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  1. Well today is the 3rd day after surgery and I am feeling better than the 1st two days but defenitly far from 100%. The pain from gas has been pretty bad...even with walking and gas drops. I have also had pain in my one larger incision. Otherwise Im pretty good, just tired which is to be expected. Can't eat the broth because it makes me gag just thinking about it. so Ive basically been drinking juice and gatorade cut by half, and eatign jello. I am super hungry probably because Im not getting enough because Im scared to over do it. I dont know what full feels liek now because I'm to scared to get there. I go for a follow-up on tuesday so we'll take it from there. I am open to suggestions of any kind. I would also love to hear from women around my age, to see how their surgery was and how they felt afterward.
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  4. I want food soooooo bad!!!

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    Day 4

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    Day 4

    Well today I woke up feeling a lil weak, I think I went to long with out drinking. Currently I am on a clear liquid diet; I was on this diet plus protien shakes 1 wk pre-op and now i am straight clear liquids 1 wk post-op. Like i said in the introductions area I am still having a mixture of excitment and nerves. I want to drink more but Im scared Ill over do it and be sick. I'm definitely ready for full liquids and to start working out!!
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    SUMMER 2010 159

    Your pics are very motivating!! Great job!
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    My story...

    I guess I should have started with a little bit about me... I am 24 yrs old and I have tried every diet and "life style change" that is out there. the most success I have had was on weight watchers when I lost 50 lbs; however, I gained it all back and then some. My problem has never been losing the weight it has been keeping it off. I know whats good for me and what isnt however I still find myself giving in to temptations. I am beeen struggling with my weight since I was in my teens. I was always the bigger girl and believed I was even when I wasnt. My highest weight was 6 mon ago at 262 lbs (I am 5'2). I was required to do a 6 mon supervised diet so my insurance would pay for the sugery. I lost 18lbs and gained back a little. The day I started my pre-op liquid diet I weighed 250 lbs. The day of my sugery I weighed 239 lbs. So this is me ....Ill be posting before pictures soon.
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    My story...

    My surgery was June 1, 2011.
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    24 year old female...3 days post-op

    Thanks for the suggestions and support it really means a lot!