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  1. as most know ive have lost a lot of weigh thus far. 146 pounds to be exact. anyway when i got about 220 pounds my arms and thighs was not looking too hot and my arms bother me then anything. there was a lot of lose fat and i was dreading the fact that i may need more surgery and after the ordeal with my sleeve i was not looking forward to more surgery also who want to be stuck covering their arms all summer long. so 5 months ago today i decide to start lifting weights. an here are the results. i'm 176 pounds right now. as you can see the pics speak for it self. so i'm not stuck covering my arms this summer! now my thighs are another story but the are a lot smaller and i have lost 4 more inches off of them and there is a huge improvment to them (no i wont be posting my thighs at least not now lol) but they look fine in swiming boy shorts and to me that like wearing a two piece. so moral of the story is lift those weights. 1st pick was at 220 and plenty of sagging. 2nd pic is 4 months out. 3rd is a pic of my arms today at 176.:thumbup: xoxo, nikki
  2. So i made it past goal (150 now I'm 147)so that put me down for a 176 pounds in 13 months not too shabby i say. sorry guys not really liking the new layout of site too busy for me (for those who have adhd you understand) when i get the ambition i will figure out how to put my new pics up. but anyway it been a wild ride thus far and to think this new year eve (if i;m bless to see it) it wont be about weight lol. i had a aunt that died 7 weeks ago that just broke my heart she never got a chance to see me thin again and i never got a chance to show her my ring and worst of all to say i love you, goodbye, and i sorry for not calling and thanks for loving me rasing me, ect,,,(for those who don't know i got engaged on august 23 my aunt died august 31) she was only 58. three weeks before she died she told my mother for me to call her and i have no excuse for not doing it the week i was going to call her (she died of a aneursym (sp) this is my first death ever (this women raised me for eight years. she was the first parent i ever had my parents had me young and they had to find themselves i guess) ironically i allowed myself to feel everything i didn't stuff my feelings this time and i shared how i felt with the other family members. anyway to make a long story short my mother and i are closer then we every been i check on everybody now. i have forgiven and ive ask for forgiveness as well to those ive might or have done wrong i forgot how much my family loves me. i know death is real but i mean for me it was like a reality check or something maybe those who remember their first experience w/death know how i feel maybe?????? i don't know. anyway on the upside i stand up for myself now ( of course it always ladyllike lol). i met a lot of new friends and i get out the house every chance i get! i have grown SO much as a person I've truly learn and have empathy for people and it has help me with a lot with my anger towards things and people. somethings i learn the weight did not fix my problems that i use to blame my weight on those are inner things Im still working on. i enjoy my meetings with my therapist and i love my OA meetings. but i love life and i think i get life now it not suppose to be perfect it just life and i can accept that. accept is another word i use a lot now lol because when you can do that you made the first step towards a lot of things to change. so ladies and gent this is what my weight-loss journey has done for me yes it great to be slim but i feel more emotional mended and it make me feel a lot better period of who i am and i don't compare or beat myself up anymore about my so call flaws. I'm a gypsy at heart and that OK! also thank you guys for your love and support as well! sorry for the long post by the way.
  3. ryansgirl

    3 pounds below goal!

