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  1. mnbsleeve

    My Journey Through Photos

    Congratulations!!! You look AMAZING!!!!
  2. mnbsleeve

    Chills At Night

    Don't be scared, but follow up and have it checked out. It will give you peace of mind!
  3. mnbsleeve

    100 Pounds Gone!

    Congratulations!!!! You look AWESOME!!!!
  4. mnbsleeve

    21 Months Post Op Today

    Sleeve 4 me! You look GORGEOUS!!!! I am sorry I have been a bit away from the boards (some personal/work matters) so I did not see this sooner. But I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment and for being such a bright shining light on this board. Many have already commented on your kindness and warmth and I want to second that!!! It is obvious from your pictures that your beauty comes from within. Your weight loss has simply revealed more of you! You are a rock star and I'm so happy and honored to know your story!!!!
  5. mnbsleeve

    Nearly There

    Best of luck Sammy! Almost there!!!
  6. I Love it!!!! Wear it as much as possible because soon it will go back into the "clothes I'll never wear again" pile --because it will be way too big
  7. Congratulations on your sleeve Candyman! Best wishes for a super speedy recovery! Stay focused on your healing!!!!!! I have a feeling you are going to rock this sleeve!!!
  8. mnbsleeve

    My Unexpected Nsv - It Rocked!

    Congratulations!!!! That's so awesome. Yo can tell you enjoyed every minute of it. Well deserved!!!!!!!
  9. Same as Meg above! My spouse has always been slender but in the last year, as I've lost nearly 100 pounds, he's dropped about 30. He has gotten so many compliments!!! I crack up because I've lost more than three times that... and IT SHOWS!!! LOL My parents, everyone tells him how great he looks. I think: "what am I, chopped liver?"!!! I just tease him and tell him he needs the compliments because I look soooo much younger than he!!! :-)
  10. mnbsleeve


    I too had a combo of shakes and food for pre-op. I had a shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and about 4 oz of lean protein, NO FAT, and about a cup of steamed vegetables. I could also have buillion, SF jello, and SF popsicles. I did that for about 3 weeks. The three days prior to surgery were 100% liquids only. Hang tight Sammy! You will get through it. Take it one hour at a time if necesary. Just remember how much you've been through to get here. Go on walks, see a good movie, read a book.... one hour at a time. You're almost there. Will be thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes your way!!!
  11. mnbsleeve

    Nsv For Me...

    Yay!!!! More fun to come!!!!
  12. mnbsleeve

    Thanks For Being Awesome!

    Welcome!!!! I too have always found this board helpful; great, wonderful people. Be sure to check out youtube since many that post here also post video updates. Good luck on your journey. For me it's been amazing and the best thing I have ever done for myself!!!!
  13. Best of luck Chimera!!!!! This was the scariest part for me! ... I think for everyone. But it will over before you know it and you will be on your way. Sending lots fo well wishes and good thoughts your way for a great surgery and a super speedy recovery!!!!!!! Keep us posted when you're able!
  14. How awesome Brandymarie!!!! Congratulations!!!! I remember having those same thoughts: "what if I'm the one this doesn't work for"... it's so difficult after so many years of struggling up and down! BUT IT WORKS! :-) and it's so exciting!!!! I'm very happy for you. Hang tight, do what you need to do because with this tool it pays off!!! I can hardly wait to read more about your progress!!!!!
  15. mnbsleeve

    Vision Changes Anyone?

