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  1. I'll be 2 years in February. Lost exactly 100lbs. No regain. Running marathons now (literally) Can eat anything, but totally stay away from pop and slurpees (my vices)
  2. You just start walking!! When you feel you can, jog for 15 seconds. then walk again. As time goes on, you'll be able to run for a longer time or more frequently. Couch to 5k is a great start- as well, look into Jeff Galloways method. I use it all the time! My start weight was 240ish. I ran my first half marathon this past February- exactly 1 year post op. Since then I have run 5 half marathons, with my first full marathon next month. I'm not fast by any means, but I'm getting out there and doing it- I finish middle of the pack generally. My advice? Don't think just do it!!
  3. I'll try and figure out how to post a pic after my race tomorrow!
  4. Yes! It's true!!! I live in Vancouver Canada. Here we have a mountain called Grouse Mountain (part of the 2010 olympics were on this mountain. Anyways, on thismountain is an "attraction" called the Grouse Grind. 3000 stairs over 2.9 km straight up the mountain. I love it!! It's addicting to try and beat my own time. The avg seasoned hiker can do it in 1:30-2:00. A vacationer is generally 2-2:30. Last year my best time was 1:24. My first time last week was 1:21 (yay). On Tuesday I'm going with some first timers so the pace will be slow. But I really wanted to beat my time!!! My work life has sucked recently. I took on managent at an existing bakery and it's been really bad and really exhausting. To the point that I'm starting to get that panic feeling in my chest. So I took matters into my own hands and played sick today. I spent a lovely day with my family and they took the tram to the top of the mountain to cheer me on when I got to the top. And I killed it!!! I came in at 1:12!!! A full 9 min faster!!! My ultimate goal is under an hour. I'm almost there!! Yippee!! and I don't feel bad about calling in sick either- this was a mental health day for me ; )
  5. That is very true and I feel so much better because of it!!
  6. fern

    First Major Nsv

    Hilarious!!! And awsome support from hubby!!! Great job and keep it up!!!
  7. fern

    Happy Birthday Coops!

    Omg! I've missed alot since starting my new job!!! Happy belated birthday my dear!!!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!!
  8. fern

    First Day @ Gym

    You could be dehydrated from the extra exercise. Could you try really amping up the water before you go to the gym? ( I know it's hard). I know also that when you run, you stomach shuts down ( so to speak). So it could be something like this...... Not sure what the answer is for that though....... Sorry : S
  9. fern

    Tough Mudder Done!

    I want to do this soooooo bad!!! I've booked myself too many 1/2 marathons this year, and a full marathon in January next year, but if they come to my area next year - I'm so there!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. You could always go for the standby lemon wedge in water, but try other fruits. Oranges are great, as is watermelon or other melons. Good luck!!
  11. I'm almost 2 weeks late (just under) in posting my 1 year anniversary details, mainly because I was having way to much fun in Disneyland with my family!! (plus I wanted to add pics from Disney as some of my after shots ) to recap my journey - start weight was 229 - although I had been up to 240ish - weight on surgery day was 208 - starting size 24-26 (probably should have had a larger size though) - had my surgery with Dr. Rodriquez in Mexico Immediately after surgery, I felt very sick to my stomach and threw up multiple times. I was given anti-nausea meds for a couple days to combat that. I remember not wanting to get up and walk. I felt like crap!!! why would I want to walk? okay, all you newbies.... listen up!! LOL !! YES it helps to walk!!!! I felt 1000x s better after walking around. every time you get up to use the bathroom? walk the halls before laying back down. need to change the channel on the tv? get up and do some more walking, then change the channel. It truly does help!!!!! I started losing my hair around 3 months. yes, it sucks (I'm not going to lie to you), but it grows back!! i have so much new growth right now though, that I look a little bit like a frizzy haired chia pet!! LOL I went back to the gym around 6 weeks. I started just walking, but as time went on and I started getting more energy as I dropped the weight, i then started running. About the 5 month mark, the running bug bit me. I decided to try something that has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager. I was going to run a half marathon!!!! I even found a half marathon that was scheduled for the day after my 1 year anniversary of my surgery!!!! And it was in Disneyworld!!! I am a true Disney nut, so all these things coming together felt like it was meant to be and I had to do it!!! So I signed up and started my training. My job requires me to work at strange and varied hours. Couple that with my 2 part time jobs, my 2 kids, and my hubby = not a lot of time to myself. I make sure to get a run in (even if it's only 3o min). My lack of time also made it so I could not do running clinics in my area, so I just read as much as I could and trained by myself. To date I have lost 100lbs!! although I vary about 5-10 lbs depending on the time of month or training for runs. I still worry averyday that I'll gain it back. But I figure that it's that 'worry' is what keeps me in check with myself. I see pics of the old me and wonder who that girl is and why see was so unhappy all the time. The number of people that say I 'LOOK' happier not to mention healthier is crazy!!! I hit 129lbs a few months ago, and I was still a size 12 at that point!! I have finished losing weight (i think), but my size continues to go down (yay!!) I'm right around a size 8 right now. although I do have a pair of Lululemon pants in a size 6 that fit great!! and size small shirt. The only bad thing I hate is my extra skin. In clothes, I'm happy. but I HATE swimsuits!!! my thighs and tummy are terrible!!! they continue to tighten some and I hope it continues, but it'll just have to be something I deal with. food wise, I still look at Protein first (unless it's the couple weeks before a race), but I can't low carb anymore. During my losing phase, I low carbed it and lost weight fast. Now that I'm a runner (i love the sound of that), I need the carbs for fuel. I have FINALLY gotten to the point where I now longer even care to have a coke. I used to be a major pop drinker. It's taken me a year to get over that addiction!!! I have bad days, where I eat crap and pay for it, but as long as they are not constant, I learn from them and I'm happy. As I see it, how can I learn if I don't have mistakes to fix?? On to race day..... I was a bucket if nerves!! But I was so excited!! I felt really good through the run. My main goal was just to finish. My 5 year old daughter told me something that I think we should ALL remember. I was telling her about the race before I left and showed her a pic of what the medal would look like. She asked me if I was going to win the race the get the medal. I said no, that I just was going to finish the race to get it. she said, "so the winning person and the last person get the same medal?" I said yes. She said, "so it doesn't matter what place you come in mommy, as long as you finish the race, I'll be proud of you!!!" This will stick with me for the rest of my days!!!! When I finished the race, I was so emotional. I was exhausted, and tired from lack of sleep (had to be there at 3am and couldn't sleep the night before), and I couldn't believe that I had proven to myself that I could do something like that. Needless to say, I bawled like a baby!!! I traveled by myself to Florida from Vancouver Canada for the race, but the amount of hugs and pats on the back I got from total strangers was so nice!!! I ended up finishing in 3:09:56. I had hoped to finish under 3 hours, but a 15minute lineup at the bathrooms kind of killed that for me. BTW: the pic of me at mile marker 10 is priceless to me. At this point I had NEVER run more than 10 miles before!!! Anything after that was icing on the cake for me Now that I'm home, I've already signed up for 4 more half marathons and a 10k this year!!!! One of which is in Disneyland in September. I can't wait!!! I feel like I have found a new me........ A me that is not only a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, etc...... But a me that has found balance and happiness. attached are some before and afters- enjoy!!!
  12. fern

