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  1. Having a hard time fighting head hunger. I would love to hear everyone's trick on how they fight it. 

    1. Lynnlovesthebeach


      This may sound ridiculous but I just reach down and feel my hip bones or put my hands around my waist or look at myself sideways in a mirror and feel proud of the hard work I've done and then I'm able to say, "nope, don't need that...I'm not hungry!" Sometimes when I go grocery shopping and I see something that I would of bought pre Gastric bypass, I say to myself, "I choose not to buy that." I don't ever say, "I can't have that." I can have anything I want. I'm an adult and I make my own choices! I chose a new lifestyle and I love the choices I make now! It's all a head game isn't it?

    2. Christina4


      I love that! I need to do that. Great idea. It really is all in my head. I will stop and ask myself if I'm really hungry a lot of time. Or I will try to convince myself that I am just thirsty. It's still a battle though. Thank you for those tips! I'm going to give it a try!

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