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  1. sunnyd

    16 Months Post Op With Pic

    You look A-MAZ-ING!! Congrats on your success! Very inspiring! I love the darker hair color too!
  2. So today I went to the mall in desperate need of new jeans. All my jeans all falling off me and I don't have any at the next lower size. Anyways all the jeans in the plus size sections or stores are too big for me! Yes- I was finally able to purchase jeans again in a regular store! Been a long time and I was so happy to be back. It was like seeing an old friend! I'm here again and this time to stay. I will not go back to the plus sizes!!! What a great feeling- can't wait to wear my new jeans!
  3. My doctor and surgeon both recommended staying on my antidepressants at least during the first year after surgery due to the hormone fluctuation during rapid weight loss. At first I had thought of getting off them since I believed being overweight led to my depression. However, I'm super glad I stayed on them during these past 11 months. The hormones can get a little crazy through this journey! As I approach my one year mark, I'm thinking I will stay on them at least until I reach my goal weight and then decide whether to stay on them or not. Also at first I had to cut the Wellbutrin in fourths, then halves. This was only for 2-3 weeks and then I was fine to take them whole.
  4. Agree- it helps so much during recovery. I couldn't get in bed with all the pain so the recliner it was for a few weeks. Glad your pain is going away. good luck to you as you continue on this journey!
  5. I hear ya! It's fabulous! I have many tubs of clothes from previous sizes. It's been so great to pull them out and put them in the place of bigger sizes I've had to get rid of. Love it! Also love getting rid of tubs and making more space in my spare bedroom! Oh and of course saving money on buying new clothes is great too. Well ok... I admit I've bought a few pieces at each size as I've went down- just can't resist! Congrats to you and enjoy this process as it continues- and I know it will!!
  6. sunnyd

    "you Look Happier"

    Wow- well said! I think so many of us can relate to what you've written. Congrats to you on your success and happiness!
  7. sunnyd

    Wow I Feel Good

    Congrats to you! That is fabulous that you are feeling better so quickly. Only gets better from here! Best wishes to you as you continue on this journey!
  8. Congrats to you! You sound happy and full of energy! What a blessing it is to get our energy back! Good luck to you as you continue to rock on! You'll be at 220 before you know it!
  9. sunnyd

    Shapewear (Tmi?)

    I've lost over 100lbs and have tried many types. Right now I have a corset type one from Walmart. It works great! Makes me way more confident when wearing tighter clothing. Probably will need to buy a smaller one soon.
  10. sunnyd

    10 Months Out

    WOW! You look fabulous! Congrats on your success!!!
  11. I'm a 4th grade teacher. I ended up taking 5 weeks off but I had other issues going on (hiatal hernia, severe ulcers, low oxygen output, etc.) that made recovery a bit longer. I probably could've went back after 4 weeks. I only told my principal and most coworkers about the other issues. Only my close coworkers (about 4) knew the truth. The first couple weeks after surgery I was drained of energy and definitely wouldn't of been able to be at school. I think as a classroom teacher (especially Kindergarten) you would want at least 2 weeks off to recover. Good luck with your 6 month diet and your surgery!
  12. sunnyd

    Two Years Ago...

    CONGRATS TO YOU!!! You look fab! And how wonderful that you've got your sexy back! It seems to take our minds longer to catch up to what our bodies actually look like. Can't wait to get to that point again. Enjoy every moment!!
  13. sunnyd

    Telling Kids? (Teacher)

    I also teach (4th grade). I don't think you need to go into detail with them. My students know I'm trying to get healthier by eating better and working out, which is true as well. I just leave out the surgery part, which I don't think is their or their families business. I was out 5 weeks for surgery and hernia repair and still didn't tell them. In fact only a few of my close friends on staff know. Everyone is different though on how they handle these details and if you feel better being completely open about your surgery then go for it. Wishing you all the best with your surgery!
  14. sunnyd

    7 Month Picture

    Looking amazing!!! Congrats on your success!
  15. YAY for you!!! Congrats!!!
  16. March 2011- 110 lbs March 2011 TOTAL: 200 lbs
  17. sunnyd

    Sex?!?!?!?! Omg Someone Help Me?!

    I hear ya! I have been the same way lately! I've been meeting guys I'm interested in and have to seriously control myself so I don't act on impulse. Being single and having these fluctuating hormones is more chllenging than I ever imagined!
  18. Congrats!! Keep up the great work and you'll be in the 30's in no time!!
  19. CONGRATS!!! You look great!!
  20. Never let anyone tell you there is an end to the weight loss with the sleeve, never allow anyone to put an "expiration date" on your tool. The only one person who has control over that is YOU!! If you believe it, you will BE IT!! Be LOUD Be PROUD... OWN IT!!! Keep on fighting!!! I've been thinking about what you said above and reminding myself of that. After I met with my doctor earlier and told her my ultimate goal was 175. I'm 5'7 and don't think that is too low. She was reminding me that I won't lose as much as I have at first. That I will continue to lose but at a slower rate. She doesn't want me to set myself up for failure and be disappointed I didn't get to that magic number. Yes I understand what she is saying but I think having a goal like that is motivating to me. Of course I will reevaluate where I am as I get lower and lower but I still think that goal is attainable. As I was driving home thinking about the conversation and feeling a little discouraged I remembered your post and it hit home with me!!! I will keep on fighting! I will kick these last 70 lbs @%* ! :smile1:
  21. Girl! you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Thanks for always posting such inspirational messages and sharing your journey with all of us. It is much appreciated!!! I've learned so much from you and always look forward to reading your posts! Congrats to you for rockin' that sleeve and showing us all what we can do if we put our mind to it!!!
  22. sunnyd

    My First Before And After Pics

    You look wonderful!!! Congrats on your success!
  23. Congrats to you!! You are doing fabulous!
  24. sunnyd

    Blew Into Onederland!

    That's FABULOUS! Way to go!!!
  25. AWESOME WORK! You have done AMAZING! Very inspiring! Congrats to you!!!

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