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  1. Fleur de lis


    Thanks everyone! This gallbladder situation was NO JOKE but I'm glad I got it taken care of before the move. And MissDiva, you look absolutely amazing!! I really need to get back into the gym as soon as I can. I've got a pretty important dress to wear in about 6 months I don't know how long the recoup is for this surgery, but luckily I'll be moving to a place with a lot of walking space. If anything, I will start there.
  2. Fleur de lis

    Some after photos

  3. Fleur de lis


    Hey everyone! I know it's been FOREVER since anyone has seen a post from me, but here's how my life has been since my surgery on 9/27/10: - I currently weigh 199. That's 134 lbs lost -I got engaged on 10/27/11 -I went from a size 26/28 to a 14 -I'm moving to Seattle with my fiance next week -In November, I was at work and had what I thought was a heart attack. After a trip to the ER, I found out I had gallstones. So yesterday I had my gallbladder removed and I'm hanging out at home trying to recover, while at the same time having to pack to move next Tuesday ANNNND go to Orlando this weekend to meet with wedding vendors. That's how my life has been since surgery in a nutshell :biggrin5:
  4. Fleur de lis

    HOLY COW!!! I'm in One-derland!

    Thank you so much!
  5. Fleur de lis

    HOLY COW!!! I'm in One-derland!

    This is my first time posting a picture in my comment, so I hope it worked. LOL. The before is Jul 2010 (1 month before getting sleeved) and the after is a few days ago before I head out to Zumba
  6. It's been almost forever since I've been on here. I am still in the mindset of avoiding the scale, even though I've been sleeved for 11 months now. The last time I stepped on the scale was maybe 2 months ago and I was elated to see I had lost 101 lbs. Today I got on the scale and I am 195. 195!!! The last time my weight had a 1 in front of it, I may have been 12. I can't even believe this. I am ecstatic!!!
  7. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Fleur de lis!

  8. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Fleur de lis!

  9. Bread works fine for me. I do get fuller quicker, but I have no issues with my stomach digesting it. I was never a huge sandwich person to begin with, but again, I can eat it with no problem.
  10. thank you so much! good luck to you and your upcoming sleeve :)

  11. OMG just looked at your before and after pic you look great. I am beenin sleeved April so I am excited how much have you lost now. WOWWWW!

  12. Fleur de lis

    shoe size?

    Even at my heaviest, I wore a normal width; wide width made the shoe way too big. So looks like I'm stuck with the feet I have
  13. Fleur de lis

    Am I too late?

    My arms aren't just stretchy, they're dimply, too. Pretty severely, like an extreme case of cellulite. I wonder if that will fade away with weight training....

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