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  1. pamela3782

    3 month success!!

    I just hit my 70lb yesterday. I was sleeved 11/9! It feels awesome! Keep up the great work! So exciting Sent from my XT1254 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. pamela3782

    Ladies, some help please?

    Thank you so much ladies. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  3. I had my sleeve done 11/9 and ended up getting my period 11/11 (almost a week early) Now I just went to the bathroom and have it again. Just wondering if the surgery through anyone elses cycle off. This happened to me when I had my lap band put in but never after any other surgery I've ever had. Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  4. Happy 31st Birthday pamela3782!

  5. Happy 30th Birthday pamela3782!

  6. Down 88 lbs....12 more to go til I hit my 100lb mark!!! Just joined a new gym so fingers crossed it will start falling off again :)

  7. Hey Katie Ray, welcome to LBT :) Are you banded yet?

  8. pamela3782

    Banded yesterday

    I didn't right away but my breakdown was at day 3. In all honesty days 2 and 3 were the worst for me. By day 5 I felt good and by day 8 I felt fairly back to normal. I'm 6 months out now and think its the best decision I've ever made. Give it time, you will adjust. Good luck hun
  9. Please take a minute to read the TRUTH about Reality Weight loss TV LIES! http://truthinchange.com/2011/10/real-reality-the-scary-truth-and-scandal/

  10. pamela3782

    Is this a crazy thing to do?

    By all means shop away, it's motivational!! Just don't spend to much on new clothes cause you won't be wearing them for long
  11. Don't believe everything you see on TV. James Garrison from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition tells you the real deal behind being on a reality TV weight loss program. Click here to view It leaves very little to the imagination. Be proud we are doing this on our own!!! Please Check out other posts on Truth In Change. That's a website that helps guide you to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle realistically. Please pass this along!!!
  12. pamela3782

    I miss food

    First off congrats on being in Onederland! I think we all go through the "I miss food" stage but once we start seeing results it lessens the want. I can only really speak for myself but I know for me losing the weight and all of my new non-scale victories make it all worth while. If you want you can check out the site that I now write for. It's called Truth In Change (link is in my signature) You can learn a lot and I'm sure relate to many of the things posted there. Hopefully it will give you some more inspiration. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work!
  13. I think insurance companies try to shun you from having the surgery. It is expensive so you better be dedicated in their eyes. It is a good test for the lap band as well. It is going to take a lot of strength and dedication to do this. Please remember the band doesn't work for you, you work for it. You are going to run into some walls along the way, just consider this one of them. If you need some tips, motivation, or just a good read check out the website I write for (link is in my signature) That goes for anyone reading this. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!
  14. I'm sorry you are feeling frustration. I have a few questions for you and then I may be able to give you some answers. 1. How big is your band? 2. Are you taking a full 20 minutes to eat every meal or snack? 3. Do you food journal? 4. Do you follow the "don't drink anything 30 minutes before or after eating"? 5. Do you intake at least 64 oz. of Water per day?
  15. Doctors will tell you to up your calories because your body may be in starvation mode (when your body stores everything you are taking in instead of allowing you to burn it) It will also jump start the losing process again. I wouldn't call myself a cheerleader. Most times there are underlying factors as to why the band isn't working whether it be a physical or mental issue. Good luck and I hope things turn around for you.

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