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  1. I am in the Clear Lake area. Not much as far as groups that I know of, but would love to get together sometime. I do meet with a small group of ladies (6 or so) once a month in Alvin. Feel free to email me, as i check that more than here. kittyforet@yahoo.com
  2. kittyforet

    Suggestions?! Please

    All of the above plus I like turkey pepperoni and turkey Jerky. The jerky I buy is Jack Links 100 calorie packs and they have 18 grams Protein. Takes a bit of chewing but they get the job done. Turkey pepperoni is 70 calories with 8 grams protein. Sometimes I'll have a serving of 15 slices with a string cheese (I like sargento reduced fat cheddar) and that keeps me full. I also add unflavored Protein Powder to things and/or use lemonade flavored powder in my Water after working out. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  3. kittyforet


    I think that the carbonation isn't as strong when it's a frozen drink. I think you're ok. If it worries you, ask your doctor before you drink another one. And if they say it's not ok, let us know!! Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  4. Everyone has their own preferences so try as many as you can. I also noticed that some I didn't like pre-op I can now drink so keep in mind that your tastes may change. I have several powders I like. Ideal chocolate milk Protein powder. They used to make a vanilla and it was good too. unjury chocolate splendor, vanilla, unflavored and chicken Soup. Haven't tried the strawberry but just got a sample pack. Syntrax nectar roadside lemonade, Caribbean cooler, strawberry mousse, Cappuccino. All of the above powders are in my pantry right now, so I dont get bored or stuck having the same thing over and over. I also have sugar free torani syrups to add to my drinks... Chocolate, vanilla, caramel and coconut. This way I can have a caramel chocolate drink, a chocolate coconut drink, etc. it doesn't have to be plain Jane. For the nectar lemonade and Caribbean cooler, I add the crystal light packets of either lemonade, raspberry lemonade or pink lemonade to boost the taste. There's no limit to the flavors you can make. Try to buy sample sizes when you can. Many websites have these. I don't do the ready made drinks. Tried a few but didn't find one that was willing to drink on a regular basis. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  5. kittyforet

    Torani Sugar Free Syrup ?'s

    I have the Torani SF coconut, chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Some bought at walmart, some at sams, some at target. Never any after taste in any of them that I've tried. I don't drink coffee but I add them to my Protein shakes and hot cocoa, as well as pudding and oatmeal every now and then. I was adding the coffee mate creamer but like these SF syrups better plus the nutrition stats are better. Some ways I use: Chocolate Protein Drink + coconut tastes like almond joy strawberry protein drink + vanilla tastes like a strawberry creamy milk Chocolate protein drink + Peanut Butter + caramel tastes like snickers Cappuccino protein drink + chocolate, caramel or vanilla makes it extra tasty. I usually mix them up and put in freezer for a bit to make it a little slushy. Instant milkshake taste!!! Also add the flavors to pudding and pancake batter. Once I start using them I try I find as many ways to use them as possible. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  6. kittyforet

    True Results-Houston

    Hey ken. I haven't heard but if you find out I'd love to hear what they say. It would be so much easier for me to go to his office instead of true results. Of course he wasn't my surgeon so he probably wouldn't take me as a patient. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  7. kittyforet

    Unfilled Way Too Much?????

    On April 12 I got a fill, bringing me up to 8.2. That day and the next (Friday) I was fine on all liquids. Then Saturday I couldn't keep down liquids at all. By Sunday (Easter) I couldn't keep down spit. I went to the emergency clinic that my surgeon recommended (was worried I would have a slip if I waited too long). They took out 1 cc. Instant relief. But then I could eat way more than I should (and did at times) and didn't have the full feeling as much. Fast forward to today. I now have back up to 8.3 in my band and feel close but not at the green zone. Before the unfill, 8.0 was my green and I didn't realize it. Now I'm struggling to be at green and wish I never got to 8.3. Since then I've gained 2 pounds but lost one and having a hard time maintaining any losses. I've added in more exercise than I did before the unfill (I did get lazy after that unfill). Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  8. Candtwalker, I just sent you a message. Some ladies in a small Clear Lake area group are getting together this Saturday if you want to join in. Very casual meeting but the ladies are great!! email if you're interested or even if you want to talk. kittyforet@yahoo.com
  9. kittyforet

    Texas Support??? Banded 6-12-12

    I am in between Houston and Galveston, like Cheri (hi!!! Sorry I missed you and lunch! ). I've been banded one year now and at a plateau after being over filled. Surgery at True Results Houston with Dr Reilly. Feel free to email me kittyforet@yahoo.com as I don't get on LBT as much as I'd like. Kristi Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  10. kittyforet

    Why do women have anal sex?

