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    Have stalled at 6 months

    ok. I have not posted in quite a while... I had surgery sept 28. Went from 227 to 194 by probly January.. Uhm, I still weigh between 189 and 194!!! BUT, My size 16 pants I bought at the early 194 are now kinda loose, and my top size is now a large in most clothes... I never made an exercise routine/habit, I eat whatever but ALOT less of it, and everyone says every week at church how I am melting away.. I haven't measured lately either.. But obviously, something is happening.. I am happy with how I look and feel, but am feeling the challenge to lose more so I need to make some adjustments. I had not been at this weight in a good 20-25 years so I am also wondering if my 25 year old fat is a wee bit stubborn. I am enjoying my new wardrobe, which is much smaller then my old wardrobe in size and quantity. So that all being said, be mindful of the some of the key points we were given to utilize our tool: don't drink before and after you eat (i ned to get back into that habit), don't drink soda (i do that, DP addict, non-recovered), protein first, good carbs not crap carbs and exercise... I saw this post on pinterest about marking your water bottle with the time you should have that amount drank (drunk , whatever).. I am working on doing that but 6 ozs an hour may have been too steep for me to start. I suck at drinking water. BUT, even if I do not lose another pound the rest of my life I am totally happy with my decision to get sleeved! I feel better, I look better and I know it is not over for me yet. I just have to find my formula and stick with it... I recommend measuring too.. I may try to measure this afternoon if i can find my last spreadsheet of measurements to compare...
  2. fattymcfatterson

    Whats wrong with me?

    When were you sleeved?
  3. I just got my email newsletter from Dr. David Kim. This info was included and may be helpful to someone else: Effective February 1, 2012, BCBS of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Illinois have DROPPED the 6 month program that they previously required for weight loss surgery! Contact us to check your benefits and see if your policy was affected. This now means that if you qualify, you could head to surgery within 6-8 WEEKS instead of 6-8 months.
  4. Hi everyone! So, I was sleeved on Sept 28 with Dr. Cribbins in Plano TX. Just a recap, I had ZERO pain and ZERO complications and I had a hysterectomy done at the same time! I have never slimed, nor have I ever thrown up (THANK GOD!). I used pain meds while I was in the hospital but I forgot to pump midway through the second night and never needed anything, even while at home. I was at the Texas State Fair one week post op and did just fine. My highest weight ever was 235. I am 5 ft 1 so it was packed on! Pre-op diet weight 232, day of surgery 227. Current weight: 197!!!!! I am THRILLED with my weight loss. Mostly because it is steady and I am not miserable!! I eat a variety of foods and don't suffer. I still have a cookie occasionally, ice cream occasionally and candy (hello, it's thanksgiving/christmas, how can I not???). One thing that has changed is my love for soda. I admit, I have tried about 5 sips since surgery, and each time it was NASTY! This from a dr pepper addict. I am so glad I don't like it anymore! I am a bad girl because I have not started exercising. Oh well, it is still coming off at a healthy pace so I am smiling. I am one of those people who would do this again in a heartbeat. I tell people and have not had any negative reaction. People still ask me how I'm feeling regularly though which is kind of funny since surgery was 11 weeks ago and I was fine within a few days. My before/after pics are "raw". Meaning I did not plan my best outfit, or maximum shooting angle or any of that. Just raw. I am really enjoying this journey and I am very happy with my decision. Oh, I forgot. So i was an 18/20 mostly. Now in shirts i go for xl, but my bottom is still somewhat in plus size. I did squeeze on a pair of Old Navy Diva Skinny size 16's and it won't be long before those fit just right. I definetely am losing the top part of my body faster but again, I am so not complaining. I am smaller then I have been in oh, maybe 15 years??? HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
  5. fattymcfatterson

    11 weeks post surg before and after :)

    Caglefan- I knew I NEEDED a hysterectomy, so the second surgeon i went to, i simply asked him if i could have both done. He said yes, and texted the gynecological oncologist who sends patients to him for the sleeve. I had to wait an extra month for a surgery date due to scheduling both docs and the davinci. So, he may not be able to do it, but he may know someone who can or you find a practicing doc in the same hospital. It was so worth it!!!!!!
  6. I FINALLY feel like this is FINALLY getting close! 2 weeks from today I should be sleeved. Going today for: Endoscopy (blah)- Any advice for after???? EKG Chest XRAY Blood Work and an Abdominal Ultrasound to see if we should take my gallbladder while we are taking my stomach and my uterus... hmmm.. Wonder what this stuff weighs......
  7. fattymcfatterson

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Granbury Tx here... I was sleeved SEPTEMBER 28 with Dr. Joe Cribbins (LOVE HIM!!). I STARTED AT 232, highest ever 238 (i am 5 ft 1), 227 day of surgery and now 202. I am thrilled with my weight loss because I am still enjoying life and I am still eating. I had a hysterectomy at the same time and both surgeons are pleased with my recovery and so am I!! It was textbook with NO PAIN.
  8. fattymcfatterson

    Clothing Size

    I have lost 30lbs Since Sept 16 and it seems my top is shrinking faster then my stomach and butt. I feel very disproportioned!!! I am fitting into pants i haven't worn for awhile but am looking forward to my midsection shrinking.
  9. fattymcfatterson

    Omg Whats This?

    LOL... I had mine hanging there till my 6 week check up. He got out the scissors and a pair of tweezers to cut it. He barely touched it with the tweezers and it came right out. I went through that itchy phase too!!!
  10. fattymcfatterson

    Shrimp! Who Would Have Thought!

    mmmmm ceviche.. I would love the recipe too!!!
  11. fattymcfatterson

    Robotic Surgery?

