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  1. amybaby33

    Good luck July 1 sleevers!

    Good luck to both of you! I know you will do great!
  2. Just curious if anyone had their surgery while caring for an infant or toddler. My adorable and active son will be 11 months when I have my surgery. Thankfully, I will have husband and Mom to help me, but I'm sad that I won't be able to pick him up for 4-5 days and am wondering how I will cope!
  3. amybaby33

    July Master List

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this...so helpful! And it looks so pretty with all the colors
  4. Thanks for the replies, ladies! Gives me some encourgement that there have been others that have delt with surgery with little ones at home! I will def be letting my Mom and hub act as the "elevators" and lift him to me. The bright side is he will be very helpful with my walks as he LOVES to get outside. And Kristey.."crapband" made me LOL! So true!
  5. amybaby33

    before and during pics

    Hottie alert! You look fantastic! Congratulations and keep up the good work
  6. amybaby33

    Where have all the cowboys gone?

    It's nice to see some more chitter chatter in here! I was getting bummed that we wouldn't even have a July group! It's so important to have support! Two weeks tomorrow and I will be a sleeved mama! Start my 2 week pre op diet tomorrow which is 3 protein shakes a day and one small healthy meal. My biggest anxiety is being away from my 10 month old son and not being able to pick him up after surgery. My Doc said no lifting for 4 days, which will be tough, but I know worth it! I'm just sooo ready to get back my healthy way of life I had with the band. Let's keep the support going, gang
  7. amybaby33

    Is this normal?

    Hey Jax.. Were you JaxBandster on LBT?
  8. amybaby33

    WHAT have I done?

    I highly recommend reading the book "Women, Food and God". It change my whole perspective of my relationship with food. It provided so many "ah ha" moments and was perfect timing as I head into my surgery. It's funny, lighthearted and inspirational! Congratulations on your surgery!
  9. Thank God your Mom has her band out! I'm so sorry to hear everything she has gone through, but it sounds like she is on the mend. When my band slipped it caused a total stomach obstruction and put into septic shock..I was also 38 weeks pregnant. VERY SCARY STUFF! I'm just so happy to hear she is better
  10. amybaby33

    BCBS appeal was approval - BMI 35 SLEEVE

    Congrats on your appeal! I also won an appeal with Anthem Blue Cross here in California. I'm doing a band to sleeve revision, and they originally denied me becausse my BMI was too low without co-morbidities, but seeing as I lost my band when I delivered my son (totally out of my control) they overturned the decision and approved me. My BMI is 37, so I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to go back to my "bariatric" way of life
  11. amybaby33

    Bikram Yoga after surgery

    I used to LOVE Bikram Yoga and am hoping I can get back into after my surgery. I would think you would need clearance from your Doc...espcially making sure you are completely healed and then some. Bikram puts alot of stress on the abdominal muscles. As far as hydration, I would always drink TONS of water the day of class, so I would be well hydrated before class, then you could sip during class. Hope you get back to class when you're healed and ready, it truly is the best workout for the mind, body and spirit! Good luck and NAMASTE
  12. amybaby33

    Hospital stay

    My Doc told me barring anything unforseen, I will be in a day and half. I requested to be released the next morning because I have a 10 month old and can't stand the thought of being away from him! But, I also know it's important to get my pain management situated and ensure I'm leaving with a "thumbs up" from my Doc. But whether Im released the next morning or afternoon really isn't a big deal, I'm just being a neurotic Mommy
  13. amybaby33

    Where is everyone?

    Hi Nancy..you know what's weird, is I kept going back to the poll and didn't see any vote results. I just realized I hadn't voted, therefore couldn't see anything..duh! Thanks for pointing out you voted. Looks like July Firecrackers has a slight lead over Red, White & Blue Crew. Anyway, I'm one day ahead of you for surgery. Glad to have a buddy along the way. Good luck with your pre-op stuff on Tues
  14. amybaby33

    Conversation with a lap band

    Hi Wheetsin...I remember you from LBT. I was "marathinner". You always were the queen of info and I remember your ticker that said "shut your gob and get moving"..lol...I loved that! Seems there are quite a few of us bandsters that have found our way here. I had two slips..the most recent one resulted in removal during the birth of my son. I did great with the band for a year, and unfortunately it all went down hill from there. Not having my band for 10 months has been hard. I miss that way of life and am excited to get sleeved in a few weeks. Sorry to hear about your slip..I hope you figure out what your plan is soon. Cheers! -Amy
  15. amybaby33

