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  1. Hi all-been a long time since I've been on this board. I had my sleeve with Dr. Aceves in 2011 (?). Time has passed and I'm looking for a sleeve revision and DS. I searched Dr. Wilhelmy but couldn't find anything recent. Anyone been to him lately? I really loved my previous experience and decided to stick with them but would love to hear from anyone.
  2. Thanks Cat! Per Nina at their office, Dr. Ungson is not performing surgeries. She said Dr. Wilhelmy does all their DS now.
  3. Because we were there. June 3rd. Dr. Kelly. My daughter went first and did fine. Gibgirly (debbie) was 34 with no co morbids and perfectly healthy but Dr. Kelly nicked an artery and when they went back in they couldnt find the source and couldn't get the bleeding to stop. This information is from the father of the girl with whom I've been keeping in contact with. She had told one girlfriend who was listed as her contact. Apparently she had also given this girlfriend my number just in case and her parents contacted me through her girlfriend. This has been a very difficult time. It was pretty traumatic. Regarding the other death that I am aware of was Dr. Kuri with whom I am not familiar. Dr. Kelly actually told me about that one. I tried to google it back then but it seems like that may have been a lap band situation and I have no clue what happened. Dr. Kelly was just really concerned because of all of the negative publicity Dr. Kuri was getting. Odd.
  4. I am very real. You obviously haven't seen my youtube videos because they are so NOT professional looking. Actually, most of the ones I did while in the hospital were done on my iPhone. I do understand your skepticism though. Sandy does work with Dr. Kelly. My daughter just had her VSG with Dr. Kelly Friday but we went through Christi Bearden at A Slimmer You. It gets confusing because Christi also works with Sandy and then there's Trish who is actually in Tijuana but she is now having to go through Sandy as well. We just left the hospital and are now at the Lucerna Hotel for another two days. Heading back to NC Tuesday morning. She has had a pretty easy experience. We just did her final leak test and everything looked good. I compared her test to mine (I have pics of my test) and it looks like Dr. Aceves does a little tighter sleeve to me.
  5. NanaNanner

    Recently decided to get sleeved!

    My daughter and I are in Tijuana right now. She had her sleeve with Dr. Kelly yesterday and is doing well. Dr. Aceves did my sleeve and I feel very confident with Dr. Kelly.
  6. NanaNanner

    4 Month Progress Pics

    Rock it girl! Not too much longer now and I'll be there with my daughter. She's so excited!
  7. I guess we all have different expectations. I lost 15 the first month and was thrilled.
  8. I guess the one thing I wanted to note for today was that I woke up a RAGING "B"! It passed after a couple of hours, but I don't know what got into me. I have heard that with quick weight loss, a lot of hormones are released from fat cells. I don't know. I do know I haven't had my Wellbutrin for about 3 weeks now and I'm probably PMSing a bit. Poor Capt.! Fluids are going down much easier today. I'm supposed to start full liuquids tomorrow. Not sure how much of a diff that's going to make in my diet really. Sweet shakes are getting old. I ordered some unjury chicken flavor FOREVER ago but it still hasn't come in. I cheated a little today and had about 2 T of refried Beans with a touch of cheese melted over it earlier today. I tolerated it fine, but I think I'll stick to the plan from here on out. 10 more days on fluids then soft foods. I have an appt with my PCP tomorrow. I took all of my surgical paperwork in earlier last week to give him time to review. I can't wait to see what he says about this! After that, I've got a mammogram. JOY! Overall, I feel I'm doing pretty well. Capt (my husband) said he can see some of the loss in my face already. I bought the cutest white (anticipation) sundress at Marshall's yesterday. It fits, but it will actually look decent on my in about 15 more pounds. I had to have it! I'm still not having any issues getting my Protein in. I'm getting a little more than 70 grams. More like 76 gms. 3 shakes mixed with Almond Breeze. I also don't make a big deal out of making my shakes, just use my handy dandy Blender Bottle and I'm G2G! Easy! I started my MVI today. I got Centrum Chewables and I have been taking a sublingual B complex since I got home. I think that's helping with the energy. I think I'm going to ask my PCP about starting Actigall to prevent gallstones. I read that tip in Dr. Cirangle's Diet guide. He said that taking this 300mg twice daily for as long as you are losing >8 lbs per month will decrease your likelihood of gallstones from 30 to 2-3%. I have been a madwoman cleaning and organizing drawers and under the bathroom sinks. It feels good to de-clutter. And I discovered theworldaccordingtoeggface.com AWESOME!!!! Today's pic posted in my blog in sig.
  9. NanaNanner

