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  1. AlyGurl

    July 2011 Bandsters!

    Is anyone else getting restriction even though they have no fill?
  2. This is SO me right now! lol. Teaching myself about portions and hunger signals is DEFINATELY going to be my biggest test!!! It almost HELPS that I get shoulder pain when I overeat because it deters me from losing control!
  3. Don't worry about exercising for at least a month after surgery! You don't want to risk any damage! You CAN eat more just don't because you can streach your stomach pouch which can affect your band in future!
  4. AlyGurl

    July 2011 Bandsters!

    I managed to survive my first day back at school (year 12/senior year) and although I was really tired I still made it through in good spirits... Having set lunchtimes actually really helps because it means I can't graze and over eat!
  5. AlyGurl

    July 2011 Bandsters!

    I had it after eating some ice cream (I have problems with dairy sometimes...) It was AWFUL!!! (But I did lose some extra water weight from it!)
  6. AlyGurl

    July 2011 Bandsters!

    I got it really bad a few days ago... I have a slight dairy intolerance and it hit me like it NEVER has! It was awful (apart from the part where I lost 2lbs... =P) but thankfully it only lasted the day!
  7. Sound exactly like me! Mine went away after 4 or 5 days, walk around as much as you can and burp a lot. When it got really bad I just took pain killers and went to bed!
  8. I'm almost missing pre-op! lol. I'm still a week of liquids away from mushies and I would KILL for the two cups of veggies I was allowed one pre-op. =/ lol.
  9. HERE HERE!!! lol. Sounds great... After 6 days of liquids I would probably enjoy that FAR too much.
  10. OH! WHY AM I CRYING MUM??? WHY!?! You don’t think it’s because you invited everyone over to eat my FAVORITE food four days after an operation which means I can only have liquids for two weeks!? You don’t think that MIGHT have something to do with it? I mean I can see how you’d be confused… I MIGHT have been upset because you yelled at me across the dinner table for eating some dip off the back of a spoon because I COULDN’T GET IT UP A STRAW! Here I was thinking you just MIGHT remember what this is like… What with you having TWO lap bands but I guess that was too much to ask…. Then when I excuse myself so I don’t break down at the dinner table, you follow me out and YELL at me so EVERYONE knows I’m crying; before DRAGGING me back into the room and exiling me to the couch… So I can just LISTEN TO and SMELL you eating the ‘delicious’ paella rather than having to SEE it. Oh and now you come over and bring me some CANNED pumpkin Soup and ask if I NEED anything… You know what I need… FOR YOU TO NOT HAVE DINNER PARTIES WHEN I CANT EAT!!!! Do I remember christmas dinner? YES, I do. You’d just had surgery to fix your slipped band (and cancelled our holiday to pay for it) and YES you did eat soup while we had roast… BUT I DID EVERYTHING I PHYSICALLY COULD TO MAKE IT LOVELY FOR YOU!!! I decorated the entire table, I put on your favorite Christmas record, I got dad to make you soup from the lamb, I made a dessert you could eat, did your hair and make up so you felt nice, picked out a outfit that made you look good and made sure it was comfortable for you AND made sure that we included you in conversation and crackers and you sobbed and thanked me for making it so special! THIS IS NOT LIKE THAT. This is you giving me CANNED SOUP in the corner while you enjoy you meal. But like you said, I’m probably just trying to make it all about ME again….
  11. AlyGurl

    July 2011 Bandsters!

    Is gas pain getting to anyone else?
  12. Just had my final appointment. My thyroid and vitamin d levels are off but still going ahead with the surgery! I can't believe it's finally happening!!! Less than 24 hours to go!
  13. Got my pre-op appointment tomorrow! Ugh SOOOOOOOO many questions!!! I'm making a list of things to ask so I don't forget anything!
  14. AlyGurl


    Sign up for blogspot or tumblr. Google Lap-Band blogspot for some really good ideas.
  15. I can DEFINATELY relate to this. I'm on day 5 of my 7 day pre-op and its just really got me down. I can't stick to my plan for EVEN a day! I either snack on things I'm not allowed to or can't stomach more protein bars/shakes. Weighing in for the first time since day two tomorrow morning and I'm terrified that I won't have lost (or even gained!) even though I'm exercising my butt off and still only eating about 600 calories. I can only have three shakes a day (and no fruit and veggies) for tomorrow and Monday and I KNOW that I'm going to struggle... Driving to Sydney (3 hours away, where my surgery is) tomorrow afternoon and have my pre-op appointment on Monday before Tuesday's surgery. It's so close but it feels SO FAR AWAY!!! Ugh! I'm sorry for all my recent negativity... I just don't deal well with this restrictive sort of diet! I'm SO proud of all of you for being strong enough to do this. People DON'T understand how hard this journey is, all they see is the before and after picture. ♥Aly
  16. Sorry for the quick post, I'm on my phone and can't type/read much!! I'm on day three of pre-op and am finding it really hard to eat enough food!!! Especially since I'm exercising off over 700 calories a day! I eat 2/3 of what I'm meant to be at most and am DESPERATELY craving savory foods and MEAT!!!! ugh!!! I know that my body will go into starvation mode if I don't eat enough but I can't seem to stomach it!!!
  17. Ugh! Start pre-op in like 10 hours AND have exams! Bleh.
  18. Under "Effects" - The slider on the sparkle effect just changes the colour not the amount of sparkles! =)
  19. Obviously my family knows and my boyfriend (and his family). As for other people, I told the lady I babysit for (because I have to take some time off - she was SO excited and is having her church pray for my safety! lol) and about 10 of my closest friends, partly because I want to be open with them but also because they'll need to understand why I'll be out of action for most of the holidays and why my eating habbits will change so much. I'm going to tell anyone who asks but I'm not posting about it on facebook or twitter. I'm completely out about it on my blog: http://ireallyjustwanttobepretty.tumblr.com/ ♥Aly
  20. 10 days out from Banding! - NEW WARDROBE!!!!! - To be able to surf come summer. - not being the 'fat friend' - not worrying about getting diabeates by age 40 - to be able to run long distance - recover from asthma - feel more comfortable with my bf - look hot when I dance - not needed seconds at EVERY MEAL - my nana to finally approval of me - "Have you lost weight?" - sexy costumes for dress up parties - lacy undies - climb stairs without being puffed - feel comfy in my school uniform - having my body back on side - live longer - no more wobbly bits - showing my body the respect it deserves!
  21. I have to use this stuff called Optifast for my pre op. It's awful and I don't need to start it until tuesday but I'm starting to have the bars for breakfast to get used to it. (Plus it's good to have something easy for breakfast during exam week - Which is almost over!!!) My boyfriend took me out for dinner tonight and my dad is taking me out for lunch on Sunday... Im soooooooo full now but I know I'll appreciate it this time next week!

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