    My Pre-Op diet (on day 3)

    I feel ya...it's so hard! But you are doing awesome and have the right attitude...definitely keep your eye on the prize.
  16. LOL! And you SHOULD eat all those things...they're totally healthy! Oooo...they also have peanut butter cream cheese which only has 5 g of sugar and 5 carbs....YUM!
  17. You're so welcome! I was giddy with excitment yesteday as I walked through and discovered so many tasty treats. I'm a band to sleeve revision patient, so I know all too well how boring and grueling the pre/post op phase is. At least some of these things will make it more tolerable. I'm lucky to have a store about 5 mins from me. I'll keep you posted and any new discoveries
  18. TOTALLY worth the 30 min trip! And they have great prices! I spend way less there than I do at the regular supermarket. I would say the only downfall is sometimes I find something that I love, but its not always there the next time I go. But..I always discover something appealing and now that my mind set is on pre/post op, I've discovered a whole new selection of foods! Good luck
  19. amybaby33

    6 weeks post op pics

    Omgosh! That is a TOTAL difference! Way to go, girl! You look fab
  20. Here are some group names. Feel free to throw out other suggestions
  21. amybaby33

    Hello :)

    I can do a poll in another thread. We should come up with a few ideas: Maybe: -Sizzling Sleevers - Sparkling Sleevers -July Firecrackers - Red, White & Blue Crew - Lucky Number Sevens (July being the 7th month of the year) I'll post a poll with these and a "other" option
  22. I had the Lapband while I was pregnant. I had a great pregnancy as I still had "some" restriction but was able to eat healthy and maintain the appropriate calorie intake. HOWEVER, when I was 37.5 weeks, my band slipped causing MAJOR complications and I had to deliver my son under general anesthesia because they had to get him out and my band out at the same time. It was awful My son is now 10 months and I am grateful and lucky enough to be getting sleeved July 11th. If I had the choice to do it all over again, I would have DEFINITELY gone with the sleeve! Good luck with your decision and I hope you get your little bundel of joy
  23. Hello All, It has been awhile since I've been on a WLS forum, but after a long and enduring 3 years..I'm back. Here's my story: I was banded in February 2008 and had great success my first 1.5 years. I lost over 70 pounds and was a happy, compliant bandster Unforunately, in August 2009 my band slipped and I had to go into emergency surgery. I thought I was going to lose the band, but I was fortunate enough to have it replaced. After trying to conceive a baby for more than 8 years, God (and weight loss) finally answered our prayers and I got pregnant in December 2009. I had a FABULOUS pregancy. The band was such a wonderful tool to help me stay on track, keep healthy and I only gained 10 lbs up until 37 weeks. That's when the problems started. At 37.5 weeks, I got insanely sick. Couldn't hold anything down..not even water. Turns out, my band slippe AGAIN and this time it caused a total stomach obstruction! Fast forward to 5 days later when I was told I would have to have a c-section under general anesthesia because they needed to take out my band and fix the obstuction. Words cannot desribe how devestated I was not being able to be awake for the birth of my son Fortunately, he was born beautiful and healthy. I had to stay in the hospital for 6 days because I was still very sick from the obstuction and subsequent "toxicities" that came with it. It wasn't until about 3 months after I gave birth that I started feeling the effects of not having my band. The ravenous hunger slowly started to creep in and now here I am almost 10 months later and have gained back much of the weight I had lost with the band. Fortunately, I have a phenomal Doctor who went to bat for me and got my insurance to approve a revision to a sleeve. I am scheduled for July 11th. I have to admit, I have mixed emotions. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to get my healthy lifestyle back with the help of the sleeve, but the stakes are higher now that I'm a Mom. I'm scared to go through another surgery and terrified of any complications. I know I will be fine, but I sometimes lay awake at night wondering "what if". I also think of how wonderful it will be to lose that weight again and be able to run, play and swim with my son. He's 10 months old and I want to be a fun, active Mommy and I know this is my ticket to getting there. Anyway, I know this is long..so thank you for reading. I just wanted to share my story and rally some support for myself as I head into surgery. Thanks! P.S Attached is the reason I am doing this!
  24. amybaby33

    Band, Birth and Back...

    Aww...thank you for your kind words and compliments! Ya--my son is a heartbreaker. Those eyes...OY those eyes!
  25. amybaby33

    Band, Birth and Back...

    Thank you! I'm sorry you got denied but good for you for being self pay. I hope we are in July together and can support each other!