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  1. It was recommended by the NUt to not ever drink soda again. As for steak I am 7 weeks out and it is one of the easiest things for me to eat. Started on food at 4 weeks. After 1 week of purees and 2 weeks soft foods. Chicken gets stuck, fish gets stuck. So red meat has been my lifeline to protein goals. I can even eat beef jerkey with no issues. I just make sure I chew, chew, chew. I can only eat about 1.5 - 2 ounces of steak but at least it stays down.
  2. I had the blurry vision for about a week. I think it may have to do with anesthesia. Hope it gets better for you.
  3. I've been having Crystal light, even the red ones, since day one in the hospital.
  4. Cancel


    Try Over the counter Prilosec or call your surgeon and ask if they can prescribe a PPI, something like Nexium. Many WLS patients need some type of acid reducer after surgery. I take a prilosec in the morning and a Pepcid mid afternoon if I need it.
  5. Cancel


    By two days post op I could sleep on my side with a pillow under my belly. I am a belly sleeper and 7 days out can almoat sleep on my tummy again. Feels a little weird but not painful. I also sleep better on my back if I can prop pillows under my legs and my head up. You'll be amazed at how much easier it gets each day out.
  6. Good Luck to you tomorrow. I know you must be excited. I'm schedule to arrive at the hospital at 5:45 tomorrow morning. Keep us posted Tracey
  7. Cancel

    September sleevers wanted!

    Determined1, You will do great. I was moved up also but only by 2 days. My surgeon is leaving for vacation though, and I rathered they moved me up than have a Doc who's mind is on making his flight out of town that evening. Keep us posted and Good Luck, Tracey
  8. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I start my liquid diet on Friday. Didn't even realize that this is labor day weekend and we have an extra day off. Which would usually be great but for us it also means either the beach or theme parks. So I guess I'll be packing a cooler with all my supplies. Good Luck Everyone. Tracey
  9. I plan on taking before pictures so after surgery when I have the thoughts of "what did I do to myself" I can look back and remember why I did it. Also, Some have suggested that when you don't see the scale move and you are getting frustrated you can take new photos to compare your progress. Good luck to you. Tracey
  10. Cancel

    I have a date, again

    Everything happens for a reason. You've got a date now and a goal of 16 lbs before surgery. That will help the time pass quickly and keep you focussed. Plus the more you lose before surgery the less you have to lose after. You'll be there in no time. Good luck and congratulations on getting your date. Tracey
  11. Try planning your meals out the evening before. I try to do this and it really helps. And crock pots are great for slow cooking dinner all day. I have even resorted to packing small Snacks in zip lock bag, like grapes or hard boilled egg whites, that I can bring to work and snack on while driving home. By the time I get home I just make dinner for the kids and am not starving so I eat a little, like a quater of what I would normally eat, of whatever Protein and veggie I make for them. So far I have done better with this than the weight watchers. I did that for 6 months and even though I lost only a few pounds my insurance approved me in less than a week. Hope this helps and I'm sure more will respond with other ideas. That's the great thing about this site because what works for someone might not for someone else. I love the different varieties of answers people come up with. Good luck. Tracey
  12. I can sympathize. I got my approval call today. The girl who handles the insurance said the nurse will call in about 10 days to make my appointment for the nurse assessment and then they can schedule my appointment with the surgeon for 2 weeks before surgery. So I think I'll be in October sometime as well. But I'm still trying for September. Good luck to you.
  13. Cancel

    Today is the day!!!

    Good luck to you both and hope you have a speedy easy recovery.
  14. Cancel

    Self-pay in U.S. question

    Where I am in Florida you do need the comorbidities with BMI of 35 or need a 40 BMI. The surgeon requires the psych eval and Nutritional appt(only one). But he does not require documented diet attempts. He also requires a liquid preop diet of 2 weeks for all is patients(to shrink the liver before surgery). Hope this helps.
  15. Yeah, how exciting. Can't wait to be in your shoes. Keep us posted.
  16. BonBon I am right there with you. I am not a junk food craver, just a food aholic. I love good food in quantities that are way too huge. It's like I have no Full button. I haven't thought of my last days before I start my preop too much. I'm still in month 4 of my 6 month diet. But this has made me think about it. You know, maybe it's not necessary to have that Last Supper, Since in a few months I'll be eating smaller quantities of the healthy foods I enjoy. Thanks for sharing that thought. Tracey
  17. Cancel

    Apnea and Weight Loss

    Working for a pulmonary, sleep doctor that does multiple surgical clearances I will say this from some experience. If it feels like the pressure is too high it can often be backed down a bit at a time until you get to 6 or 7cmH2O. Most people come back for that second sleep study between 60 and 100 pound loss. As far as the copay expense goes, look in your area to see if anyone offers a portable sleep study. This is done by you at home and can cost as little as $250. And many insurance companies cover it as an office procedure. This can cost as little as your specialist copay. Hope this helps. Can't wait to be done with my CPAP too.
  18. That is just amazing. Can't wait to get my insurance hoops done so I can join in your awesome success.
  19. Cancel

    Need Your Expertise

    Most insurance companies will waive the preexisting if you can prove you didn't have a lapse in insurance coverage. You will just need a letter from BCBS stating when your insurance terminated. I went from my employers insurance to my husbands last year. one terminated on Dec 31st and the other picked up Jan 1. Hubby has Cigna and I am so excited because while I am still going through their 6 months diet they now cover the Sleeve and It's what I wanted. :thumbup1: Also, I agree with above. Call to make sure that the employer covers WLS.
  20. Cancel

    Cigna coverage ????

    The people I have seen with Cigna for other WLS appear to be approved quickly once they have their 6 month documented diet history.
  21. I will have a $600.00 copay to the hospital plus my surgeon has a program fee of $600.00 that is not covered by insurance. I think its to fill out the paperwork and the preop courses they make you attend here. I will have several nutritionist visits before surgery and an appointment with a personal trainer before surgery and again when I'm cleared to exercise. So far I have also had to pay for my co-pays every month that I go to the Dr. for my diet supervision. So $120.00 for that. Hopefully that will be all there is, I'm trying to save some money also so I won't have to worry about taking some extra time off work if I need it. Hope this helps, Tracey

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