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  1. Brendasgonnalose

    Mexico vs. Louisiana

    I am just shy of 9 months out frommy surgery with Dr Aceves. I have had ZERO complications. They are the best there, you will be in good hands with them. They are all very caring. You can't gp wrong with Dr. Aceves and his team. Brenda
  2. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Highest Weight: 335 lbs Surgery Weight: 322 lbs Last posting: 256lbs on 8-16 This Week: 249lbs
  3. Brendasgonnalose

    Let's count Dr. Aceves Patients!

    Count Me in, had my sleeve on Jan. 19,10. wouldn't trade it for the world, great experience with the Dr.'sand nurses. I didn't have another hospital or surgery to compare it with as this was my first major surgery. Care was the best, I would recommend them to everyone looking for this sugery. Brenda
  4. Brendasgonnalose

    Poll and Questions for those already Sleeved:

    1) How long have you been sleeved? 7 months 2) Who was your surgeon?Dr Aceves in Mexicali 3) What were your experiences with your surgeon? They where 2nd to none very caring and explained everything. there where no suprises as he informed me of everything that was going to happen. 4) Would you recommend your surgeon? In a heartbeat, they are the best. 5) How much weight have you lost since your sleeve date? 79lbs 6) What type of sleeve do you have? Vertical sleeve 7) Would you recommend the type of sleeve you have? Yes It has been very easy to follow the eating plan and haven't needed any follow up care. 8) Do you find you still have the necessary level of energy to sustain a good workout? 9) Do you find it difficult to keep the weight off once you have lost it? No 10) Do you have trouble eating, such as getting ?stuck?? If I eat too fast. 11) What is the one things about getting the surgery that you regret? Not a thing 12) Would you do this surgery again, or would you have made another Yes I would have done it 20 yrs ago if I had known about it. Brenda
  5. I'm glad to hear your surgery was uneventful this time. The first month is the hardest, but its only 30 days then you will be able to start eatting more mormally only in smaller portions. Drinking the required ammount of fluid was the hardest for me (still is) and I didn't worry about the protein requirements the first 10 days. Sip ,walk, rest, repeat. Soon you will get back to feeling mormal again. Brenda
  6. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Congrats AJW, Can't wait till I get to my goal. Brenda
  7. Brendasgonnalose

    Aceves Patients: Surgery Schduling...

    I called first week in Jan., asked for a date around the 20th and was scheduled for the 19th. I think they try to accomidate for your schedule if at all possible. Good luck! Your going to love them, they are wonderful and caring people. Brenda
  8. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Highest Weight: 335 lbs Surgery Weight: 322 lbs Last Week: 260lbs This Week: 256lbs WooHoo! This was a good week, it's been awhile since I've lpst 4# in a week. Brenda
  9. Pre-surgery I was on 2000mg of Metformin, 4 mg glibiride and 70units if long lasting insulin,It took met around 3 months and I was off all disbetes meds. Brenda
  10. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Yay for you Maddie.:thumbup:Can't wait till I can say that. Brenda
  11. Brendasgonnalose

    "Gripey" stomach

    I had the same problem and yes it gets better. It just takes longer for some. Try Drinking something warm in the am, this will relax your stomache. Hot camimile tea or broth worked for me. Also try not drinking fluids that are cold, room temp worked better for me. Hope you feel better soon. Brenda
  12. Brendasgonnalose

    If given the choice younger

    If I had Known about this when I was in my 20's I would have done it. I have had weight issues since childhood. So now at 50 all I can think is I could have been at a normal weight for 25years atleast by now.But better late than never. Brenda
  13. Brendasgonnalose

    I have at least 145 pounds to lose

    I started at 335# and have lost 77# so far and believe me people have noticed the lost. It won't take long before ppl will start commenting on your weight loss. You are doing great, the weight will come off and the good thing is it will stay off this time. Brenda
  14. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Your doing great too!!! I am glad to see the numbers going down again, it's so frustrating when it stays the same for so long. Brenda
  15. Brendasgonnalose


    You can return things to Costco, even without a receipt I was able to return a box of these with 2 gone no questions asked. Brenda
  16. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Highest Weight: 335 lbs Surgery Weight: 322 lbs Last Week: 265lbs This Week: 260lbs After a stall for the last 4 weeks the scale finally move down 2 lbs. I hate the dreaded stall and hope the scales keep going down for awhile. Brenda
  17. Brendasgonnalose

    Q for Dr Aceves patients....

    I used MyMedicalloan.com. They aproved me right away and Dr A accepts it. Brenda
  18. I had my surgery in Jan. waited the 4 weeks. I found a sub and went and supported my teammates. I bowl on 3 different leagues, and didn't have any trouble getting back into it, my teammates were worried the first week, But it felt good getting back to my normal activity. If you can find someone to bowl for you for the first month you should be ok, then you won't have to sit out the whole season. Brenda
  19. Brendasgonnalose

    Have 100+ lbs to loose?

    I'm on that boat too. 111# still to loose. Currently I have been stalled for the last 3 weeks. :thumbup1: Brenda
  20. Brendasgonnalose

    Quality of life after sleeve

    I totally agree with the previous posters. Never been able to loose weight and keep it off. I have had no pain , no complications, and feel better than ever, and have been able to stop taking BP and Diabetes meds. Brenda
  21. Brendasgonnalose

    need input from the "

    I had my surgery on 1-19 and attended a 3 day convention 2-1. Packed my protein drinks and did fine. I wasn't able to stay out late as I still tired easily. But was able to enjoy the covention. Brenda
  22. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Way to go Barara 5.5 this week. Way to rock that sleeve. Congrats !!!!!! Brenda
  23. Brendasgonnalose

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Highest Weight: 335 lbs Surgery Weight: 322 lbs Last Week: 265lbs This Week: 262 lbs
  24. Brendasgonnalose

    Dr Aceves credentials

    I bought Nexium Mupps 3mo supply and a box of Supertol cost $158. I could have done with just 2 week supply of the Mupps as they will give you a 2 week supply and a 4 dose box of the Supertol. By the 30 day point I was able to swollow sm. whole or 1/2 lg pills with no problem. Should have bought Omiperzol 20mg. My mom purchased this, 1 box had 2 60cap bottles and was $16. This is what I take now and have to get it at Walmart 42 caps for $18. For the trip home I took Chickem bollion cubes, and the drink mix for Water, asked for apple juice on the plane, they also brought cup of hot watere for the broth. Hope this helps you DJackson. Brenda
  25. Brendasgonnalose

    What to tell your boss??

    I had surgery on Tuesday and returned to work the following Thursday, I could have gone back earlier as I don't have a strenuos job, but I felt I need the time and it helped as I would tire easily during the day and the naps helped. Brenda

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