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  1. it say i'm behind by three weeks I likely.....................
  2. ryansgirl

    Frustrated! Not losing!!

    different for me when i stall out i up my carbs and the scale moves again then i up my protein. i think everybody body different my sister can eat carbs all day never gain any weight eat too much meat and she gains weight. everybody says high fat but not for me even if all i eat is protien and fat i still stall so.i will always have faith in the calorie in vs calories out math. i never debate with anyone about this thing because i know what works for me and just keep tweaking it to find what works for you in the end. glad the scale moved!
  3. gotta try this!! thanks!!
  4. ryansgirl


    don't know if this is good advice or not but i didn't do protein shakes untill i was 5 weeks out your body does not deplet that fast that much i can promise you.
  5. that can be depressing but on the upside you have lost. at the end of the day you have to think that the science behind weghtloss will not fail less calories less fat ect... but maybe it is time to watch you carb intake mms are no good even if it four. i would die without my protein shakes i have become so creative with them. (hugs)
  6. ryansgirl

    Donna Simpson!!!

    my question is who would actully pay??? like a zoo or something...........so sad. of all the things to dream of being.
  7. ryansgirl


    glad you are feeling better and i love doctors who want to go that extra mile myself.
  8. ryansgirl

    Worried stomach is to BIG

    im like tiff i'm in my 7 months and i'm good if i can get a half a sandwhich down. bread is not my friend either is rice or anything too dough just seems to get stuck and hurts and i still vomit if i eat a little too much. It not" POOR YOU" you have every right to be upset and to vent anyway you want. i hope you can get this solve. in the mean time here a some ((hugs)) and i can only understand not wanting to have a another surgery again i shudder at the thought myself.
  9. ryansgirl

    Should I cancel my surgery? Help!

    Good luck with your 6 months and trainer. personally i was 24 when i had my surgery I didn't even tell my family i was having the surgery. i just went and had it done. ive come to learn sometimes it best just to do what you need for you and move on. After your 6 months out everyone will be sanging a different tune and they will be focus on something else. I hate the biggest loser it gives such a shrewed look on obesity and gives too many misunderstanding about obesity. Also there are stories of people once they live the ranch some gain there weight back ect. i always tell people don't even compare real life to that show. Also with this weightloss sugery it not all to end all you still have to work hard at the end of the day everyday. it just a tool not magic i wish other people would understand that but that another note and subject. :thumbup1:
  10. ryansgirl

    My One Year Surgerversary-

    chancie!!! i'm so happy for you!!
  11. i too wonder all that and the frist two months were hard but as of today there not one ounce of regert and i will do it over in a heart beat if i had too i'm down 117 pounds. what to regret?? Plus i was never an emotional eater but if it was there i eat it you cook i eat it. now it feels good to say no thanks and mean it because i'm not hungery.
  12. ryansgirl

    Low blood pressure issues

    i'm also glad you went to the doctor and also glad he didn't find nothing but hope they do find something to give you an answer??? (ok that don't make any sense but here a bunch of kisses and hugs!)
  13. ryansgirl

    To snack healthy or not???

    i don't snack at all but that just me. i'm 58 pounds away from goal and when i get closer i will add more snacking maybe but while i'm still losing i just wont. just my 2 cents
  14. ryansgirl


    i havent find any powder i like except the click one all my proteins are RTD ( i think it mostly because i'm lazy) and i thought the same thing about the navel as well.
  15. SO! for those who knew that i THOUGHT i was gaining weight out of the blue............story. so as of this early i step on the scale the thing said 232 well i about well ready to kill over i mean i was 220 yesterdayi was readyto jump off a bridge somewhere! (you would of heard about me on the 5:00 news) so i'm historcal(sp?) right and my bf trying everything to calm me down after about 20 mintues in the fetus postion (i know so sad lol) my BF get up walks to th scale and says i wonder so he steps on the scale it it say he weight 100 pounds my (bf weighs 140) he steps off and does it again this time 110. and all he say is opps oh boy i think i ruin your scale. My dear sweet BF over flooded the sink in the bathroom THREE WEEKS ago and my scale got merge in all the water! So i i just stared at him. what else could i say i was to exhausted with grief over the pass few weeks to say anything or give a lecture about how i was about to run to the frist ds doctor not to mention i love that scale. i just told him go get me another scale anyway now that i have a woking scale i'm actully 214!!!!!!!! so lesson here stop being a scale whore and stop doubting my self when i know i'm following the rules and this puts me on the totally of 110 pounds weightloss. thought i share just in case this happens to somebody else :biggrin0: the scale does lie! xoxo, nikki
  16. ryansgirl

    How are you feeling???

    it took me about a whole 2 months before i started feeling like myself it was 6 weeks before i was pain free and even after two months i would have a bad week now i just have bad days ever now and then and i'm 6 months out.
  17. ryansgirl

    Took Measurements today

    congrats those inches sure add up don't they! xoxo, nikki
  18. oh sweetie that has got to just kill the vibe of everything maybe you should try a liquid phase for a while when the scale not moving that what i would try here a BIG HUG
  19. ryansgirl

    Off hbp meds!

    CONGRATS! i Know the feeling! congrats on the weightloss as well!
  20. it ok to laugh because i'm still laughing
  21. ryansgirl

    magic bullet VS ninja????????

    you must of have being reading my mind..........i'm going for the ninja. xoxo, nikki
  22. ryansgirl

    embarrassed to ask but ......

    LOL MINI_ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo, nikki
  23. my BF has been extra extra sweet today and i slept last night with no willy wonka dreams of me turning in the blue berry. tracy it funny you mention that because i kepp checking my measurements and it never gaind any inches but i didn't get to s size 18 till i was 218 and i was a size 20 at 260 so. ANd yes i have put the scale up and will only do it on saturdays although the urge is strong. xoxo, nikki

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