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    Do you sleep hunger free?

    Not hungry at night, although I often do experience what I think is real hunger, not head hunger, during the day if I haven't eaten for several hours. My problem is getting up during the night to go to the bathroom because I get so busy during the day I end up getting a lot of my water in at night!
  2. Roseib

    Breakfast foods high in protein?

    I often have turkey chili now that we're having cold (for us) weather in San Antonio. Low in calories and carbs and high in protein. I often don't eat "breakfast food" for breakfast. I like your musical ticker, DivaCakes.
  3. Roseib

    Twenty four hours to go

    Good luck! Will be sending positive thoughts your way. This time tomorrow you will be sleevef! When you are up to it let us know how it went.
  4. Roseib

    Surgeon Vs. Nut

    Ditto what the others have said. I'm someone who has to steer clear of refined carbs and really starchy food, esp. potatoes -- nothing white. Luckily that is the post-op eating plan my sugeon has us on, although I could have whole grain bread now if I wanted to. I'm six months out but still with a lot of restriction. Our rule, which seems to be similar to that of others on the board, is protein first, then veggies and some fruit, then whole grains if room. I too would go with my doctor's plan for now if I were you
  5. Roseib

    stuck at loosing!

    Geez, I wish my stalls were that short. I've been losing 5-10 pounds quickly and then stalling for 2-3 weeks! I've been losing about 10 pounds a month now for 3 months. Larger loss at the beginning, but it's still coming off. You're doing great!
  6. Roseib

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Oops. Current is 298
  7. Roseib

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    High: 385.5 Surgery 6/29/10: 366 Current: 398
  8. Roseib


    Ask your doctor. Mine didn't want us taking laxatives because one can get dependent on them. Benefiber was ok.
  9. Could be the drain. That was where I had the worst pain. If it continues, call your doctor but it could well be related to the drain. I was surprised to see how long the tube was when the nurse took mine out.
  10. Roseib

    Calcium Citrate

    I take bariatric advantage chocolate chews. My surgeon sells them. They are 250 mg per chew so that would be 4 for you. I have to take 6. But they taste pretty good.
  11. Hi, my doctor had me on 64 oz of Water the day I left the hospital. I was flabbergasted at drinking that much, but I did it by sipping all day. Very important to do the water. I had to start putting in SF crystal light, hawaiian punch, etc. because the water started making me nauseated. Was told to use Protein drinks with no more than 5 gms carbs. But every doctor different. Your doctor obviously is OK with higher carb level in them. I am 63 and lost faster that first month, but also have a lot more weight to lose so I will lose more quickly than you, as Tiffykins said. You'll probably feel a lot better once you're on mushies. I would talk to my doctor about giving up water. I think he'll want you to add that back in.
  12. How did they define "fail"? Gaining all the weight back? Some of the weight? Not losing to goal? I'd like to know what they meant. Thanks.
  13. Roseib

    Former Cowboy Nate Newton got sleeved

    He had it done here in SA through my Center. He did a commercial for them that ran on local TV. Lost over 100 pounds in three months according to the ad.
  14. Roseib

    My Mom is considering the sleeve...

    I'm 63. Had surgery end of June when I was 62. I weighed (and still do) a lot more than your mom although I don't have diabetes or hypertension. I did fine. Dr told me I did better than many of his younger patients. I agree with the statements above. Its scary to contemplate surgery but its scary to contemplate a life with hypertension and diabetes. I wanted to hsve my life back. 60 isn't that ancient and hopefully those of us having surgeries will have lengthened our lives by 10 or more years. I had considered bypass but did decide at my age the sleeve with fewer complications would be more prudent. Even though I don't feel old. :-)
  15. Roseib

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    HW 385.5 SW: 366.5 (6/29/10) CW: 312.5 I've had one 3 week stall weeks 6, 7, and 8 and another 2-1/2 week stall month 3. Very frustrating given my weight. I thought I would lose more quickly, but I'm losing inches even when the pounds don't come off. That's encouraging.
  16. Roseib


