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    mountain_lover got a reaction from Freedom fighter in NSV shout outs   
    I have enjoyed reading ALL of these posts on this thread. I haven't had surgery yet, so I am looking forward to having alot of these NSV moments. I found out Wednesday that I am now approved for the SLEEVE surgery and the date is Dec. 2, so it will be soon. I did have a so called Pre-VSG NSV moment recently. I was up to 266 pounds in July and I have been slowly losing some weight, and the last time I weighed at the doctor's office I was at 239 1/2 pounds. I have not bought any new clothes, but I have been able to get into pants that use to fit until I gained all that weight. I have only kept my size 22 pants, I got rid of all my size 24 jeans because I decided I was only going to go down. Well some of my size 22 jeans were too tight because I gained weight in July. I did not want to go out to buy more pants. In August I finally got my butt in gear and started going down. I have lost only about 26+ pounds in 4 1/2 months, but today I wore a pair of jeans that were really baggy on me. The best moment I recently had was just two days ago, I was reclining all the way back in the recliner, laying flat and I told my family, "Look, I can lay flat and now I don't look like I am 9 months pregnant!!". Before when I would lay on my back my belly was big and round and sticking way up in the air. After I said that, I realized that I am losing even though I don't notice it much on the scales. I hope I will have some more moments to tell you about after Dec.2 surgery!!.
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    mountain_lover got a reaction from moonchild1968 in Depression After Gastric Sleeve Surgery   
    Thank you for your information on depression, because I will be scheduled for surgery soon and it is good to know these things before, so that I if I experience any of these feelings I might just remember what you put on here and then I will understand why I might be going through them post-op. I hope you are getting the help you need and I wish you all the best! Thanks again!
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    mountain_lover got a reaction from jdedeyan in Places to get liquid protein samples   
    I found some vials of Liquid Protein, fruit punch flavor, at Wal-Mart here in Somerset Ky. for $1.97 each. I ask about other flavors and they told me that is the only flavor they have. Maybe other stores have it in other citys. ( The vials were in the section where the Protein Bars were located.)