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  1. mnb call me and stoongal you will be fine there was man that wa 68 getting a mgb so age has nothing to do and you look cute and sassy with that hair cut. as of to date i'm down 28 pounds *sigh* only 144 more pounds to go.:sad0: nikki
  2. he was my doctor your in good hands! i'm almost three weeks out nikki
  3. ryansgirl

    No "complications" forum?

    tiffykins have you tried clear protien drinks. it has help me a lot one of my fav is resource boost breeze milkly free and it all i will drink. milk is not on my list right now just a thought.
  4. oh tiffykins the slow part to me is the hard part *sigh*
  5. ryansgirl


    i still dont know..................i'm on my third week of being out. so. it funny 6 million people done ask me this and all i can say is ask me in a month or two right now i'm in limbo.
  6. ryansgirl

    Egg Drop Soup

    thank you! this was a freash taste to what ive been eating for the pass two weeks i'mon week three and this shake things up a bit! wish i could have eatten the whole bowl. :cursing: nikki
  7. ryansgirl

    Surgery Date!!!!

    i'm in the same boat hunny!!!! mines is the 25th i'm a boat of nervousness.
  8. I'm feeling better and you are right i don't need his seal of approval. It my body. i have to keep saying that as a chant lol but it working and thanks so much!
  9. thanks so much. with all the advice i thinking i going to just tell hime it out of "state" and ask could he do the 3 month follow up blood thing and GI been with him for two years so hopeful he says yes:001_unsure:. MAybe i tell everyone later lol thanks again!
  10. ryansgirl

    PreOp diet advice

    thanks for the info! and i'm glad to see you doing well
  11. thanks guys! My doctor is dr. Almanza-Reyes. A girl at my college had him 7 months ago and she doing great. I just want to be able to have my blood check from time to time youi know and whatever comes with the after care.:thumbup: this whole thing has been rough on the emotional side as soon as you got one question answer or done another pops up lol running on empty:blush:

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