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  1. Hope all went well!!!

  2. Less than 24 hours and I will offically be sleeved!!!

  3. OMG!!!! I can't believe this day is actually here. I'm getting sleeved tomorrow morning. I'm not nervouse (yet, lol) but I'm just really super excited and I know I want sleep much tonight. Does any one have an last minute points for me???
  4. OMG...everything is falling into place and I'll be sleeved in 5 days!!!

  5. a change is comin

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery Scheduled For Monday

    So glad to hear!!
  6. a change is comin

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery Scheduled For Monday

    lexusgirl14....congrats...i'm so happy to hear that your surgery went well, as well as getting thru that hurrican!! Slow and easy....keep us update on your progress. And again...congrats!
  7. a change is comin

    AA Sleevers; where are you; what's your status??

    Waiting for my approval from the insurance company. I have a date of Sept 19th. So I'm excited about that. I truly can't wait for surgery to happen, it;s been in the making for soooo long. Trying to keep prayful knowing that all will go well.
  8. Waiting for the insurance to approve me is killing me....ugghh!!

  9. a change is comin

    Gain weight during 6 month diet....

    Thanks vdiaz3072! Good luck with the liquid diet and surgery! It makes a lot if sense to me if a slip a bit but ugghhhh! He just made me feel a bit bad....oh well we will see what they say.
  10. a change is comin

    Gain weight during 6 month diet....

    Thanks heller2u! That make sense. My doctor made me feel as if because I gained they might not approve...but if I could drop a lot of weight u wouldn't be here...lol! I'm just praying all goes well!
  11. a change is comin

    Gain weight during 6 month diet....

    Yeah I hope so! I'll keep everyone posted...good luck to you too! Thanks natashad
  12. a change is comin

    Youtube Gastric Sleeve Surgery Vlog? Who Has One?

    Hey everyone! I have a YouTube channel also...it's a mixes of a lot of stuff but my wls journey is also on there! My username is: edandqui
  13. a change is comin

    September Sleevers

    Ok got my surgery date: September 19th!! Now for my pcp to give his ok and than info off to the insurance company! Can't really officially celebrate til I get the real OK! Lol....pray for me!
  14. OMG!! I went for one of my last pre op visits with my surgeon and when they weighted me, I gained 6 pounds!!! I was doing so well up until the beginning of this month. I went into a bit of a blue funk and I sometime emotionally eat and hence the weight gain. I'm sooo scared my insurance will deny me because it looks like I didn't follow thru with the diet! I can keep myself in the butt!!! OAN: I have a surgery date of September 19th! I can't really be excited because of this weight gain issue! Please pray for me that all goes well...

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