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  1. queenie3


  2. queenie3

    What's Your Food Of Sin?

    Chips and salsa and chips and cheese dip, does not get stuck and also CRAB LEGS I can eat a pound with no problem.
  3. queenie3

    Fast Food For Bandsters!!!

    Hello All, My favorite fast food/restaurant seem to be Red Lobster. Its really not fast food but thats my restaurant of choice these days. I order the crab and spinach dip with chips and 1 pound of crab legs and i have no problems. All goes down well, I also eat at Taco bell and I love the Soup from Chick Fill-A.
  4. queenie3

    First Lap Band Fill Yes It Works Now

    Had my surgery on May 28th 2011, I was able to eat anything until my first fill in August. Since my 1st and only fill, I have lost 25 pounds and I have good restriction. I can not eat anything between two pieces of bread, I can barely eat meat, if i do it has to be a very small piece chewed very well. When I eat too much, I get a pain in the middle of my back and I get hiccups. I love fried rice but can not eat rice at all now. Not far from my goal weight and I am thinking of going to get a slight unfill. I miss eating foods I like. I think due to the restrictions I currently have, I am able to eat smaller portions and feel satisfied. I will get a slight unfill and the good thing about having the band, I can always go and get a fill. thats why I am soooooo happy i made the decision to get a lap band.
  5. queenie3

    May 2011 Bandsters

    Hello May Bandsters Everything going well for me so far. I gained weight on my pre op diet so even though I lost a lot it doesn't feel that way. I was banded on May 28th, didn't get my first fill until July 12th. I have a 4 cc band and I had 2cc's put in. I am feeling restriction and I am steadily loosing 2 pounds per week since fill. Although I can't eat all the things I like and I do get stuck a lot, I am happy with my restriction because I am loosing. I don't know if I need another fill for a while or ever if I keep up the 2 pounds per week.
  6. queenie3

    May Bandsters Update

    Hello all, I was banded on May 28th and I am pretty much at a stand still, I haven't lost anymore and I haven't gain any either. I don't feel any restriction at this point and I can eat anything. I go for my first fill tomorrow so I can't wait to start loosing some more weight.
  7. queenie3

    Still figuring out the blog

    GEORGIA - Fill CentersUSA 866-345-5872 866-345-5872 Please call to find out. Locations in Roswell, Moultrie www.fillcentersusa.com
  8. queenie3

    Still figuring out the blog

    Hello, There is a doctor in Roswell that will do your fills. I will send you the information. In regards to Dr.Mario Almonza, I am not familiar however, I am with Dr. Rodriguez, which location in Mexico are you going to?
  9. queenie3

    31-32 bmi considering lapband this year

    I am a low BMI Bandster, 2 weeks post op and doing great. Ive lost 18 lbs so far. I havent weighed myself in a week because a few days after mushies it seem like the scale moved up a few pounds so I do not want to be disapointed so I will not check for a while. Elcee, was it hard for the pounds to come off for you? I hear that it is harder to get the weight off if you don't have much to get off.
  10. I have 2, one in between my breast on the bra line thats really small, I can see it fading away without any problems and one actually in my belly button. I don't see a line where the incision was only that my belly button looks a little crazy
  11. Hello Ellyk, I love my band and I am 1 week post op today! I cant believe you did liquids for two weeks. I thought most doctors or nutritionist have you on liquids 1 week. I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery on May28th and I lost 8 pounds pre op for a total of 18 pounds. I started some mushies in my first week such as watery oatmeal and watery grits and today I had eggs. Continue to follow the rules, you will be successful. I know I bent them a little. Queen
  12. queenie3

    May 2011 Bandsters Report In

    Hello May Bansters, I am 6 days post op and I am doing pretty good. I have not had to take any pain meds since leaving the hospital. I am still on liquids however, I have started adding watery oatmeal and grits to my diet. The gas is pretty minimal however, my stomache is still swollen. I had my band place by single port so that area around my belly button is really big and swollen right now. I hope it goes down soon, im starting to look pregnant. I have lost a total of 10 pounds since surgery day and 8 lbs pre op for a total of 18 pounds lost which is way more than I expected at this point. Hang in there guys....
  13. Hello Janice, I had my surgery saturday the 28th and I had really bad pains in my chest too and it was hard to breath. I can not lay flat on my back. I have to recline or I will suffer so I know what you mean. Continue walking it will get better. Q
  14. I was banded on 5/28 in mexico by Dr. Jose Rodriguez and had a wonderful and safe experience.

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