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  1. OMG Barbara, Prayers go out to you, Hope all goes well.
  2. Brendasgonnalose

    On the way to Mexicali

    Good luck Gary, You are going to do well. I just got hoome from there yesterday, I was very Impressed with the hole proccess, DR Aceves is very caring,also Dr Campos, And the Nurses were there to help with anything you need. Remember walk, walk, walk, sip ,sip,sip. Brenda
  3. Hi Barbara I have the Unjury Strawberry Sorbet, it mixes clear, little sweet, I mixed it with some SOBE lifewater. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I'm doing good, after getting over been frozen all day yesterday, mom said it was from lack of protein. I warmed up after I got 46 grams in last night. It was so good to sleep in my own bed last night. Do you remember how long we need to keep the tape on the insisions?
  4. Brendasgonnalose

    I am sleeved!!!!

    No it didn't delay any of my traveling, we had pre planned to stay over night in San Deigo. Had a very smooth flight home.
  5. Brendasgonnalose

    I am sleeved!!!!

    Glad to hear your doing well, I'm back in San Deigo after being sleeved in Mexicali. Staying here tonight, then on home in the morning. I'm feeling ok, sipping and burping. The burps get stuck every now and then thou. Brenda
  6. You can do it, 1 week low carb is not bad, use Protein shakes,beef chicken fish some cheese and salads. Lots of Water. Good luck.getting ready to go to the hospital now.:thumbup: Talk to you on the sleeved side
  7. All ready but the last minute packing, I'm Planning on leaving my anxiety home,LOL, don't know if that will work or not but that's my plan. See you Monday.
  8. Fingers, toes crossed hope to see you there. :thumbup1: Brenda
  9. Brendasgonnalose

    unflavored protien

    Amerigirl, Itried these,the orange mango tasted ok, they do have buttermilk and milk solids in it so not sure if it would be considered clear as I could not see thru it when mixed. Brenda
  10. Brendasgonnalose

    unflavored protien

    Check at WalMart, I found Kelloges Protein Water flavoring. Not real high in protein but some. Also they had some vials of Clear liquid 26grams per vial that I think where 3-4oz. each I think these were fruit flavored, but I haven't tried it for taste yet. Brenda
  11. Kai Good Luck tomorrow, stay steady all will go well. Let us know how things are for you. Brenda
  12. Good luck with your new Dr youknowit. Had to go see my PA to have some meds changed to something that could be crushed and was suprised when he was ok eith the going to mexico or should I say causously optomistic, He did ask that I bring him a surgical report in case I had any problems after I get home. I was so glad he was on board with this. Brenda
  13. I haven't tried the Pro Preformance unflavored but did try Pro Performance Amplified wheybolic extreme 60. Mixed it with water as directed took 1 drink and dumped the rest out. This is one that was recommended by the Girl at GNC that had VSG 2yrs ago, said it was the only thing she could tolerate. Guess we all have our own like. I have the chike sample, tried the orange cream, it was ok alittle sweet. I haven't gotten my order form Unjury yet, let me know how that works out for you. Brenda
  14. Getting things ready, but still looking for post-op protiens that I can tolorate the taste of. So far the Isopure is tolorable but the Pro Performance Liquid Protien I purchased was awful and I will be taking that back. Any one have any other sugestions for the clear liquid protiens?
  15. Looking forward to meeting both of you bethicle and youknowit. I too will be there thru the 22nd. Bethicle I'm also from Washington only a little north of you.
  16. Cograts luv2lose# on your date. Looking forward to meeting you, see you there.:biggrin0: Brenda
  17. Good luck Kai on the 11th, Keeping you in my prayers for a safe and speey recovery. Looking forward to my date on the 19th.
  18. Hi Barbara278, Ifound out today I too will be there the 19th, so look for me on the 18th at the airport, WOO HOO. I started out thinking Iwas going to go to Dr Almanza, but after reading about the complications coming from there I got scared and everything I have read here about Dr Aceves I jumped ship there and got on board. I am getting excited and am glad that I'm going to have someone to go thru this with. I look forward to walking the halls with you.:thumbup:
  19. Brendasgonnalose

    Want to set a surgery date with Dr. Alamaza

    Thanks Slimsleeve, Hope all went well withyour surgery. Is there anything I need to know before i go? Brenda
  20. I'm a newby to posting but have been reading all of your post and they have been very helpful. I want to set my surgery date but have a question for those that have had thier"s done by Dr. Alamaza, Does he stitch over the staples? Brenda
  21. Brendasgonnalose

    Want to set a surgery date with Dr. Alamaza

    Thanks Tiffkin, I read that thread and found some very good info but nothing that answered this question. Hope one of Dr. Almanza's previos pt.'s will chime in with the info. Will be scheduling surgery date for Jan 22 or 23. Brenda

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