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  1. chilo1

    I hate to say this but...

    The honeymoon period is definetely over!! And now I know by personal experience that the honeyperiod does exist! As many of you know I've been struggling with working my sleeve lately, so I decided to go back to basics and it isn't easy!!!!!!!! I'm back to mostly Protein and good carbs and no snacking. I've started to increase the intensity of my workouts to try and start moving the scales again. No more snacking and NO junk or alcohol! And it's much harder then in the first 6 months, at least for me. I'm craving carbs like mad, today I was doing a body combat class and I got all shakey and had to sit down and put my feet up for a few minutes, and I know it'ss my blood sugar trying to regulate itself again. I didn't give in though, just had a small fruit smoothie (no sugar) and now having chicken breast for lunch. So for those of you who are in the early stages try and do your best in the first few months, check on Tiffykins posts where she said she never strayed til she got to goal (or Juliarh). I know I'm gonna make it to goal, but it's damn harder now that I'm almost 11 months out, so wish me luck and makethe most of your first few months!!
  2. Once in a while won't hurt anyone. I never eat Mc Donald's neither before nor after surgery (because I don't like it) or any fast food in general. I was still obese.
  3. I'm angry at myself, 10 lbs to goal and have been stalled for months and it's my fault. I am not working my sleeve as well as I could. I've been going through old pictures to remind myself why I had this operation done in the first place and I can see why. I was obese and unhappy . Now I'm still overweight, so I need to finish what I started. Feel free to tell me off for being a complete idiot and not making the most of what God so kindly gave me, a new lease of life, MY SLEEVE!! OK now I can't figure out how to post my pictures, but they're in my gallery if you want to have a look
  4. chilo1

    I hate to say this but...

    For me it's mainly head hunger and the fact that I can eat more
  5. Maybe it just coincidently happened after Tai Chi and you're about to get some kind of virus/cold anyway??
  6. You are looking great Tiffy, so sweet in that bathing suit!! Take care and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy!!
  7. chilo1

    Success by the dozens

    Loving your pictures, your are skinny and glowing!!
  8. I'm sorry you're feeling this way now Tamz, I think we all go through some sort of, "could I not have done this myself?" feeling, but it will pass, you'll start losing weight and feeling better in no time!
  9. I love shrimps and scallops, and eat them a few times a week. Scallops cooked in a bit of olive oil , pepper and lemon. Shrimp just whatever is available, today I put some shrimps in a pan with chilli, garlic and a bit of white wine, yummy!!
  10. chilo1

    At what point???

    According to my surgeon it's round the 6-9 month mark, but it can vary depending on loads of different factors. I had a lowe BMI so I had less to lose but still not at goal at10 1/2 months out, but it's completely my fault, i hate to admit it
  11. That tummy looks a lot like mine, and to be honest I think you will need surgery, because your pecs and your stomach look like they belong to 2 different people! I have already booked my surgery(tummytuck) for december, and will be having it even if I don't get to goal. I exercise a lot now, but the flab around my belly isn't shifting! Just keep doing what your doing cause it's obviously working!!!
  12. Yay Coops!! Little things like this make everything worthwhile
  13. 10 months out and I stopped losing as well, I eat what I like, but I need to get back on track because I want to get to goal.
  14. chilo1

    Peanut Butter Cookies

    Made them and having 2 small ones with a cup of coffee. They're great to fulfill sweet cravings!
  15. Oh Coops I totally understand you I'm going through a lot of stress at the moment and without food as my crutch I'm really struggling to cope with it all. Sorry I'm not able to give any great advice at the moment but hang in there. I hope all goes well with your husbands operation, big hugs from gloomy Newcastle
  16. chilo1

    Old habits die hard

    This is so true. I read that same study (I'll see if I can find it and post it) and in the end that's why people whe are constantly on diets put on more weight that a "non-dieter" because they end up eating much more calories than they would have if they'd just eaten the "prohibited" food in the first place!
  17. My husband is an experienced surgeon (although not in WLS) and said when we were researching and even after he assisted my surgery that "technically" it is quite a simple surgery. Apart from what Tiffykins stated, I think the "wrong" way of performingy this surgery doesn't only apply to the anantomical or technical procedure, but to the patient, his background, general health, mental/emotional state etc. It's good that you're doing your research thoroughly and you could write down questions you want to ask your surgeon before deciding on surgery, it's a life changing desicion, which I am so glad I have decided to go for¬!" Good luck
  18. chilo1

    Food in England

    I live in England and it's quite easy actually eating out, at most restaurants you can get dishes that are suitable for us, fish, chicken, beef, Soups. The good thing is that portions are MUCH smaller than in the States, and when you order just ask for salad instead of chips (fries). The chain restaurant Frankie and Benny's is quite good and can usually adapt the dishes if you ask them to. You can also order a starter as a main, I ussually orders king prawns for example from the starter menu as a main and they're yummy and full of protein! You can also go into supermarkets (tesco express-you don't want to spend to long in the supermarket!) and as Autmnlily said get nuts, or even little packs of ham, snack size peperami to have in your handbag in case you get hungry. There's a really good organic Peanut Butter without added sugar here that i find really good as a snack with slices of apple when i feel like something sweet. Just message me if you want any more advice, I'm 10 months out and eat out a lot, hope this helps
  19. chilo1

    Am I becoming bulemic?

    I am 10 months out and the weight loss has stopped, still hoping to lose the 9 lbs to goal, but I am enjoying having my sleeve so much! I can each mucmore now than when I was 4-5 months out, I can have 2 eggs and a piece of toast for breakfast, a chicken or tuna salad for lunch, just to give you an idea of how "normally" I can eat. Last night I went out for dinner with friends who don't know I'm sleeved and nobody even noticed me eating differently. I had a crab and avocado starter, of which I ate all the crab and most of the avocado and for mains I had seafood risotto, I had the seafood and hardly any rice cause I was full by the time I finished the seafood trying to get my protein in first. (This is England though and portions are much much smaller than in the States!) Just take it easy, eat what you can and find foods that aren't too hard on your tummy. At 6 weeks out I couldn't eat much either, so I would say make the most of it now and lose all the weight you can because in a few months time it's bound to be very different!
  20. Irene you are a true inspiration and you are gorgeous!!!!
  21. chilo1

    Has someone commented on your weight loss?

    My neighbour called me skinny mini, I ignored him and he said I'm talking to you! My friend who hadn't seen me for a while and didin't know about the surgery said, where's the rest of you! Today my 2 girls were in the car waiting for me to come out of the supermarket and they said mummy you're skinny we didn't recognise you!!
  22. I think I've heard that if weight loss isn't succeful with the sleeve that they can actually band the sleeve. I too at 9 months out can eat quite a bit, a whole small sandwich and maybe 1/4 of a chicken breast.
  23. chilo1

    Catholic Sleevers Please!

    I too trust Him completely, but I don't think it makes me a hypocrite to not follow what the Catholic Religion dictates as the rule. I believe in a loving and comprehensive God, not a God of punishment and confusion, and I rest my case about religion
  24. chilo1

    Loosing too fast?

    I knew before I had my surgery that I would never have that problem (I wish I did!) of losing too much or too fast, sigh...I'm not complaining though, I' m very happy where I am

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