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  1. SpiceyMom

    Milage does vary

    Clear protein also includes k2o protein water mix (I don't think it's high in protein, though), Unjury chicken soup flavor, and SetPoint protein mixers. I'm guessing there are others I just don't know about. I'm on clear liquids until day 7. After that I'm on full liquids so only then can I have a regular protein shake. Getting a little pathetic already....
  2. SpiceyMom

    pre op

    I'm only four days out (still fatigued but able to do some things, too), so I'm not a great source of info, but I wanted to say that the more info you get the less scared you might be. I think most of us tend to be the most scared of unknowns and since this is new to you now, it all feels scary. Have you had surgery before? If so, then you have some info as to how you react to surgery and that's good to know. If not, then start watching posts of people who are just out and see what they have to say so you're prepared for a range of possibilities. You can go through the same type of information gathering for other issues, too. Search archives, post questions, start supplanting fears with more solid info. I had about a month between finding this board and having surgery and by the time I got to Mexico I was just excited with a mild nervousness. Isn't that amazing? I think many of us shared the same reasons for getting surgery and it seems to be a great starting place. I have eight children, several with special needs, and I need to try my best to be around and healthy for them as long as I can. I'm so thankful to now have a tool to help me do that! Ifeel sure my hubby is quite relieved, too! Good luck, and keep asking questions!!
  3. SpiceyMom

    Milage does vary

    I was sleeved the day after you and I am still up 2.5 lbs from the day of surgery. I'm like you with the eating/drinking, too. My stomach seems very swollen still. I have to think it's fluids. It's hard to get in clear Proteins, isn't it?
  4. Sounds like a vasovagal syncope or nerve reaction, which is also pretty much what dumping is except the source of the problem is different. I've had those reactions on a few occasions that mostly were caused by severe pain. For instance, a biopsy of my uterus caused it once. I doubt it will happen again, but if it does I'm not sure there is much you could do other than lying flat on your back to prevent fainting (syncope). It is very unpleasant and I'm so sorry it happened! Are you otherwise feeling better?
  5. Agree with treequeen. I think my $$may have been better spent on a cookbook for sleevers!
  6. Nice to meet you! I'm fairly new, too. I haves learned so much in such a short time here. It's great for learning and moral support and, although I haven't experienced it YET, a good ole kick in the pants sometimes....in a nice way. Lol good luck with your journey! I really identify with your reasons.
  7. Lisa, I got sleeved yesterday in Mexico, but I did go see a US surgeon first. I was 36.5 BMI, weighed 240, only comorbidity was very mild GERD. He was going to do my surgery until he realized that self-pay was going to be very high at his hospital (like over 20K). On top of that, he hadn't done many sleeves and was really pushing the RNY. Anyway, all that to say that YES, you would likely be able to get it done. You also should be able to find that out if your doctor of choice does free seminars like so many do these days. Good luck! Jill
  8. SpiceyMom

    4 Month Progress Pics

    You look mahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous! Love the fashion show and Easter outfits, too!!! You are doing great, aren't you!?
  9. SpiceyMom

    Sleeved 2 days ago

    I had my surgery yesterday and thankfully feel great. I was asleep before they rolled me down to OR after I got my versed, I guess it is? Had the most pain when I first awakened back in the room, but when I told them I was in pain they put something in my IV right away and it worked quickly. Today I have some gas pains and the incision where they removed my (apparently) huge stomach is sore. A hundred times easier recovery than a c-section, I think. Granted, my OB wasn't nearly as free with the drugs as this Mexican doctor! Lol hope you're feeling better soon!!
  10. Gorgeous!! Look at you with those collar bones!! (can you tell I haven't seen mine for sone time!)
  11. So I am confused...I read here and there that after surgery some are hungry and some are not. Then a few weeks later some of the hungry are no longer hungry. Do some people never lose their hunger? Is there a normal progression after surgery or is everyone different? What about a few years out? I'm getting sleeved in 11 days and I'm just curious...thanks!
  12. SpiceyMom

    BEing sleeved TOMORROW!!!!

