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  1. Hi guys, Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm trying so hard not to burst out in tears because I haven't lost weight in weeks! I consider myself a "veteran" going though two lap bands and now the sleeve. I know I'm doing all the right things and for the life of me I can't figure out why in the heck I'm not losing! I know it's common to have a stall a couple of weeks after surgery, but I'm 5.5 weeks out and haven't lost since 2.5 weeks! I've upped my water intake, am powerwalking 3-5 times a week, eating lean proteins..the whole 9 yards! I guess on the bright side I know I'm losing inches because I'm down a size and well...i *have* lost 22 pounds (5 lbs pre-op) and the best part is I've had ZERO issues since the day I got out of surgery..but C'MON..I'm ready to see that scale move again!!! Thanks for letting me vent and again, I'm sorry I haven't been around to support my fellow Firecrackers. I hope everyone is doing great! Oh..and my son turned 1...that was a great day! Pic attached
  2. Had my surgery JUly 11th and just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant!! FREAKING OUT!

  3. amybaby33

    slow weight loss

    You're not alone! I just posted this in the July forum... http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/23162-scale-hasnt-moved-in-weeks/page__pid__195614#entry195614
  4. I'm on my "unofficial" pre-op diet and right now am doing 3 low carb meals and 2 protein shakes. Next week I will do 2 meals/3 shakes until I head into my "official" two week pre-op diet of 1 meal/4 shakes. Anyway, I was at Trader Joes yesterday and discovered they have such great options for all phases of the pre..but especially post op diet. For example, the have tasty broths..not only chicken and beef...but turkey broth and mushroom broth.They have tons of cream soups that don't even need to be strained for the full liquid phase (coconut thai, creamy portabello..any many more!) They also have GREAT S/F popsicles with unique flavors like pineapple, mango, pommegranite and mint! For the mushy phase, I discovered guacamole hummus.....two words: DEE-LISH (ok, maybe that's one word--but I digress) I also came across an Egg White Salad with Chive that would be perfect for the soft food phase. I know everyone might not have access to Trader Joes...but for those of you who do and are preparing for or recovering from surgery...go stock up!
  5. amybaby33

    What to take to the hospital

    Definitely take a pillow from home! Something that was a lifesaver for me was Biotene Dry Mouth spray. I hated that post op cotton mouth and sore throat....this spray helped so much! Good luck:)
  6. amybaby33

    I'm home!

    Been thinking about you Carmen! Congrats on getting thru your surgery. Take everything in sloooow mo for the next few days! Sip, rest, walk:) Your uneasiness is common as you have a whole new lifestyle to adapt to and an itty bitty tummy that just needs some TLC. You're going to great! So happy you're on the other side and will look forward to your update...hang in there, hon
  7. amybaby33

    Nearly 11 Mos Post Op - With Photos

    Oh Irene...you look soooo freaking fabulous! Seeing this pics literally brought tears to my eyes. Knowing you since our LBT days and seeing you now just takes my breath away! Like everyone else has said, you are a true inspiration and am amazing supporter on this board. And you are indeed...ONE RIGHTEOUS DIVA!! You look hot!
  8. DISLIKE! So sorry Hope you feel better soon..
  9. Wow...that sounds pretty drastic! I have a 23 pound 11 month old and my Doc said not to lift him for 4-5 days which was sooo hard! I could hold him though. I'm two weeks post op and now lift him with no problems. But, I know you have to follow Dr's orders..however..maybe he will lift that restriction if you're doing well with your recovery
  10. amybaby33

    2 years out- What I CAN eat

    Great visual, great explanation and as usual...great support! That looks healthy, delicious and fulfilling. Thanks, Tiff...hope you are feeling well and that baby is happily baking away
  11. amybaby33

    The WHY behind the STALL

    Oooooh...thank you so much for posting this! I was soo sad this morning when I didn't see my scale move. I'm two weeks post op and have lost 15lbs since my surgery and everything stopped on Thurs. I was seriously asking myself WTF? This makes perfect sense!! I feel so much better now...thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
  12. amybaby33

    Five days Post-Op

    Congratulations!! Feels good, huh? I was the same way...couldn't believe how easy my recovery has been! I'm so happy for you
  13. amybaby33

    Stopped Losing?

