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  1. So at first my Dr. Said no straws, but I am 3 1/2 weeks out & want to use straws! LOL! Some of the Protein drinks will go down better with a straw I think, and I used them all the time pre-surgery due to tooth sensitivity. Do you use straws? Sorry for posting such a simple question, but inquiring minds want to know! G
  2. gfawcetti

    Sleeve Twins

  3. My NUT said no for the first 6 weeks, then she said you can have it but from her experience caffiene & cigarettes were the 2 main causes for ulcers post op. I figure I'll have the occasional iced tea etc, but it was a b&^($ kicking the diet mt dew habit prior to surgery I don't want to go back LOL G
  4. gfawcetti

    180's So So Hyappy From 223

    WoooHooo! I had the same thing! Sleeved 11/14 at 218 & weighed in at 187 today!! I love my sleeve!!! G
  5. I am sooooo excited! I weighed this morning & I am 188!!!!! That is 30lbs gone since 11/1/11 when I started the pre-op diet & 25lbs since my sleeve on 11/14! I LOVE my sleeve! G
  6. 4 weeks for me... I am an active outside the office sales rep, I would not have been able to go back at 2 weeks, I needed the full 4...
  7. gfawcetti

    Hello 180's!

    Thanks guys! I am so excited for all the changes that come with this process! On Christmas morning my husband, who by the way was 'neutral' about the surgery, brought up from the laundry room a pair of capris that I wore all summer & said... "try these on now, bet it's funny". So I did, and they fell off!! That's what I call a Christmas miracle LOL, and today is officially 6 weeks from surgery day... I went after Christmas shopping & bought size 12 pants! Seriously from an 18 to a 12 in 8 weeks, I can hardly believe it! It is soooo worth it! G
  8. Surgery at 4:30pm Monday & discharged Wednesday around 1pm...
  9. Help!! I have hit the dreaded third week stall & really haven't lost any weight in the last 10 days! At first I didn't think it wads big deal, but now it has lasted so long I am starting to get frustrated... Any suggestions? I am almost at my protein goal daily, but it's hard when I am never hungry, ya know?.! G
  10. gfawcetti

    Poop Issues

    I was sleeved on 11/14 & had issues there too... Mine only happened a couple times but I figured it was because of the fact that I was living on liquids LOL. Liquids in, liquids out. Once I went to the mashies stage that wasn't an issue anymore, the exact opposite actually! If it gets too bad call your dr cuz you can get dehydrated. G
  11. 5DogMa... Try to get in the 64oz of Water per day for the first 2 weeks, you don't want to be dehydrated. My doc said water before Protein for that time frame. It will help with the energy level too. I was sleeved on 11/14. Just trying to help G
  12. gfawcetti

    Whatcha Eating?

    Hey guys, I was sleeved on 11/14 & was curious what other people sleeved around the same time are eating? Just looking for some variety LOL G
  13. So today I went back to work after 4 weeks & 28lbs... one of my coworkers (male & a great guy) walked up behind me and said, "Geez, where did the other half of your ass go" LOLOLOLOL It was so funny, but made me feel good! He is one of my best friends at the office & the only one that could say something like that & not piss me off... Just had to share! G
  14. I found that if I take my Vitamin at the same time as my Prilosec I am fine, but alone I get nauseous G
  15. thank you for all your support... I went back to work after 4 weeks, because I would have fallen asleep at my desk if it were any earlier. I think the hardest adjustments was getting up at 6am LOL I did have my sleeve laprascopicaly (sp?) and was pretty sore for about a week, but I also had a hetial hernia repair that my doctor called "significant" so I had more pain due to that. I was 10 days out on Thanksgiving & remember that other than being tired I felt good & even went and did a little black friday shopping G
  16. gfawcetti

    Spit - dont swallow!

    Been there done that with steak! LOL G
  17. I was sleeved on 11/14 & totally went through the same thing! When I told him I was looking into the surgery he was not happy, of course he is the same size as he was in high school (he's 46)! Anyway, it worked out that it took 10 months to get approved because we had time to talk... When I got my surgery date he said that he was neutral about it, but would be better once I woke up. He refused to meet the surgeon etc, and at the hospital he was tense, but true to his word once I was out of recovery he was amazing. Now I hear him talking to his friends about how proud of me he is & how great I look! They are proud men & don't like to admit that they are scared something will happen to us... Now 4 weeks out & 25lbs gone WE have no regrets! G
  18. I am only 4 weeks out, but I have noticed the same first thing in the morning.... Looking forward to the answer... G
  19. I was sleeved on 11/14 & also had a hietal hernia that surprised everyone LOL. I didn't stop taking the pain meds till the 7th or 8th day! My pain was is the exact same place & I am sure it was because of the hernia repair... Don't rush to get off the pain meds, they help with the healing because you can just relax & heal. G
  20. WoooooHooooo! I am very glad to report that my 10 day stall is officially broken!! I stepped on the scale today & l am down another 2 lbs!! Be patient... It will end! G
  21. Holy cow... I am soooo excited! I was at costco today & found frozen greek yogurt! It's on a stick like a pudding pop but it's got 6 grams of protien, but it's a dessert! Soooo good! G
  22. Thanks Lissa for the pep talk... I am in the same boat with the stall. Sleeved on 11/14 lost 20lbs quickly, but nothing for the last 10 days!!! Ugh... I go back to work on Tuesday & I want be out of the 190's. Gonna try to up the Protein & Water to see if that helps. G
  23. gfawcetti

    1 Week Post-op

    Nice job!
  24. The only thing that I can picture is a Chia Pet... That's not the same thing is it? G
  25. Thank you all for your input! I started with the straw the morning & it's going to stay!! I love my straws... I knew I could count on the support from all of you... G

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