave up the diet coke 3 weeks before surgery. I drank tons of crystal light those three weeks. The first was the hardest. I was irritable and had headaches. Second week was much better. Now since surgery I can't stand the taste of ANY crustal light flavor and live on Chick-fil-a diet lemonade. You can do it! Just make up your mind. Keep us posted. Cathi
  18. CCinINdiana

    How much should I be eating?

    Hi Hdub, I've been following you on the Mexico board. How are you doing? Isn't Dr. A awesome? Its weird but I miss them all LOL I was so nervous during his talk all I remember is his saying you can make good food choices or bad food choices and to cut things in what I thought were dime sizes, but maybe it was finger nail!!! I wrote him today to get some specifics about how long a "meal" should last. Cathi
  19. CCinINdiana

    How much should I be eating?

    Hi Foxbins, I usually have one of those carnation instant sf breakfast for breakfast. Not sure why I had the pudding, may have been out of milk! So if my amounts are ok I am wondering if I am eating to fast. How long should it take me to eat the ounce or so of whatever I am eating? I am trying to chew 30 times. I remember Dr. Aceves saying cut things into dime size bites, but don't remember how long a meal should take to finish. Thanks for your feedback. Cathi
  20. CCinINdiana

    Nexium Mups?

    I couldn't gag them down disolved in water- I would crush mine and mix them with a spoon full of broth. After a month I just couldn't do it anymore. Wrote Dr. Aceves and he said i could change to Prisolec which I can swallow whole thank god. Cathi

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