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    I could not get in enough calories at first to do this. It is a fine line between setting good habits and getting in enough to sustain a full days work every day. Early on even eating six or seven times a day, I barely got in 400-500 calories some days.
  2. Eureka-C

    Is this normal ?

    I took a jar of baby food meat, added some salt pepper and garlic powder, dipped a saltine in it and ate that for some protein. I also had to make sure my meat was very moist at first. Mixed tuna or canned chicken with mayo leaving in the liquid from the can, then put in my little electric chopper. Same with ground beef, added a little canned beef broth and ketchup, chopped fine. I couldn't eat steak or pork chops until much later. I had problem with meat getting stuck at first too. I also depended on shakes a lot. I am almost a year out and can eat anything (almost) with no problems. I still have to be careful taking big bites, not chewing enough or eating too fast.
  3. Ghrelin is also a factor in heat regulation. There seems to be some preliminary studies suggesting it is more than the weight loss making us so cold. Hopefully our bodies will adjust with time.
  4. I ditto the answers on the other posts. Its nothing like I could ever imagine. 2 points - First, I refuse to ever be on a diet again. I try to make healthy choices, but I eat what I feel is normal. That being said, the sleeve made it possible for me to not be at war with food for the first time in my life. Second, I am a slow loser, because I don't work my sleeve. I also don't sabotage my sleeve by drinking shakes, high calorie drinks etc. So I lose slowly but steadily. at 10 months out I am losing about 3 pounds a month. I have lost 90 pounds since I was sleeved (started at almost 300). You asked the question about being full and still hungry. I have been under a lot of stress lately and my coping mechanism has been to binge eat. I have found myself fixing food, ordering food, buying food and being unable to eat it. In the moment, it makes me angry, because I am full and cannot eat my way out of my stress. Afterward, I am glad because I don't have to feel guilty about anything except throwing away uneaten food. Up to this stressful time in my life, I have been totally happy with my small portions, the loss of obsessing over food, and the new healthy relationship I have with food. It hurts if I eat too much or too fast. I get the slimies and throw up if I go past "that point." I have learned to just stop. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and family. I am able to turn to them for support and comfort. This has been the best choice I could have ever made. I don't regret it one iota.
  5. Eureka-C

    Sleeved and........

    Have you considered marriage counseling. Sabotage like that usually indicates some deep underlying fears. Maybe seeing you succeed is scaring the *ell out of her. I wish you both the best.
  6. Eureka-C

    Fighting for every pound....

    I was at 50% loss at 6 months (about 75 pounds). From months 6 to 101/2, I have lost 13 pounds (total 88 pounds). That's about 3 pounds a month. My RDI is 1800 at my current weight for no loss and I average about 1200 calories a day. Many people choose to keep to 800-1000 calories, with super high protein and super low carbs, watching every bite. I choose not to do that and accept that it means I am a slow loser. The point is I am still losing. This has never happened on a diet in 38 years. I always end up falling back into old eating habits and gaining. Welcome to the slow losers club, with the emphasis on losers, because it means you are still losing.
  7. I know my hunger is affected by my TOM. Also, if I am having one of those days. I try and choose dense protein like beef jerky to snack on or have a protein bar. I also snack on pistachios (but if you have too many, nuts can be counterproductive).
  8. Eureka-C

    Do People Read the Board Or Search??

    That's how I think of it too. A lot of times it seems people just want reassurance, a high five, or a feeling that someone out there gets them. That's the majority of what I use it for. As for information, it's on here too, and some people just want solid info, but if you look at the tone behind many question, I think it's more the former than the latter.
  9. Eureka-C

    Protein Bars anyone???

    I use the myoplex lite. I don't like the taste of most others, 190 cal., 15 g protein, 28 g carb ( 4 g fiber, 15 g sugar). I also liked the Costco bars, but the alcohol sugars gave me a low blood sugar rebound affect. Sweating, shaky, nauseous, light-headed.
  10. Eureka-C

    JUST CURIOUS....6 months out!

