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  1. Ms. E

    Sleever's Rendezvous...?

    Count me in!!! I would love to meet everyone. I also live in Texas so somewhere Central would be great but I am willing to travel.
  2. I am in Lewisville TX. I was sleeved in JAnuary and I am 28 Lbs from my goal!!! I am so exited.
  3. Ms. E

    Easter Sunday - WHAT WILL YOU WEIGH???

    SN..............Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal Ms.E................240...................180.0 .........175..............5 My scale started to move again so I really hope I make it to my goal. Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!
  4. I was 240 pre-op; I was sleeved on 01/17/11 and have lost 51LBS so far. I can't believe it!!! Back pain gone, plantar fasciitis gone and knee pain gone. I have emptied out my closet and got rid of all the 18-20 size clothing I had. Already had to go shopping for size 16 that I am wearing now and I have bought some size 14 that I found at great deals because I know it coming. Good Luck with your weight loss..
  5. Ms. E

    Slider foods question

    What is slider food?
  6. I am so sorry, we have United also and they approved me but not my husband, he as you had a BMI of 39 in 2007. Now things have changed for us, in 2008 my husband broke his foot, he has since had 3 surgeries on the same foot, not to mention a very bad knee therefore he cannot exercise and even walking is painful. He needs this surgery to save his life and they denied him. I was also crushed. He has gained over 80 pounds in these past years. We tried disputing it to no avail. We are thinking about either self pay or waiting until open enrollment comes around and changing to Aetna. They only go back 2 years for BMI history. Good Luck and hang in there.....where there is a will there is a way.
  7. Ms. E

    *7* Truths Post-Op

    5 weeks post-op and I've lost 40Lbs!!! I LOVE my sleeve. 1) Being constipated all the time stinks. Milk of Magnesia Stinks no matter what flavor you buy. 2) I have to remember to eat slow and to not take big bites. 3) Before surgery y used to walk one block and my feet would go numb and my knees would hurt, now I walk 2 to 3 miles a day with NO pain. Unbeleivable. 4) Feeling so good and not having any pain makes me feel just like the Ever Ready Bunny. But the best feeling is realizing that when I was big I felt invisible, now that I am smaller I feel invincible.
  8. I used Dr. David Kim.from Colleyville, Texas and had surgery at Trophy Club Medical. Dr. Kim is great and I highly recommend him. His staff and facilities are wonderful and I feel I was not only well informed but prepared. I was so happy with the whole experience that my husband has also become Dr. Kim's patient and will be sleeved soon.
  9. Ms. E

    Mushi Foods

    mmmmm they all sound good.
  10. I was sleeved 6 days ago and still feel very droopy. I know it must be the change in diet but I would have thought I would have a little more energy. My incisions don't hurt but bother me, I still have my staples in. Am I missing something in my diet?
  11. I had an ice pop today and it helped me with the chewing thing. As of tomorrow I am going to freeze my Protein shake too
  12. Ms. E

    Waking Up Startled

    Great tips, if this happens to me at least I'll know it's not me going coo-coo
  13. Ms. E


    I was thinking about getting a massage or something nice like hair and nail ect...

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