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  1. notfat

    4th fill tomorrow

    I go in for my 4th fill on 7/20 so you're not alone!!!
  2. notfat

    3rd fill

    I feel you Rachel! I was banded on 4-4-11 and have been hungry ever since. I go for my 3rd fill on June 28th and am hoping for some restriction! Good luck...we can do it!!!!
  3. Hi, I was banded on 4-4-11 and am also in search of a buddy. I am a SAHM of 1 little boy. Email me!
  4. notfat

    2nd Fill

    Terri, I too lost 10 pounds after surgery and after I started mushies it came to a hault but my doctor did say that was normal. Since my first fill I have lost 4 pounds. That is 2 pounds a week which is what they say you are supposed to lose. Hang in there! Brenda...my TOM has been over staying his welcome also. From what I have read on LBT, this can happen for a few months after the surgery but I would still ask a Dr. I too am sick of being hungry every 2 hours! My second fill is still a week and a half out!!!
  5. notfat

    2nd Fill

    Spot, I'm ready for my second fill! I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill 5-4-11. I don't feel any restriction and haven't had trouble getting anything down. I know some people say chicken is hard but I have had chicken every day! My doctor's office won't allow me to have another fill until 4 weeks out. I hope I can outlast the hunger! Let me know how you feel after your second fill.
  6. My doctor told me that the only thing that matters is your weight at the very first visit with him/her. I also had a concern about this because my BMI was exactly 40 and if I lost it would drop below 40. He re-assured me to do the best I could and it didn't matter if I lost 10 or 100 pounds. It is just a pre req for most insurance companies. Good luck on the journey!
  7. notfat

    second Fill Questions

    Gail, I have 5cc's in my 11cc Realize band. I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill on 5-4-11 and am expecting my second fill around the first of June. I'm not feeling much of a restriction with 5cc's. How are you doing?
  8. notfat

    WWYD in this situation?

    Rachel, I was banded on 4-4-11 and had my first fill 5-4-11 and I'm not feeling much restriction at all. I had 5cc's put in my 11cc Realize band. I didn't feel much different after the fill. My doctor said that normally it takes about 3 fills to get the perfect amount. Hope this helps with your decision. Have a great trip!
  9. notfat


    Hi Jamie and Welcome to your LB journey. I was just banded on 4-4-11. So far, so good. Look forward to hearing more from you!
  10. I had Aetna and they approved me within a week of submitting all of the required paperwork. I have had this Aetna policy for 1.5 years. Good luck on your journey!
  11. Walk, walk, walk those gas pains out! I had them for 5 days post-op. At one point they got so bad that I called the PA and she said this was very normal and they could last 7 days.Her suggestion was to walk them out and it sure did help. Also drinking seemed to help me burp. It does get better!!!
  12. notfat

    April 2011 surgery dates

    I was banded 4-4-11 in Houston, TX!
  13. notfat

    From: Any April's out there?

    I was banded 4-4-11 and it does get better on "mushies"
  14. I started off with Dr. Jason Balette and loved him and his staff! We moved closer into Houston so I then went with Dr. Eric Wilson in Bellaire, TX and I love him! Good luck!
  15. notfat


    WOW! My doctor is super strict compared to a lot of them on here. I was told to follow a low fat, low carb, no sugar diet starting immediatly after surgery. This meaning I can't have the refried Beans and mashed potatoes. I did have both of them one day but I won't do it again because I felt so guilty!!! My "mushy" stage started at day 7 and continues until week 4 after my first fill. Glad to know we are in this together and banded around the same time

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