    Yes! I did not associate it with VSG, however. I've had pretty steady eyesite but this last year my eyes got really bad. I do have reading glasses but I never really "needed" them. Now I can't see with them or without them. I am also scheduled for an apt.. I wonder if there's any relationship?! Lets see what others post!
  16. I don't know if this is of any use to you ... I am posting some info below. Apparently research is showing that the VSG is the way to go for diabetes. I'm wondering if you get a hold of this research, if you could push your point with medicare and get it approved!!!!Good luck with this. I can imagine how disappointing and frustrating it must be. I'm keeping you in my thoughts!!! (PS: I don't know if you're interested in the live procedure. I'm not watching :-) but just in case I posted everthing! ) Renowned Bariatric Surgeon to perform Live Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on Web Dr. Paul Cirangle, Director of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery for Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco, will perform a live weight loss surgery webcast on Saturday May 19, 2012 beginning at 8:00 am PDT. The gastric sleeve procedure will be able to be viewed world-wide in real time at www.LapSF.com/Live-Sleeve-Gastrectomy-Surgery. Dr. Cirangle and Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco, are generally recognized as the pioneer of the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, and are credited with accruing the largest and longest series of Gastric Sleeve procedures in the world, numbering more than 2300 procedures over a period of 11 years. Weight loss surgery has recently become an important topic due to long-standing evidence that procedures such as the vertical sleeve gastrectomy are able to resolve/cure metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol in a majority of overweight individuals. Recent published reports in the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2012, clearly demonstrated the superiority of weight loss surgery, including the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, in resolving diabetes both in morbidly obese as well as modestly overweight individuals and established weight loss surgery as being vastly superior to traditional medical and dietary modalities. The live sleeve gastrectomy procedure will be broadcast from start to finish giving non-surgical physicians as well as everyone everywhere the ability to see first hand how the gastric sleeve is performed as well as how minimally invasive surgical techniques have dramatically changed the field of weight loss surgery. We Hope You Can Join Us for this Very Informative and Entertaining Segment!
  17. mnbsleeve

    No Longer Hot? Omg This Is Awesome!

    LOL! That is EXACTLY what I did!!! Really works! Congrats to everyone!!!! This is a great thread!
  18. mnbsleeve

    One Hour To Sleeve Time!

    Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts your way Delta!!!! Hang in there. This is the scary part (right as you're waiting for your surgery - I think). But it will be over soon and you will be on your way!!!!! Big hug!!!!!!!
  19. Welcome Jodi!!!! I'm so glad you found this forum. There's lots of wonderful people people here. Congratulations on your surgery. I sounds like you are right on track and doing great! I too feel so fortunate to have this option available to me! I am coming up on a year on June 6 and close to 100 pound loss (103 since my highest weight actually) and I am looking and feeling great!!! :-) It has been the best thing I ever did for myself. Sending you lots of well wishes for a super speedy recovery!!! I look forward to reading about your progress. Enjoy this amazing journey!!!!
  20. mnbsleeve

    Almost Out Of The 300's

    Nikki and Wheetsin, congratulations to you both!!!! It keeps getting better and better. Don't stress about the stalls! They do happen BUT you will kick butt and get through them! I am a relatively "slow loser" and have stalled throughout, especially in the begining. Often as long as 4 weeks. ( Just recenty another 4 weeks stalled and then two pounds loss.) But overall I have lost 92 pounds in 11 months - 103 since my highest!!!! I look and feel great!!! and the stalls have somehow vanished from my memory LOL. I just kept doing what I was suppose to do and felt confident in that. Congrats again to you both and keep up the good work! I look forward to reading about your progress!!!!
  21. mnbsleeve


    CONGRATULATIONS 3AZ!!!!! Enjoy this great ride!!!! :-)
  22. Welcome Marina! Thanks for posting your story! Sounds like you are doing great!!! For me, this has been the single most valuable thing I did for myself. I am so happy I cannot tell you. I am coming up on one year on June 6 and have lost about 92 pounds - about 103 since my highest. And all and all it was not that difficult - in the sense that before my VSG I did the same as now: eat healthy and work out like crazy. Yet NOW it seems to pay off and before I often felt like I was just treading water and any little blip I would go back up. So even though I have been one of those that stalls and drops, stalls and drops, it's been steady down and I am THRILLED!!! :-) Best of luck to you on this incredible journey!!!! Looking forward to reading more about your progress!!!!!
  23. That's great!!! It's so awesome when things fall into place!!!

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