    This topic is so relevant to my situation right now. I mentioned previously that I stalled for 3 weeks 5, 6, 7 and broke it by adding in calories and Protein through scheduled Snacks because I wasn't meeting the 600 cals and 60 protein gms minimum. Followed advice of more experienced folks on forum and I dropped 15.5 pounds in about 1-1/2 weeks. Then had post op meeting with PA and she said dont' snack. Only 3 meals a day. Well, tried that. Finally figured out how to meet protein minimum with 3 meals and still went into another almost 3 week stall, then just lost 9 pounds in 10 days when I went against orders and added in protein snack or two if necessary. Another postop yesterday. Talked to PA about my worry about not getting enough nutrition with 450-550 cals a day. I'm eating mostly lean protein to get those 60 grams of protein in through 3 meals and no snacks. So she got back to me today with doctor's message: no protein snacking, 3 meals a day, get in Proteins, don't go over carb limit (60 carbs -- I rarely get to 30) or fat limit (30- stay under that too). Dr. said don't worry about calories; just get in protein and Water (only water counts as liquid, btw; Protein shakes, tea, etc. don't count). I think he must be more conservative than many of the doctors you all see, but he's very experienced and successful. I'm going to follow his instructions and not add a protein snack or two to get 600 calories. We'll see where it gets me this month. Won't worry about calories. If I stall, I'll see if it will break following his instructions. It's been a bit frustrating not losing more month 3 considering my high weight at the outset, but maybe this is just going to be my way of losing, i.e., lose, stall, lose, stall. I seem to remember Oregon Daisy saying something about her weight loss being full of stalls.
  17. EMMA! Greeat to hear how well you are doing!!! Vix: I think pretty much everyone or at least the vast majority get a drain. It seems that most of us had it removed before leaving the hospital. It caused me the most discomfort, but that's not saying much. I was well-medicated and not in a lot of discomfort. It did hurt when they took it out but it was really quick so the pain was brief. I've read some posts from folks who said it didn't bother them at all, either when in or when being removed. re: the ghrelin issue, I haven't personally researched it. But others on the board point out that ghrelin is produced in other parts of the body so the hormone is not entirely gone, although reduced in amount. It's hard to describe until one experiences it, but the restriction really does work. I wanted to eat more chili the other night, but couldn't go more than 1/3 cup. I really wanted more but I was full up at 1/3 cup. Yes, we still get mind hunger and have to learn to really listen to our bodies when we've physically had enough. Sorry I can't compare it to the band. I have no idea what that feels like. Folks like LilMissDiva, Tiffykins, and Oregon Daisy and lots more can give you that info. As you've probably realized by now lots of folks in this community have had the band to sleeve revision. And are very happy with the sleeve.
  18. Hi, Vix, Welcome to the community! There are a number of older folks on here -- lots of folks in their 50s I think and some of us in our 60s. I think someone is even 70. I never had the band but there are a number of people who have had the revision, not all of them young. I think maybe Oregon Daisy had the revision. I believe she is in her 50s. You might send her a private message. I know she'd be glad to share with you. I am doing great! I do get hungry if I don't eat for several hours (sometimes I get busy and forget). I can feel really hungry, too, BUT the restriction is great. i eat my 1/3-1/2 cup of protein and maybe a bit of veggies and that's it. I'm full. I made some changes before surgery which I think helped me with cravings for addictive foods. I stopped drinking caffeine and carbonated water and eating refined carbs and potatoes 1-2 months prior. I thought thewould be easier that way. I honestly have not really felt cravings for the bad stuff. Well,the other day I wanted to grab a Reese's peanut butter cup out of a co=workers hand, but that is the only time. My birthday yesterday and my co-workers bought a cake for me and ate it in front of me -- told me how delicious it was -- and it looked good, but I had no craving for it. That may change over time. You'll hear people say the sleeve is just a tool to restrict amounts; we have to decide what to put in our mouths. But it is so much easier with the sleeve to make the good decision. I'm four months out btw. Cannot drink when eating but my doctor lets us drink until 15 minutes before and we can start drinnking again 15-30 minutes after. Drs. vary slightly on the times. If you have questions, just ask and anyone will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. There are special forums -- you might want to look at the aged-graded one and see what other folks in their 50s have to say. The odds are you'll do great.
  19. Roseib

    Joint pain

    It's encouraging to hear what folks say. I have end stage osteoarthritis in my knees and need knee replacement. My weight in May was 385.5 Have lost 70 pounds (at 315 now). I have noticed reduced pain. I take hydrocodone for the pain and have been able to cut back on its use. Also I can walk farther and can stand longer than 70 pounds ago. I still have pain intense enough to limit my mobility, but much better now. My internist says I may not need knee replacement. We'll see when I lose down to 250 (the weight at which my orthopedist will do the surgery). I just turned 63 yesterday so my age may complicate matters. Above folks younger than me. But obviously I agree with everyone. I think I read somewhere that every 10 pounds of weight people lose puts substantially less stress on the joints.
  20. Same for me. Had gallbladder out several years ago. No problems after sleeve.
  21. Don't forget rings can be resized. Doesn't cost much. I'm waiting until I hit goal though. Just won't wear them for awhile. Not married so no wedding ring problem. I'd probably get it resized as I lose weight.
  22. Roseib

    San Antonio

    Hi. I'm three months out now too and also used oTCMSWL at northeast baptist hospital like Texas chick but had Dr. Ramiro "Sonny" Cavazos. Went great. Dr C is Soooo nice. Great bedside manner. I think they have a TCMSWL site but you can also find info through the hospital site. PM me and ill give you cost info for last June.
  23. Roseib

    San Antonio

    Hi. I'm three months out now too and also used oTCMSWL at northeast baptist hospital like Texas chick but had Dr. Ramiro "Sonny" Cavazos. Went great. Dr C is Soooo nice. Great bedside manner.
  24. Oops. Your message just posted. Yay! Glad you are doing so well. And tomorrow will be better, too.
  25. Hope all went well. Eager to hear from you!