    Oooh! I'm so excited for you! I'll be praying it goes well!! I leave tomorrow for MX and surgery on Thursday...its finally here! We can do this!
  13. I ordered the sample pack from Chike and it arrived the next day. That was a surprise! Anyway, just wondered how it compares with the others, if you like it, etc. I'm on my preop diet and had the orange flavor last night. I thought it tasted great. I did notice,however, that it has lots more ingredients (in the sugar family, although only 4g of sugars) than the powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury, as well as higher calories -- 190. What about SetPro? I got a couple of their fruity drink mixes. 90 cal, 18g Protein, no sugars. Are they filling? I guess after surgery that might not be such a big issue! Any thoughts from those of you who have had the surgery? I know tastes change... :-)
  14. SpiceyMom

    Chike? SetPro?

    I bought the protein mixers, not the meal replacements, from SetPoint. I have had tropical mixer and orange splash. Both are 90 cal, no fat, 3g carbs, 18g protein. I am using it like a between meals protein boost and its very refreshing and tastes great to me. I think I can use it for my clear liquid diet after I'm sleeved on Thursday because it stays as clear as the Unjury chicken broth does.
  15. SpiceyMom

    Chike? SetPro?

    You know, I think the carbs are on the high side. I've since heard people mention that their doctor said double digit protein with single digit carbs. Chike, at least one of the flavors, had 11 grams of carbs. The SetPoint (I misnamed it) is also really good. It's more like an Orange Julius type drink. It only has 3 grams of carbs and mixes with water. I was thinking i might order some more Chike for a treat of sorts while recovering from surgery. Did the Chike people call you? I thought that was funny, but the lady was super nice. I'm not used to it in the world of online shopping...
  16. I'm on day 4 of liquid preop diet. Mom's Easter dinner smelled divine but I held firm. I want that liver in tip top shape for Thursday, so no ham today. Thankfully it wasn't Thanksgiving or Christmas! Lol Sitting in church before it began I was just thinking how differently I will look and feel next Easter...not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas. :-) My parents are so excited for me, so that's good news. My sister, who has the band, is both excited and a little jealous of the sleeve. So...I guess I made it thru my first mini-challenge! Yay!!
  17. SpiceyMom

    Made it thru Eater dinner!!

    Thank you for the nice replies and not pointing out that I posted about my preop diet in the post op forum. No more posting from my phone! Lol
  18. SpiceyMom

    Made it thru Eater dinner!!

    Thank you for the nice replies and not pointing out that I posted about my preop diet in the post op forum. No more posting from my phone! Lol
  19. SpiceyMom

    Made it thru Eater dinner!!

    Easter dinner. Good grief. Freudian slip much? Lol
  20. SpiceyMom

    Day 24: Dying to be thin?

    My husband doesn't want me to tell anyone. He can't even really articulate why that is. I wonder if it's just another manifestation of the idea that we are taking the easy way and not understanding that for us, it's the ONLY way. I wonder if the attitude of the general public would be different if it were widely known that only a tiny percentage of people can lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off. I don't know...
  21. SpiceyMom

    6months out down 75lbs

    Amazing! What an amazing transformation!
  22. SpiceyMom

    Today makes 1 week

    Yay! Sounds like you're doing really well. I can't even fathom having water as a comfort food. What a great thing for your health and overall progress. Keep up the good work!
  23. I was just thinking about shopping today...I have been shopping in the same basic stores for years because they had the concealing options. I don't even know where I'll want to shop! The options seem overwhelming from here in 2X land...
  24. Ohh! So glad it went well! I'll be there next Thursday and will try to control my opinions about Dr. Alvarez post-surgery. My hubby will be there and that would just be awkward. seriously, so happy for you and your quick success!!
  25. Made four entrees yesterday and have plans to make more the next few days. Most will go in the freezer for my mom to feed the kids while I'm in the hospital in MX and the rest is for after surgery. I'm getting a bunch of frozen veggies for sides. My big kids are fairly competent with lunch and breakfast as long as I have some easy fixes around. It's a challenge, for sure. I don't like doing all that cooking, but I think I will really be glad I did. Don't forget frozen meals, like Stouffer's lasagna and such. I'll likely grab a couple of those, too! You can do it!!

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