    I bet now that the "50 shades" trilogy is so popular, more people will start experimenting more... Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  11. kittyforet

    True Results-Houston

    Hey guys in case you didn't know. True Results Houston now has monthly support group meetings on the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00. I went last month and met a few new people. Going to the next one this Tuesday. The meetings are run by nurse Ida and another employee (can't remember her name but she's super nice) and both of them have been banded, so they are a great source of information. Hope you can make it. Kristi Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  12. Weird question. Can the band get tighter as time goes by, even without a recent fill? I had a fill 5 weeks ago. Since June 2011 I've been going every 4 weeks. Last week, when I went for my appointment, they said no fill, which I was ok with, thinking I'm in the green zone. I've got at least 8.0 in a 10 cc band. Since then, I have been getting stuck almost daily on the first few bites of food. I got stuck earlier today and even fluids are having a hard time going down. Is it possible for the band to get tighter even though I haven't recently gotten any Fluid added? To me it sounds strange but maybe someone else has experienced this?? Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Kristi Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  13. kittyforet

    Band Removal Due To Erosion

    Karen, Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry that it happened to you but glad that you have new options. Please continue to add updates. Best of luck to you. Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  14. kittyforet

    True Results - Houston

    I went to TR Houston for my surgery June 2011. My doctor is Dr Reilly. They also have a support group the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00. Kristi Sent from my iPhone using LapBandTalk
  15. kittyforet

    Big Bite! Halp!

    Sometimes pineapple juice does work. But FYI if it doesn't work, spitting up pineapple juice is NASTY!!
  16. kittyforet

    Did I Expect Too Much?

    You're not alone. You've done great so far. It just takes time. I wish I could lose faster like others but it's my own journey, my own struggle, my own life. Comparing myself to others won't help me lose weight. Remind yourself that when you're having a bad day. I still am a work in progress. I'm not perfect. I sometimes eat what I shouldn't and don't exercise enough. But I could NOT have lost what I have without the help from my band AND the support from the people here on LBT. I have had many fills, up to 7.5 cc, and hoping I'm closer to restriction. Until then though, I'll keep moving along with what I've learned. Hang in there.
  17. Any ideas? Want to make sure that I am doing the right thing. Do I eat a protein bar before or after? Drink a protein drink? Eat a peanut butter sandwich??? Help! Thanks.
  18. kittyforet

    I Gotta A Question For You!

    It happens to me too. After getting stuck, try to stick to liquids the rest of the day and possibly the next to help the swelling go down. I am ok with chicken breast, ONLY IF I cut it into teeny tiny bites....think pea-sized bites. I get stuck if I eat too fast or my bites are too big or if I don't wait at least 30 seconds between bites. If you can't eat solid foods, go to yogurt, Protein drinks, etc. to help get your protein. If you can't keep liquids down, you're too tight. If you can keep the liquids down, it's possible you are in the green zone but need to change the amount or speed of your eating. Try to slow down and eat tiny bites and see if the food stays down. When I've gotten stuck on meatballs it was because I ate too many big bites too fast. If you're using regular-sized utensils, don't think you have to fill up the entire surface with food....I play a game when I have to use those instead of toddler spoons/forks...I try to see how little I can get on the spoon/fork at one time. Take time to savor each bite (hard to do when I am used to shoveling my food! ) It takes practice! good luck!
  19. kittyforet

    How Much Protein?

    I aim for 80-90 per day. My nutritionist said stay above 65 to keep full. She didn't give a max limit.
  20. kittyforet

    First Fill, Bruise?

    Mine did the same for the first one. Not so much since then, maybe a tiny mark every now and then. The first one was the size of a baseball.
  21. Totally normal. Almost everyone feels that way. Nothing's wrong with you. It sucks though. But it will pass. Concentrate on healing and walking and not on food/calories. Try to get in your fluids and protein and you'll survive.
  22. I'm also a teacher but I had my surgery in June. Had hernia repair also. Went to my assistant principals' dads funeral the next day but I didn't drive there. Getting up and down the first two days or so were rough but once I got up it was easy. My surgery was on a Monday and was almost 100% by Wednesday so if I had to go to work, I would have been ok. Everyone is different so take what works for you.
  23. I'm a slow loser too. I also have a thyroid issue, so that makes it even harder to lose. I go through spurts where I loss nothing and then another spurt where I lose a pound or two. I am Averaging .5 pound loss per week. Today it's been 6 months since I was banded. Lost total of 40 including pre-op diet. I too get down when I see other people losing more faster. But everyone is different. My doctor is satisfied with my loss so far. I weigh each Wednesday and that's the weight I record. I'm trying not to weigh daily, as that has driven me crazy! Try not to compare your situation to others. Remember someone else is losing slower than you

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