    8 week post op update

    I know, right? Usually at my weekly weigh ins I think about it but then, I can't think of anything to talk about but usually when I start I just can't stop. LOL!
  10. I started out with a BMI around 34. I don't consider it drastic at all. For some reason, I think RNY would have been drastic. I just look at it like I purchased a portion control insurance policy for $8750! :-) AND I'm lovin it! food does not control me anymore.
  11. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this sweetie. I know it sucks. Just know, that alot of people don't really understand the sleeve either so just smile and nod.
  12. NanaNanner

    dr kelly or dr aceves?

    I did. I live on the East Coast, so it was a 6 hour flight but, I had no problems.
  13. NanaNanner

    dr kelly or dr aceves?

    I just had mine with Aceves in Feb for $8750.
  14. NanaNanner


    I was on Wellbutrin from about 2002-surgery date. 450 mgs qd. I have not had any since about 2 weeks before surgery and decided to try not to start back. Throughout that time period, I have always had problems sleeping. I can't say it was attributed to the wellbutrin, because, I still don't sleep that great. What I have noticed though, is that my libido is definitely lagging in comparison to what it was when I was taking it.
  15. No straw=major belching. Have used a straw since day one and am very uncomfortable if I don't.
  16. NanaNanner

    Financing my surgery

    YAY! MEXICO Baby!
  17. NanaNanner

    Surgery Day Stories

    Anything and everything you ever wanted to know and some things you don't are all in my blog in my sig. Enjoy!
  18. YES! You will feel normal again. It does suck at first, but I distinctly remember at exactly day 10 I noticed that I didn't have to sip so lightly. It was like my swelling just went down and I really started feeling pretty normal. Be sure to get your protein in. It will help you keep your energy up. It seemed like I was constantly attached to a cup during those days. I'm 6 weeks out now.
  19. NanaNanner

    Dr. Kelly May 27

    You do need a passport to get back into the US. It can take a while to get it sometimes, so don't wait or they will charge you extra to expedite it.
  20. NanaNanner

    Am I Crazy???

    I was around 33. 5'3" and 186 lbs. I'm 5 weeks out and down to 164 right now. I'm not sure why anyone would think that you have to wait until you are 300 lbs. I've paid enough dues. I know myself too well. I certainly could have gotten the weight off (once again), kept it off for a few months and go right back to gaining and add a few more. I just know myself too well. I think the VSG is a perfect option for the low BMI'er. For once in my life, I have control over my eating habits. I almost feel as if I purchased a "potion control" insurance policy. I don't really see it as weight loss surgery.
  21. I just had my VSG with Aceves on Feb 11th and am doing fantastic. Please feel free to browse and share my videos on youtube and see the hospital and other parts of my adventure. Dr. Aceves was really awesome. You should have no fears regarding traveling to Mexicali. No worries.
  22. NanaNanner

    How do you feel 4 weeks out?

    Four weeks out as of Friday. Eating pretty normal foods now. Just heated up 4 stuffed mushrooms but I can only eat two. I very rarely get hungry these days but I try to ensure I get at least 2 shakes in to supplement. I also joined the gym and have been doing group classes.
  23. Anyone have implants pre op and lost the weight? I'm just curious how many sizes you lost and what you ended up with. I was around 150 when I got mine and and curious to know what I might end up with when I get into the 120s. It seemed that when I lost before, they just seemed to get bigger! I'm about a 36 F now at 170, ooops, 169!

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