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  1. notfat

    4th fill tomorrow

    I go in for my 4th fill on 7/20 so you're not alone!!!
  2. notfat

    3rd fill

    I feel you Rachel! I was banded on 4-4-11 and have been hungry ever since. I go for my 3rd fill on June 28th and am hoping for some restriction! Good luck...we can do it!!!!
  3. Hi, I was banded on 4-4-11 and am also in search of a buddy. I am a SAHM of 1 little boy. Email me!
  4. notfat

    2nd Fill

    Terri, I too lost 10 pounds after surgery and after I started mushies it came to a hault but my doctor did say that was normal. Since my first fill I have lost 4 pounds. That is 2 pounds a week which is what they say you are supposed to lose. Hang in there! Brenda...my TOM has been over staying his welcome also. From what I have read on LBT, this can happen for a few months after the surgery but I would still ask a Dr. I too am sick of being hungry every 2 hours! My second fill is still a week and a half out!!!
  5. notfat

    2nd Fill

    Spot, I'm ready for my second fill! I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill 5-4-11. I don't feel any restriction and haven't had trouble getting anything down. I know some people say chicken is hard but I have had chicken every day! My doctor's office won't allow me to have another fill until 4 weeks out. I hope I can outlast the hunger! Let me know how you feel after your second fill.
  6. Hi!!!! Congrats on beginning your journey!!!! I would also love to have a band buddy!!! How are you doing so far?

  7. Hi Sagan! I saw you were banded in April. I was banded 4-4-11. I would love to have a band "buddy" to go through this with!!! I am a 25yof from TX. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. My doctor told me that the only thing that matters is your weight at the very first visit with him/her. I also had a concern about this because my BMI was exactly 40 and if I lost it would drop below 40. He re-assured me to do the best I could and it didn't matter if I lost 10 or 100 pounds. It is just a pre req for most insurance companies. Good luck on the journey!
  9. notfat

    second Fill Questions

    Gail, I have 5cc's in my 11cc Realize band. I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill on 5-4-11 and am expecting my second fill around the first of June. I'm not feeling much of a restriction with 5cc's. How are you doing?
  10. notfat

    WWYD in this situation?

    Rachel, I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill 5-4-11 and I'm not feeling much restriction at all. I had 5cc's put in my 11cc Realize band. I didn't feel much different after the fill. My doctor said that normally it takes about 3 fills to get the perfect amount. Hope this helps with your decision. Have a great trip!
  11. notfat


    Hi Jamie and Welcome to your LB journey. I was just banded on 4-4-11. So far, so good. Look forward to hearing more from you!
  12. I had Aetna and they approved me within a week of submitting all of the required paperwork. I have had this Aetna policy for 1.5 years. Good luck on your journey!
  13. Walk, walk, walk those gas pains out! I had them for 5 days post-op. At one point they got so bad that I called the PA and she said this was very normal and they could last 7 days.Her suggestion was to walk them out and it sure did help. Also drinking seemed to help me burp. It does get better!!!
  14. notfat

    April 2011 surgery dates

    I was banded 4-4-11 in Houston, TX!
  15. notfat

    From: Any April's out there?

    I was banded 4-4-11 and it does get better on "mushies"

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