    thanks guys so much! yes it was a lot of hard work the only key i really know that work is to stay persistent i had alot of people who told me i should be glad to make it 170 but that is not what i had wanted. exercise is very much so part of my life. don't forget fitness is a journey too who know next maybe i train to climb a moutain well it a thought. point is look at this as your golden shot. personally i don't eat beef, chicken or turkey anymore just seafood and veggies. sadly im addict to splenda and i'm trying really hard to get rid of it (but i really like) ive find new hobbies. there life outside the kitchen. i've taken up Adult ballet and i find it fun and to be a great workout for the body as well. also my taste buds have done a 360 as well things i use to love before just are not for me anymore result of the surgery? i don't know maybe maybe not. my mind has be though so much rewiring i can't really tell lol. at my weight i was really regretting getting the sleeve in my early start because after the first 80 maybe it seem like the sleeve wasn't enough but then i realize regradless of what i had i had to do the work. do i worry about it streching no. i always wonder why people do considering no one can make you eat a whole cake and it not really magical like i thought before i had surgery. it an awesome tool and im glad i chose the sleeve but it will always be up to me how it will end. so i have no magic in a bottle just a clean diet and plenty of exercise that i had to make part of my life and i never make excuses for myself, to quit. really it does became second nature after a while.
  4. Well in 23 more days i will be a sleevey with the rest of you lovely bunch. Now my question is how did you tell your pcp? i want to tell him. i mean he knows i wanted it and we talk about it for a year and when i fnd out my insurence just covers the rny i left it alone for a while. when i find out about mexico i decide on a doctor and everything and i'm all set to go..........now how do i tell him this? people are sooooo negative and i really just don't know what to do. I would like to have my blood check from time to time but just worry about what he will say please help. oh and another thing did you tell friends....i haven't too scared. the few i did tell i told them it was out of state........i'm not really lieing am i? but it kinda hard. How will i tell my mom? my sisters? My boyfriend is 100 percent supportive so that a good thing but ugh it too much to think about.
  5. ryansgirl

    forgot to share...........

    you can get from Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert [frozen] : Lindas Diet Delites, Low Carb, Low Calorie, and Gluten Free Food - Low Carb Bread for 5.99 by the way.
  6. ryansgirl

    forgot to share...........

    there this thing called Arctic Zero. it a pint of protein ice that the size of ben n jery for only 150 calories for the whole thing gulten free 16 grams of protein and 64 calories a serving gulten free and fat free. thought i share! might help some newbies
  7. ryansgirl

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    Spectrum Naturals - Coconut Oil Organic i buy it by the pound
  8. ryansgirl

    weight watchers anyone?

    personally i would join something like OA thier sessons are better and you can really talk about what bugging you and you can go to one everyday if you need to plus meet some friends and perhapes a spousor to. good luck and hugs
  9. ryansgirl

    forgot to share...........

    awe thanx lisa. one day at a time and i'm glad dansha have you seen the price on amazon!
  10. ryansgirl

    (some pics)proof you have to lift weights!

    depends i do lighter weights i stared with 5 lbs now i do 7.5 for some and 10 lb for other. if your trying to build higher weights and slower reps are best tone lighter weight but faster reps. ive stuck with higher reps i can build muscle very easy so i stay far from heavy weights. so it dpends on what you are shooting for but i would start with something heavier then 2lbs weight you have to tierd those muscles outs. good luck! oh and do that cardio what good is it to lift weights but still have high body fat to cover it.
  11. ryansgirl

    Will I ever be able to eat pizza again?

    i don't miss alot of things so funny all my favs like fries and milkshakes just don't have an urge for it plus none of it tastes the same and i get deathly ill when i eat anything that has too much grease. when we go to mcdonlds i get my large coffee with splenda and i'm content i have a set diet that works for me and my works outs and i never was a pizza lover could be in highschool all of us worked at pizza hut and well let then say after working there from age 14-18 pizza is non exist in my world.
  12. ryansgirl

    Reassurance Needed

    we payed for mines and my soon to be hubby :lol0: is still paying on it we have about 2,000 left it been a year and my baby says he does not regret it and we would do it 10x fold again! (hugs)
  13. thanxs again guys you know my doctor is really in awe by my weightloss because for a whole yr he try to talk me into the gastric bypass and so glad i didn't (now) because i met two people so far who have had and are not happy they had it. not saying everybody but i was really shock to here that in person since on the web everyone seems so happy with the gastric bypass. anyway it is nice to prove my doctor wrong.
  14. everything was just perfect!!!!! i must say august must be my month or something. anyway just thought i share. the ring is beauitful and every diamond is real! it took him eight months to pay for it. although i didn't need a set that expensive after all we have students loans waiting for us at the door here any min now but im just soo thrilled at this moment all i can do is cry...................
  15. ryansgirl

