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  1. pastorgregumc

    1 year out today

    Tiff, Congrats of your anniversary. You are an inspiration to us all! I can't begin to tell you how encouraging you are to many of us on this forum. I also appreciate the amount of research you do for people who are either considering being sleeved or those who are struggling with post-op difficulties. Continued success and blessing to you and your family. Have a great holiday weekend! Greg:thumbup1::blushing::thumbup:
  2. pastorgregumc

    Fuze (dazed & con-fuzed)

    I realized that I never shared this story on this forum (where I believe I first heard about the drink Fuze). This an excerpt from my blog on June 13. This morning I was packing for my trip back home from Rhode Island. As I was packing I happened to be sipping on a very refreshing fruit drink. Unable to finish it I thought (in my infinite wisdom) this would be nice and refreshing to finish off during the flight back to Houston. So I conveniently placed it in a side pocket of my backpack as I was leaving the hotel room. The only problem as I was working my way through security?I noticed the TSA people were spending a great deal of time examining my backpack inside of the x-ray machine. The agent pulled me to the side reached into my backpack and pulled out my bottle of ?Fuze? and asked me ?What exactly is this?? I assured him it was just a beverage and was in no way related to THE ?Fuse? which originally created all the havoc over removing shoes for flights. I convinced them to simply dispose of the bottle or keep it for examination. I was allowed to proceed and I just made my flight. Lesson learned. However, I will say that if you have never tried a Fuze it is incredible. It has very little sugar and loaded with fruit juices and a variety of nutrients. Just don?t take it on board any commercial airlines!!! :confused1::huh0::wink0: Peace! Greg
  3. pastorgregumc

    Energy level???

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. I have not seen the test report itself. However, I was assured by my surgeon & my GP that I'm doing great (in their opinions). I will try bumping up my calorie intake a bit. I avoid carbs like the plague. Any suggestions for "good carbs" to add. As is the case with probably all or at least most of you, I can only eat a little at a time. 45 min-hour for a meal. I'm open for suggestions. :thumbup1:
  4. pastorgregumc

    Energy level???

    I am usually getting plenty of non-caffeinated fluids/water & I suspected the B levels myself would be the culprit-however they weren't. I was wondering if I needed to add more "good carbs" to the mix???
  5. I don't remember seeing this issue anywhere on any other posting/thread. So, this is my situation. I have had a very low energy level since my surgery (in mid-January). I had a blood test last week to see if I am taking enough/retaining all of my vitamins (which I am). I saw the doctor and he is not concerned. He told me that with rapid weight loss (almost 80 lbs in 4 months) that could sometimes happen. I am eating about 1200-1500 calories a day. A lot/most of it being protein. Here's the question... has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? I even told my surgeon what a helpful place VST has been. So now I turn to the real experts. Thanks as always for whatever observations you might offer. :thumbup::001_huh:
  6. I'm sorry I just saw your message from April 19. Have you met with Dr. Waggoner? I had a great experience. The surgery was extremely successful. His team is outstanding. The best part is when you couple what he does best (surgery) with what this group does for you (support). You have a winning team. The ladies at North Cypress Bariatric are great, particularly Trish (the Bariatric Nurse). You definitely need to get to know her if you go with Dr. Waggoner. She has even had the Sleeve herself. If you need to reach me directly for more specific questions my email is pastorgregumc@att.net. I am on this site several times a week. I'm still learning how to receive and post personal messages. I hope all is well with you. Peace!

  7. Pastorgreg,

    I have an appt with Dr. Waggoner this week and was hoping if you could share your experience from consultation to surgery day.


  8. Just crossed over the 70 lb. loss mark (one milestone I set for myself along the way). It has been right at 3 months since my surgery. I also have two general questions. Did most of you who have achieved (or who are close to) your goal weight start with large amounts (of weight loss) and then moderated to smaller amounts as time went on? I am down to losing 1-3 lbs a week now. Also according to my dietitian there is no Peanut Butter allowed. Although my friends who have been banded and had by-pass use this regularly. I was just told no. Is this a hard and fast rule across the board? Thanks as always to all the support and encouragement. I brag about ya'll to our local support group and encourage them to come on board.:party4:
  9. pastorgregumc

    Looking for Texas Sleevers???

    I am always looking to see who is posting from Texas or even the Houston area. I live in Jersey Village/NW Harris County. However I work in Splendora (in East Montgomery County), just a few miles east of you. I was sleeved in Cypress. Congrats on your loss so far. You seem to be on the right track. This site is extremely helpful whenever you hit bumps along the way. It both encouraging and informative. Much Success!
  10. pastorgregumc

    Jan Feb Surgeries

    I had my surgery on January 13th. I have lost 66 lbs as of today. I am still not feeling 100% yet. It has been very encouraging a part of this VSG site. I have to attribute a part of my success to the others who support, share and encourage. I wish you great success. It sounds like you had a Lap Band before. I went with the Sleeve because of my friends who told me that if their insurance company would have paid for it they would have been Sleeved rather than Banded. The cost was the same for me and the decision was easy. I look forward to hearing and sharing in the coming weeks and months.:lol0:
  11. pastorgregumc

    Realistic Goal Weight/BMI ???

    Thanks! Good Advice. Now the next question. What is the best way to measure Body Fat% vs. BMI?
  12. My wife feels that the goal weight I'm shooting for is too low. I was basing it on a BMI of 24.8%. You all have been a wealth of knowledge and wondering what you all think/have experienced. Thanks!
  13. pastorgregumc

    am I too old?

    I am 53 and was sleeved on January 13. I have lost 61 lbs to date. I have already been taken off HBP meds (which I have been on for 10-15 yrs), I am sleeping through the night which I haven't been able to do for at least 5-10 years, and I am rarely (if ever) hungry. I actually forgot to eat lunch yesterday which was a first for me in my entire life. My answer is: that it is NEVER too late. You have to be resolved to eating a whole lot less for the rest of your life. It's a trade off , but well worth it. You are not just doing it for you, but for your entire family.
  14. pastorgregumc

    9 month post update with AW photos

    Congrats!!! Your success if helping the rest of us become successful too. Thanks!:smile:

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