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  1. Hey y'all... I'm around and doing well... passed my 100 lbs lost now :) I don't like the new VST so I just don't come around much anymore but you can always see what's new on my blog. http://christies-blog.com

  2. Thank you so much ladies!! Sorry I haven't been on in a while ~ I really appreciate your messages!!!

  3. Your comment made me smile ;) Thank you

  4. You are toooooo sweet :)

  5. Well thank you Dansha!

  6. Ok I found you now. Where's a picture of you? Booo

  7. Well thanks! I'm doing great :) Today is 3 months and 65 lbs down. Have had a little less energy lately, but working on it! How are you?

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment on my 12 week pictures!!! It made my day!

  9. Thank you so much :) It's hard for me to believe I am an inspiration to people but I am so glad to hear it :)

  10. Thanks for your comment about my 12 week photos! We are the same age - 27 :) My bday is May 7 1983 :) I'm so glad to have done this at this age instead of waiting til my health got even worse. Do you feel the same? Wishing you all the best!

  11. Thank you so much for the nice picture comment!! :)

  12. The part with my name??? It's just a graphic. I googled my name and searched for my name on Photobucket too :) Found a few cute ones.

  13. Hey sweetie and thank you! I don't feel like I'm melting but I know it is a good pace! I have carried the weight my whole life but yes I'm 27 so I'm sure that does help. I haven't been tracking the past couple weeks but when I was, my carbs were anywhere from 35grms-60grms a day. I haven't really changed what I'm eating so that's probably where it's at. I honestly don't think lack of carbs is a huge deal, but having ENOUGH protein is. I was really slow going for a few weeks and then I started adding a protein shake back in and poof 6 lbs in 8 days. I think it is helping a lot. Gave me a little more energy too.

  14. Deb ~ Thank you! Hubby is doing great and has lost somewhere around 40 lbs now (he hasn't weighed in a while, our home scale is so inaccurate) he is feeling really good, more energy, better attitude :)

  15. I love the new photo you added!! I would love to add you on Facebook if you are open to it :)

  16. Look at your hot new photo!!! Wow!

  17. Thank you! And great news on your surgery!!!! :)

  18. Your story resonated with me! I wish you all the best.

  19. Hi back :) I was sleeved on May 20th :)

  20. Hi Linda! Pretty much the same stuff that goes on my facebook page ends up in my blog but if you would like to follow it my facebook profile is at Christie Stearns | Facebook

    I'm glad you find my posts helpful!! That is why I try to be so detailed, not only for myself but for others because when I found other's blogs or videos before surgery I felt like it helped me so much.

  21. Hey babe thanks for checking on me! I am doing well. I just posted an update but I am down 28 lbs in 3 weeks. I don't really know if/when I stall because i'm not weighing at home. I probably will weigh at some point before my next appointment since it's 3 whole weeks away, but not sure. I do know in my 2nd week I only lost 3 lbs compared to 18 the first week and 7 this week... But I'm sure stalls are coming, they are just a part of weight loss, our bodies need time to adjust to everything. My advice is put away the scale for a good 2 weeks and then hop back on. Use the time to focus on your good new habits, exercise, making some new foods to try, having fun with your hobbies, etc - don't let the number on the scale be high priority :)

  22. I understand the fear. Death from complications of this surgery is EXTREMELY RARE these days. The only complication with sleeve is leakage. They test for it at the hospital and if you have one they can fix it right away. They test for it again at your 3 month checkup. If you eat the right foods in between, it is very unlikely to bust a staple and get a leak. There is only like a 0.2% chance. I hope this helps.

  23. Thank you so much!! I am feeling pretty calm actually. I was more nervous before the consult than I am right now. Haha. But I might start feeling it tomorrow :) :) How are you doing?

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