    To reach goal, I need to lose a total of 150. I have lost 80 at 6 month. The last 3 months have been slow. I wanted to have 100 lost by 4th of July, sadly I won't make that. The total includes my preo-op diet. I have lost a little over 50% to goal.
  11. Eureka-C

    1 month out

    You ARE doing awesome. I didn't really have anyone notice until I dropped 2 pants sizes, then the comments seemed to come from everywhere. It slows down a lot after the first month, and after seeing it drop so fast, it was a bit worrisome for me that it was no longer working, but it was. You can do this.
  12. I had a box of clothes my aunt gave me, along with a couple of things I threw in there, when she lost a lot of weight about 4 years ago. I opened that box almost too late. They were mostly 22's. Now I am wearing an 18 and have to buy clothes again. It is a nice surprise to have and a lot cheaper than having to buy new stuff.
  13. Eureka-C

    New to Board

    Welcome and there are lots of band to sleeve conversion people that post on here. The only question I can answer is for me a big emphatic YES the hunger is so under control. Now, the day or two before my TOM are the only days like the old, when I want to eat constantly. Still I can't eat near the amount I used to, so I don't feel guilty. At 6months I eat about 4-5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks. At meals I eat about a cup to a cup and half food, protein first. Snacks are usually a couple bites to a half cup depending on what I have. I eat more than others and don't worry too much about what I eat. I have lost 81 pounds. Before surgery I was eating 1400 calories and felt like I was starving. Now I average 1200 and feel totally satisfied. Best of luck to you.
  14. Eureka-C


    I added powdered milk to my milk. No soy and a good protein boost. More carbs though. I don't like the smell of soy in Protein drinks.
  15. Eureka-C


    Somewhere there's a terrifying post about coconut forming a ball in the stomach for months. Absolutely terrifying. Totally supported my bias that coconut was not meant to be eaten.
  16. Eureka-C

    Best NSV Thus Far

    That is truly awesome!
  17. Hooray for you. Glad she was able to see the light.
  18. Nov 22nd, 77 pounds lost since July, 50% loss, halfway to goal of 150. July - Nov 22 pre-surgery lost 24 pounds Month 1 = 16 pounds Month 2 = 11 pounds Month 3 = 6 pounds Month 4 = 7 pounds Month 5 = 12 pounds Gone from a size 26/28 to an 18/20, and I can fit in the 2x in the regular clothes section. I have found that I usually gain the week of my TOM, lose the week after, and lose only a pound or stall the other two weeks. I eat between 1000 - 1400 calories a day, Protein first, veggies second, carbs last. I eat a small servings of dessert, candy etc about once a day. I eat 3 meals about 1 c. to 1 1/4 c. per meal and 1-2 Snacks about 2-3 bites. a day. I eat about every 3-4 hours. I drink before eating, and only take a sip or two during a meal. After eating, I have no desire to drink. I don't do well on my Water intake and don't drink enough fluids. I take double Multivitamins, 1000 mg Calcium, Vitamin D, 60 mg Iron, Vitamin C, 1000 mg B12. I am not good about getting in my Vitamins daily. My hair has thinned noticeably, but I can see new growth. If I never lost another pound, I would feel a success. I am down to my pre-children, wedding day weight. I can walk without pain, walk a flight of stairs without being winded, fit in a booth without my belly on the table, fit in between the movie theater armrests, have a waist again. Thanks for asking, What about you?
  19. So I started my journey in July of last summer (2010), and finally got my surgery on November 22, 2010. It has been over four months and I am halfway to goal. My goal was to lose 150 pounds and be 150 pounds. I want to be 1/2 of what I was. I am halfway to goal with 76 pounds lost at 223 pounds two days in a row now. I am sooooo happy.
  20. Eureka-C

    7 months out

    % is found by #lost divided by #want to lose times 100. For example I have lost 75 lbs and want to lose 150lbs so that I 75/150x100= 50%. So at 4 and1/2 months I have lost 50%. The stats for loss expectations match percents better than pounds lost. Hope this helps.
  21. Eureka-C

    Bathroom Issues

    I use the benefiber to keep moving and only take a stool softener if I hit day 3 with no bm. I have only had to do this twice in 4 months
  22. I have bcbs CA, and I had to appeal, things may have changed after the new year. Give them a call, and just be prepared to fight for what you know is best for you.
  23. Eureka-C


    I have a weight gain every month a couple of days before my period starts. I also stall or gain when I take some medications for my sinuses. It is frustrating to say the least, but after 4 months, I am no longer terrified by it and know it will be gone in a week and I will be back on the losing track.
  24. I use fatsecret.com. It also tells you fat/protein/carbs etc.

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