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  1. Some people retain fluids badly after surgery from the IVs, meandlittledog. I only lost 11 pounds in first 10 days and weighed 366. Very disappointed but I was retaining Water badly and took a while to get rid of it no matter what I drank or ate. Don't feel bad. It will come off. That's great Tamz! Such an incentive isn't it?
  2. Roseib

    Day 8 so so tired

    Getting in water at this point more important than protein only 8 days out. I had to drink 64 oz water daily aside from broth jello and popsicles. Couldn't have protein drinks until followup visit at 10 days. Every doctor different though.
  3. Roseib

    Surgery alone

    Ps. Forgot. My doctor did want someone spending my first night home with me.
  4. Roseib

    Surgery alone

    I drove myself there at 6am and was at hospital alone. My friends came later and drove car home. Like others I had to have someone drive me home when released.
  5. Roseib

    Scared of "going under"

    I've had a few surgeries and always got sedated first and only remember them putting mask on and saying to breathe once. Other times was out before that point and waking up a second later.
  6. Roseib


    Hi. I'm 12 months out and eating what I could pretty much eat since 9 months out. Think this is it for me. Plenty of restriction but able to enjoy food. Like others volume depends on the food 3-6 oz depending on what I eat. Like tiffykins I can eat close to a cup of chili (my favorite go-to dish). I think my doctor used a bougie size 40.
  7. I was told first two weeks but clearly highest risk first few days. Someone who's had a leak hopefully will post but yes I've read one will have terrific pain and I think run fever but not sure about fever
  8. Roseib

    Surgery in 8 hours

    You'll do fine. At least you're having it early not 1PM like my cousin monday. It will go SO fast once you get to hospital. Before you know it you'll be wheeled through the OR doors and then next thing you'll be "waking up" with it all over. Will be up at 7:30 and sending positive thoughts your way.
  9. Rick and Wheetsin make a good point I think My surgeon says that people who have been overweight for a while develop larger bones to support that weight. Therefore one's ideal weight might be 150 but for that person 180 for example will be the better weight.
  10. Roseib

    TWONDER Land

    Yay!!! That was such a thrill for me too.
  11. Roseib

    June 29 Sleevers????

    No but I had my surgery June 29 last year. I've done well so it must be a lucky date.
  12. Hi, well, from my experience two days is about right for the nerves to hit! I was just scared of the surgery. The reality of no more pigging out on grilled hot dogs (which I love) didn't hit me until the day after surgery when I was watching 4th of July commercials on TV. But it was fleeting. A lot of people are able to sucessfully add carbs back in their eating lifestyle once they have reached goal, so you are not necessary giving food you like up forever. I'm sensitive to refined carbs, so I'll always have to watch the white stuff, including rice and potatoes. However, if you read some of the earlier posts on here, you'll see a lot of people are able to eat even Desserts in limited way once they reach goal. At any rate, your reaction seems pretty typical to me. My cousin is having VSG surgery the 20th and I talked to her a couple of days ago and she was starting to get anxious about following the food plan, taking the Vitamins on schedule, etc. For me it was about two days before, like you. You'll be fine once you are on the other side. So different afterwards than before and it's difficult to describe. You'll be fine.
  13. Hope all goes smoothly. Will be sending positive thoughts your way. Tough time for you but a lot of people are praying for you.
  14. I had an umbilical hernia repair a few years ago when I had gall bladder surgery. My bariatric surgeon asked if I knew whether the hernia repair had mesh and I did know it did not because the surgeon didn't want to risk infection re gall bladder removal. I wonder if mesh is the issue. I know nothing about hiatal hernia repairs.
  15. Hi. I was sitting in my hospital bed day 2 watching an ad for hot dogs (it was coming up on 4th of July) when I had that oh, no, I'll never be able to pig out in grilled hot dogs again thought. Was brief and I haven't regretted it. Eventually down the road you'll probably be able to eat about a cup of food,depending on what it is. You will still enjoy food but just be satisfied with less and have leftovers to enjoy for lunch. Re stomach stretching they take out the stretchy part and leave the muscle part so it doesn't stretch. Now the bypass pouch can stretch but minimal if at all on our tiny stomachs.
  16. Sugar alcohol does not affect the blood glucose level like sugar. But I understand too much can cause diarrhea or discomfort in some people. I imagine how much differs from person to person but I don't know. I've had pure protein bars with no trouble. Sugar alcohols ok to eat on a low carb diet though according to my doctor's nutritionist.
  17. Roseib


    Hi, everyone, thanks for your comments. They are helpful to put things in perspective. I am extremely happy to have had the surgery and was happy to deplete my small nest egg to have it. I think mostly this is an aging issue that is coming out through the weight loss process and am going to do a few sessions with a psychologist to try to work through that. I thought I had worked through this stuff in my mid-40s when I had a mid-life crisis sort of thing when I had to face up to that fact that there wasn't going to be a husband and children. But almost 64 is a whole different ball park than 45. I'm smiling as I write that. 60 is NOT the new 35. It's 60. Most of the time I feel like the rest of you -- happy to be getting healthier and more mobile/energetic and likely extending my life. But every so often that anger at having to wait until 60s to have it and ending up looking like a walrus comes through. Thinoneday, you are amazing at juggling the surgery and putting your daughter through college! I teach at a university and am well aware of the great costs involved in putting a child through college these days. Kudos to you! thanks again everyone.
  18. Roseib

    At what point???

    Ps. Those statistics that state people lose up to 70% of their excess weight are of course averages. On average or generally this is what people lose. Some will, as many on this board have, lose 100%. Some will lose less.
  19. Roseib

    At what point???

    My doctor says 6-8 months is when most people lose weight the quickest. Then it slows down. He also says there one should be able to lose indefinitely if you continue to follow the plan. What happens to some is that over time they add foods back in and/or start snacking. Those of us with a lot of weight to lose may take two years but it can and has been done. He said on average women lose for 12-14 months but followed it up with what I just indicated. Of course most women will likely be at goal by then.
  20. Oops. Just noticed your post was yesterday so you might be through and in your room. Hope all went well and you are comfortable.
  21. Yes as others said its normal. Will be sending positive thoughts your way today and tonight. Once you get to hospital it goes so quickly not much time to be anxious. I just remember going through the operating room doors. Then a second later I was in recovery - or so it seemed.
  22. Congratulations! Not too long ago I felt the same way.
  23. Roseib

    I have the worst luck

    Awww. That's tough. So sorry. Hope the week passes quickly for you.
  24. Progress is being made. You are losing inches. You are off several medications. That's great! Just talk to him about what you can do to jog the weight loss. It will start again. I'd take my food diary with me for him to look at. Maybe u need to see the nutritionist if he has one. My personal opinion is that our bodies get all out of whack from this major surgery and sometimes people don't lose like others do. You are just beginning. The weight will come off.
  25. Will be sending positive thoughts your way. The good thing is it goes really fast once you get to hospital. I was pretty nervous myself the night before - almost a year ago. That's natural. Best wishes