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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy Tiff! I have been gone for awhile but am planning on being around more now.

  2. Been gone for a bit, but plan on being here at least 3 times a week for research, support, encoragement, and just plain keeping in touch!

  3. Gonna start 2011 right.

  4. Hey Barb!! Yeah, it has been awhile since I updated here. I am doing good. I think I may be having difficulty getting enough in. I have to remember to eat. Weird LOL! I am down 50lbs since May. I am toning up and feel like I am doing good. The diabetes is GONE! Your pic is gorgeous!!

  5. Hey man, welcome to the Forum. So, when was your surgery date? I see you have lost a lot already. I am now down 20lbs 2 weeks post op =D

  6. Thanks Barb!! I decided I would do more focus on soups and water. I found out that mushroom soup is high in protein, and I love it. I get in a milkshake or two each day, and I like them, so no biggie there. Just wanna do it right, ya know?

  7. Hey there!! Thnaks for the friend request! How is it going?

  8. Hey Christie! I am doing well 1 week out. 13lbs down this week and I am finally getting in all my fluids. I am not timing my meals just yet, because I am trying to get the protein in as well LOL! I do get at least 5 in during my liquid stages in form of protein shakes and soups. I am getting stronger daily. Like I said, I wish you the absolute BEST!! See ya on the lesser side of you =D

  9. Well the BIG DAY is nearing. How you feeling? I was amazingly calm. I was lucky to have the hospital room totally alone. I wish you well, prayers for you before, during, and after.

  10. Hey Linda, it has been awhile since we chatted. How are things going? I am one week out now from surgery and feeling pretty good. Just stopping by to say HI!

  11. Hey Tiff!!!! You look great in your pics!! WTG! I cannot wait to look so good =D Well, not in a dress HAHA! Anyway, just came by to say THANK YOU for being an AWESOME friend and support. Rob

  12. Everything went well, until I got home and tried crushing my multivitamin. I threw up, something I tried very hard not to do. Oh well, I learned not to do that. I am down 4.5kgs this week already - like 10lbs!

  13. BIG DAY TOMORROW!!!!! See you all next on the SLEEVED SIDE! =)

  14. Wow nearly halfway. If you sneeze hard enough you may just knock out the 1/2 lb. Hehehe. Admission to the hospital tomorrow, but I get a weekend pass til Sunday. Operating on Monday morning. I am so excited =)

  15. Awesome you got your date a couple weeks after mine. We are nearly Sleeve twins LOL! I have also been preparing and found myself also very spiritually enveloped! My prayers will be with your on your day, please say a few for me as well on May 10th. I go do the testing on Friday this week. Nervous, yes...but ready.

  16. Hey Barb!! Nice pic =) I just got back to Norway and had a extremely busy schedule in Colorado. LOL...ya you heard me a schedule on vacation. I am SO SORRY I did not get to meet you. That would have made my day. I had nearly no internet action the whole time. I am going under the knife next Monday. Gonna post a blog or something about it. It is crunch time and I am both nervous and excited. I already feel myself looking at food different. Again...I am so so very sorry I did not get to meet you in Colorado. Maybe next year. As for that storm, I had to pick up my wife in all the hail and tornado warnings from DIA. Fun.

  17. Hey there! You got a pic up! YAY! I have only pictured you as a dancing doll =) I had gone up and down with this decision - especially this past week, but now I made my decision and am not backing down. My boss, who is an avid traininer, has been trying to sway me from getting it done, but she doesn't know all that I had gone through this past 5 years. I am looking forward to this surgery now, and am trying my best to prepare my head for it. Your words are kinda and encouraging. Thank you so so much! I am so glad that you are doing good!!

  18. Hey Barb, I so needed to hear you say that to me, because I have been debating this surgery this past week. I will be in Colorado from the 10th to the 29th of April. I am so excited!

  19. Hey youknowit!! How is everything going? I have kept myself busy and distracted while waiting for my sleeve. Let me know how you are doing. =)

  20. Hey Barb, just wondering how you are doing? How goes the diet and weight loss? Holding you in my prayers. Rob

  21. Just to update you all. I am doing well and losing weight pre-op. I am looking forward to my sleeve and have started thinking about it again. Give me some updates if you come by. Peace and love =)

  22. Hey there, I am so so glad to hear you made it through all of it ok. I take Somac 20 mgs...curious if it will be crushable. I need to ask. HEY, I got my DATE...finally. LOL...I am so impatient. My Sleeve is on May 7th. About a week after I get back from my visit to the USA. Otherwise I am down in weight and eating a lot less and reducing introducing myself to various new foods hehe.

  23. Thanks for the share. I will check it out when I am out there.

  24. Hey there, was wondering what the protein powder you found was called? I will be visiting the USA in April and I thought about buying some supplies there so it isn't so costly. Here one protein drink(bottle) costs like 5 dollars. I think they said I could get 3 "meals" out of it.

  25. Hey DeeDee, nice new pic =) Remember to post when you have put that final pound to rest. I am rooting for ya!!!

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