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    lol oregon everytime i;m talking to one of my friends or something they say the same thing and asks me what DO i do in my spare time lol.:lol0:
  16. THANXS SO MUCH GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! well i have always wanted a fall wedding because to me fall mean new life. so i want a fall wedding when i told my mom this she like nikki there know way we can plan a wedding in a month i laughed and told her it was for 2011 she calmed down after that. we have also decide to buy a fixer upper home for our frist home. it cheaper and a fun project. plus it can keep the cost down while we are paying school loans back. as for the day sep. 24 of 2011 is the day but i wanted the 23 but it falls on a friday (first day of fall) and i know most people have to work so i have to settle for saturday even though i thought sunday was better but everyone else says saturday is better and yes tiff i will bloging about this. thanks again sooo much everybody for love and support! oh and the theam of my wedding (if it don't change ya know how i am lol) will be the Queen of hearts.
  17. ryansgirl

    where are the heavyweights?

    thanks tiffy it so funny i never knew people even like collar bones untill the frist time i went to a party i was like boy i'm so behind lol i actully had to google what the big deal about them were lol
  18. ryansgirl

    forgot to share...........

    you right donna i just looked at amazon!!!!!!!! WHAt??? dansha hopeful there one near you.
  19. ryansgirl

    forgot to share...........

    Arctic Zero put your location in it at most health stores i find only one store that carry it near me. i love the peanut butter and the cookie and cream. the coffee is my favorite i just made my frist coffe frapp with it loved it. oh did i mention it has 8 grams of fiber a serving...........and we can always use that right lol
  20. ryansgirl

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    going into this i know i would be eating very little so i brought tons of things to replace veggies and what not. i do Garden Veggies Vegetable Supplement Nature's Way i use the powder now the same with my fruits one. pernatal vitmans, wheatgrass shots, Borage oil (great source of fat when i can afford it if not i just use omega 3caps) Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak (or whatever one of those type of things on sell) protein shakes (again i personally love them) i think people are also talking about vitamins all the time but you got to have those trace minerals. my fav ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Supplement Drops (when i can afford it if not i get whatever on sale) i eat seweeds as well (a lot) and kelp.i don;t eat chicken or beef anymore just seafood. i brought a vitman book and kinda did a recap of all the imporant minerals and stuff our body really need to fuction. again this is and was something that works for me sound like a lot but it not i make a great smoothie with it every time i wake up and get it out of the way. My bf swears i'm pickling my self to live forever but he drinks them now to.
  21. ryansgirl

    where are the heavyweights?

    once heavy weight here i started out at 325 i'm 160 and down 163 10 more pounds to go. i hoping to make before my one year is up.
  22. ryansgirl

    Just need to vent

    well put thinoneday as always. i also like to add in a real sense no one going to ever no you like anybody but you. praise yourself everyday. it feel better coming from you anyway after all at least you know it real. and find another hobby i meet the most lovely elderly lady from my community and she teaching me how to use a sewing machine and it been great fun being with her and just learn something new and to add to the list of thing i can be proud of myself that i can do. but food is not going to make you any better if anything more depress and who needs that. you just need a bigger support group. start talking to strangers you be surprise who you bump into i have a whole new list of friends of all ages that i never had before and they are all wonderful in there own way and they remind me everyday it nice to breath and just live.
  23. ryansgirl

    Hair Loss Poll:)

    i never lost any of my hair in fact it more shiny then it ever been in it life. i guess all the supplements and protein shakes worked wonders for me of course it could of been just sheer luck who knows. but i swear by coconut oil i use on my skin, my hair for oil treatment it my eye cream my mother been using it on us since we've been childern and we all still use it to this day my bf even use it now and it so funny because he always at school or work tellng people about it like his magic potion or something lol.
  24. ryansgirl

    how do you see fat people now?

    i with you tiffkin luv. i feel the same way i don't judge. although not every style is for every body type anyway is this something ive been working on for years when negative thoughts come i squash them quick. and to be honest i'm really no bit differnt then them. after all i was 323 pounds just a year ago. it like getting rich how can you forget you too could not afford things. i hate it when people who were once something and are now not and just judge others. very very un lady like.
  25. just love you much tiff!!! very proud of you!

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