    Fatigue Post Op.

    if my water and/or protein is a bit low, i feel like I'm draggin' my butt around!!! : ) try and get in an extra protein shake a day for a week and try and drink that extra glass or 2 of water. It helped me huge!!!
  13. Make anything to freeze!! Soups freeze great, but once they are frozen, transfer "icecubes" to a ziplocks bag. I love my vitamix!! My Dave meal on mushies was homemade chicken stock ( better protein), roasted veggies, chicken breast, and whatever spices to flavor and blend ( no need to strain with a vitmix!!!) then add a 1/2 scoop of unjury chicken soup, or any unflavored protein powder. I added taco seasoning sometimes for mexican, butter chicken sauce or spices for Indian, mmmmmmm. Now I want soup!!!!
  14. For me it was the fatigue too. I had a little guy in diapers. We'd just sit on the floor to change him. I remember multiple times getting him ready for bed and just changing him and getting him into his jammies wiped me out so much that my hubby had to take him to bed and tuck him in, then my daughters tuck in, then come back down the stairs to help me get up and help me up the stairs to get to bed, because I couldn't do it. Had he not been there, I think I wouldn't slept on the floor at the bottom of the stairs!!!! lol!!! Now though, i have 100x the energy I had before ; )
  15. Thanks! Got my hotel booked on hotels.com tonight for 36/night!! Yay for cheap hotels!!!
  16. Mmmmmmm subway is awsome!! They have a breakfast sandwich that has egg whites ( that are shaped round). It comes with ham and cheese and whatever toppings ( then I'd ditch the bin and use the egg white as a shell- awsome!!! Their soup is great I've also gotten the meatball sandwich with no sandwich. I ask them to put the meatballs in a soup container and put cheese on it- they are nice and soft so if you are doing solids, that's a good bet!!
  17. something else i forgot. I remember sometime back, someone was having troubles getting anything down. what about getting a misting bottle and putting gaterade or juice in it? make sure it's a mister not a sprayer and use that. just keep spraying everytime you think about it? it would be such a small amount of liquids, but it's SOMETHING better than you have been getting.....
  18. Can't wait to hear how you've done Amanda!!!! Update us please!!!!!!!
  19. Sweet!! I bet that was a load off your shoulders!!!
  20. Good to see you are trying to figure things out. My body did crazy things during the losing phase too. How many caleries are you eating? I ask because your bash MAY be telling you that you need more. When I'd have a "carb" day ( eating more than norm) I'd eat more caleries total for the day. When I ate good, my caleries were less. Maybe your body wants more so it can lose better? Try it and see. Everyone's bodies work SOOO different. Trial and error seemed the only way things worked for me. Good luck!!!
  21. She shoots!!! She scores!!! Goooooaaalllll!!! Congrats ; )
  22. Mike- I had surgery in Mexico last February and flew home 3-4 days later. I had no troubles ; )
  23. What about getting a hold of YOUR surgeon to see if he could give some suggestions? He might be willing to help....
  24. I had 2 lovely nsv today!!! First it was 1/2 price day on clothing at value village ( in canada) and I spent $100 on just me!!!! I didn't buy anything for the kids of hubby. Just me. Boy did that feel weird. I got pretty much a new wardrobe because lots of my clothing doesnt fit again ; ) While at value village, I had to try on clothing. I hit my alltime goal of fitting into size 9 pants!!! I even fit 2 size 8!!!! Holy crappola was I excited!! I laughed out load in the changeroom and scared the little old lady in the next stall ; ) lol Now if only my size would suck back in...... Lol

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