    This is me exactly! I was sleeved 7/11 and lost 15lbs and now the scale hasn't moved since Thurs. My Doc said don't be surprised if I hit a stall because our bodies are rebuilding muscle and as we all know..muscle weighs more than fat! I'm on mushies too and have been doing power walks, I guess I just expected the scale to keep plummeting! But, I know I'm losing inches and that I just have to be patient. Hard though when you're eating less than 900 calories a day, drinking lots of Water and exercising!
  14. I'm 11 days post op and feeling fab. I start soft foods tomorrow and really need to kick up my exercise regimen! What a perfect opportunity to start my sleeve journey the right way! I'm in and can't wait! Thanks for starting this, Irene....you're seriously the best cheerleader for VST Btw....from one former bandster to another, I can already tell the sleeve is a million times better than the band...so excited!
  15. I went through pregnancy with a Lapband and only gained 5 pounds. I was able to get in all the proper nutrition and Vitamins I needed and delivered a healthy, beautiful son! Unfortunately, I lost the lapband and gained alot of weight back. But now I am sleeved and loving it! I'm hoping when I get close to goal weight we can try for another and will look forward to this great tool helping me through another healthy pregnancy
  16. amybaby33


    I was going to ask the same questions as Wheetsin. I took 9 days off work and could have easily returned after 5. However, I have a low key desk job and I know everyone is different. Sorry for your frustration.
  17. OMG...you're the cutest! I love that you fit into your dress....totally rockin' the late 80's early 90's style! Glam all the way! Congratulations on that glorious NSV
  18. amybaby33

    I am home!!

    You're doing awesome! Congrats!
  19. amybaby33

    hard to get in all my liquids

    Hydration is definitely key! My plan actually didn't allow protein shakes until day 7. For the first week I just focused on getting as close to the 64oz mark of water as I could. Some days are better than others. I'm now 11 days post op and am still focusing on h20, but am managing to get 1-2 protein shakes in a day. I've also really listened to my body...if I so much hear a rumble or a gurgle I back off, those are signals to slow down..so I do! It sounds like you are doing great...keep up the good work, listen to your body and now that everday gets better
  20. amybaby33

    July Master List

    Woo hoo, MLD! Congrats! I'm so happy you're home and doing well. You've got the right idea...rest, sip, walk Welcome to the losers bench!
  21. amybaby33

    BTW, EGDs on banded ppl blow

    Ugh..I sooo feel for you! That reflux is just awful! I really hope you can get that thing out of you SOONER THAN LATER!!!!! I'm 8 days post op and my recovery has been fantastic!! I've had no pain from the incisions or gas, easily tolerating fluids and have great energy. This is already a hundred million times better than the band! I really hope you get some relief soon
  22. One week post op and down 12 pounds since surgery and 17 pounds total. I've had the BEST recovery ever! I feel amazing and am sooo excited for this journey!

  23. I've had SEVERAL surgeries in my lifetime....2 lapband, gall bladder, appendix, spinal fusion, C-section and of course the sleeve. I can by far say this is the best and easiest recovery I've ever had! I'm 5 days post op and have had minor discomfort..I wouldn't even say pain with my incisions. No gas pain or pressure, tolerating all my liquids no problem and have great energy. I had some nausea the first day but that is now a distant memory. I'm walking around my neighborhood 5-6 times a day, and yes...I'm resting too! I've been through a lot over the years, and I have this euphoric sense of relief and hope that this surgery is truly going to give me my life back. I haven't felt this hopeful and encouraged in a LONG time. I can't wait to really establish my healthy lifestyle and get out and START LIVING!! I'm just so happy and grateful
  24. amybaby33

    Good luck July 18 sleevers!

    Good luck, Firecrackers...you will all do great!