    I had davinci on Sept 28, hysterectomy and sleeve. No pain whatsoever! 5 incisions and again, no pain. THere are youtube videos showing how it works.
  12. fattymcfatterson

    What Should I Bring To The Hospital?

    DOn't forget a small pillow (or a small bed pillow) to hold over your belly. I kept one on me for weeks. especially when i slept. And it helps in the car. I did alot of coughing after surgery and the pillow made a big difference. Best wishes!!
  13. So I am a spreadsheet kinda girl. I would like to get the recommended daily intake of Vitamins so i can plug in my yummy vitafusion gummy vitamins and yummy vitafusion calcium/vitamin d vitamins. Which, by the way, I got at what i consider an AMAZING price at costco! I am 3-4 months pre op but trying to get prepared. If anyone has the recommened amounts I would be glad to put it in a spreadsheet and share it. Thank you so much!!!!!!
  14. fattymcfatterson


    My discharge instructions were "48 hours free of pain medicine and not feeling pain that would mess me up driving." Paraphrased of course. I had surgery friday afternoon, was released Sunday at noon and waited to drive until Wednesday morning. I only took one dose of pain meds Sunday night but I probly did not need to.
  15. fattymcfatterson

    Fort Worth, Tx

    I am in Granbury..
  16. fattymcfatterson

    Boobs & Such...

    Check out the genie bra. THey do a little more then a sports bra, hold up really well in the wash and you can get 2 for $20 at walmart and many other places. VERY COMFORTABLE!! But my lame boobs still sag. NOthing helps these streetlights.
  17. fattymcfatterson

    I Don't Want To Shart!

    I AM A SHARTIST It was BAD But, I think it was the mootopia milk. It was within first week post op. I had a few days of close calls after I earned my shartist badge but I have been normal since then. No more mootopia milk for me, unless I get constipated..
  18. OMG.. I am so sorry I am laughing right now.. Holy crap what an experience!!! I swear by my Bidanit. It is a little Bidet that you attach to your toilet. It helps the stuck bits come out and also helps with ((roids)) cuz you are wiping less and helping things along. If you are having this much drama in that area, I recommend the $30-$40 investment. We will NEVER be without one. I have no other words of wisdom for you. If you want to laugh at me back find my post where I pooped my pants while on the phone with the internet guy.
  19. fattymcfatterson

    How Do You Pay For Your Part?

    I had already met my out of pocket max for the year, BUT, the surgeon would have had me pay my portion if I was not 100% covered. I have not received the EOB so I do not know yet what my surgeon charged. Now, the hospital charged $67,386.81 but the insurance contracted rate was $23,261. Then there are various bills that have come in I guess from the MD's who were on call and stopped by and did nothing. Anesthesia bill was around $4500 but not discounted yet. Do you have a yearly out of pocket max?? That saved my butt. When is surgery? We are on the best plan my husband's company offers. It would have cost me WAY MORE if I was on the cheaper plan. I hope this somehow helps. :/
  20. fattymcfatterson

    What Can Cause A Leak?

    Isaacsgram, I was sleeved Sept 28. I hope you find out soon what is causing pain. It blows my mind because I have felt NO pain whatsoever. Even in the hospital, the only pain I felt was the stinkin drain. It was horrible. My surgeon must have done an amazing job because as my husband would tell you, I am a wuss. I pray you get better really soon..
  21. fattymcfatterson

    3 Weeks Out

    omg. I am sooo not getting enough water. I started at like 232 on my pre op Sept 15, day of surgery Sept 28 I weighed 227. FOr the last week I have not dropped below 210. But, the way I look at it, I have not seen 210 in over 8 years so I am not going to sweat it. It actually is a fluctuation between 210 and 212. I know it's not TOM cuz that was taken out with my sleeve. I do see a difference in my body but my midsection looks disproportionately HUGE. I also don't have a bm every day. It's more like every other day. I guess I weigh less on those days... Thank you for the water reminder!!!! ((I have been aching for a freakin drink of DP, ugh!!))
  22. fattymcfatterson

    Multi Vitamin That Doesn't Make You Vomit?

    I take the vitafusion gummy multi's, a gummy fiber, gummy calcium and GNC be beautiful gummy type chewable.. Little kids get excited when I bring out my bag of vitamins and I have to say "it's medicine". Some stores will take vitamins back even if opened. You just tell them it made you sick. Best of luck!!
  23. fattymcfatterson

    Failing This Pre-Op Thing.

    Part of it is stress. As soon as I weighed in the last time (i think i lost 4 lbs over the 6 months, if that) I immediately dropped 2 more lbs. If you have taken any new meds or changed doses I would check side effects. I had to start on a med for my endometrial pre cancer issues that had a side effect of weight gain (amongst other scarier side effects). When I went in and weighed I told my pcp about what the endo had prescribed and the weight gain side effect and she noted it in my chart. I know it doesn't help to say "try not to stress" but stress will pack on lbs. I believe you will be ok!!!
  24. fattymcfatterson

    Old Ways Omg

    ugh. I relate! I am only 2.5 weeks post op and I had to go to another town about 45 minutes away. Whenever I have to go somewhere like that in the a.m. I would stop and get a breakfast sandwich and a big ol DR PEPPER for the road. I was literally pi$$ed off this morning because I could not have a breakfast sandwich and a dp. It is strictly habit! I have not had one of these sandwiches in probly 3 months but boy did I want one today. 2 ozs of cottage cheese and water. boo hoo. But, me and my sleevie we will persevere!!!!!
  25. fattymcfatterson

    Staples Or Stiches?

    So the staples didn't hurt? I had glue/steri strips but I have not felt a TWINGE of pain. SO GRATEFUL for no pain!!!